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The Job Search The Pennsylvania State University presented by.

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1 The Job Search The Pennsylvania State University presented by

2 Learn How to Market Yourself Effectively know your skills set goals for yourself identify and target employers -- research! develop effective tools (resume & cover letter) make the contacts follow up on leads

3 Know Yourself: It’s a jungle out there! Most important step in the process Employers are most interested in what you have to offer Assess your skills and abilities and communicate them effectively to prospective employers Career Services can help!

4 Set Your Sights: Your goals determine your direction! career field(s)/industry(s) considered preferred job functions geography preference(s) work environment(s) of choice special needs/considerations

5 Target Employers: It’s quality over quantity of contacts! talk to people follow industry updates in the media the WWW to check out general info and specific employers career-related books and employer directories in both the Career Information Center (Boucke) and the University Library

6 Target Tools, as well: Resumes and cover letters that connect! edit your resume and cover letter to fit the employer and the position tailor language so that the reader (employer) sees the connection between your skills and their needs alter the order of appearance of skills to match the order of skills listed in position descriptions HIT THE BULLSEYE -- Make the Connection!

7 Make the Contacts: A multiple-methods approach is best! networking WWW targeted mailings on-campus recruiting classified ads resume referrals in-person visits employment agencies

8 Follow Up: You never know where a contact will lead you! try to send follow-up correspondence within 48 hours of contact have drafts ready before you make calls/contacts “thank you” -- two little words that can mean so much remember -- this is the beginning of your professional network

9 Questions? 4th floor Boucke 865-2377

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