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Internationalisation Strategy

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1 Internationalisation Strategy
Alan Mackay, University of Edinburgh

2 Internationalisation Benefits
Challenges University of Edinburgh

3 Internationalisation

4 Internationalisation

5 Internationalisation

6 Internationalisation
Internationalisation is defined as the process of integrating an international, intercultural or global dimension into the purpose, functions or delivery of post secondary education Jane Knight

7 Internationalisation
“The overarching priority is to further enhance our global presence. We are a distinctly Scottish university based in Scotland’s capital, but our reach and aspirations are international and it is in that context we must be measured. We operate on an international stage and this must be reflected in all areas of University life” Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea

8 Why internationalise? Income diversification Enhance research Profile
Diversity Global citizens Teaching and learning Grand challenges Partnerships

9 Why internationalise? Social and cultural Political Economic Academic
Competitive Development

10 Why internationalise? global competition complex landscape
scale and structure resource services expertise volatility

11 Why internationalise? Recruitment Overseas Campus Distance Learning
Partnerships Exchanges Language Skills Joint Degrees Research Collaboration Knowledge Transfer Study Options HR Strategy Institutional Projects Student Support Reorganisation Social integration Cultural diversity Regional National

12 International Student Mobility
4m 1.75m 1.1m 0.8m

13 …the strategic must have
Review of international activities Development of central units Increasing dialogue Alignment with other strategies Reorganisation of roles International in services Benchmarking Networks

14 …the strategic must have
International Campus Liverpool, Nottingham, Westminster Reorientation Middlesex, Warwick, UCL Collaborative Derby, Coventry, Central Lancashire Private Sector Heriot-Watt, Sheffield, Nottingham Trent Consortia York, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Manchester Distance Education University of London, OU Curriculum Leeds Met, Salford, Bournemouth, Napier

15 Where do we want to be? Vision Where are we now?
Audit IQRP

16 University of Edinburgh
Step change in global influence and perception Attract the brightest and best students and staff Our offer is understood globally Knowledge is valued and applied globally Research attracts the world’s leading scholars

17 University of Edinburgh
“….to stand still or even to make incremental progress will be to fall behind….” Globalisation Opportunities “informed consumers” Resources Responsiveness Constant flux Benefits of success

18 University of Edinburgh

19 University of Edinburgh
Scottish Government Edinburgh City Council Universities Scottish Development International British Council Universities Scotland University of Edinburgh University Court Principal’s Strategy Group Scottish Enterprise

20 Internationalisation
Matrix Pro Vice Chancellor – International Director Coordinate Pro Vice Chancellor – International Committee Executive Pro Vice Chancellor – Director of Development _____________________________________________________________________________________ Activity Disparate activity Strategy Coordination and alignment Process Integrate, leverage, add value

21 Internationalisation
Vice Principal International Director, International Office International Executive Group College International Groups International Deans Regional Workshops Edinburgh Global thematic workshops

22 What is required? Shared vision Commitment Resources Engagement
Leadership Review

23 Where do we want to be? Performance Indicators
Mobility New Partnerships Student experience International Intake Research funding Curriculum Inward visits International staff Media profile League tables Income Student community

24 Planning Building shared vision Plan not the goal Knowledge Sharing
Friends, foes and fence sitters Engagement circles

25 Planning Common vision Vision Group Measure and review Finance
Risks and benefits

26 Challenges Organisational Leadership Resource
Governance Management Commitment Communication Shared vision Visibility

27 Challenges New players Global economy Competition
Volatility Legislation Partners Risk

28 International Intelligence

29 Opportunities Student community Regional and national engagement
Global Academies Governance Intelligence Resources New opportunities….

30 2025

31 2025

32 India Office “This office is an important step forward in Scotland’s relationship with India. Edinburgh’s base will help forge partnerships with Indian universities, businesses and government departments” Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland

33 India Office

34 India Office

35 Partnerships

36 Partnerships

37 2025

38 Opportunities

39 Opportunities

40 Opportunities

41 Opportunities 30 Edinburgh Global Masters Scholarships
30 Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships Global Development Academy Scholarship Global Health Academy Scholarship Julius Nyerere Scholarship Japan Earthquake Scholarship Fund Southern Africa Scholarships FCO Chevening Scholarships Scotland Saltire Scholarships

42 Opportunities

43 Opportunities The Global Academies bring together experts from over 25 academic disciplines to create knowledge communities in Health, International Development and Environment, with a vision to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most challenging concerns. The Global Academies - Offer world leading interdisciplinary postgraduate degrees - Engage in global collaborative research to make life better - Participate and lead in the creation of global networks and partnerships

44 Opportunities

45 Opportunities

46 Opportunities

47 Opportunities

48 Opportunities Influencing the world since 1583

49 Opportunities

50 International intake 09/10
University of Manchester 11,420 University of Nottingham 10,350 University College London 8,730 University of Warwick 8,440 University of Edinburgh 8,030 University of Oxford 7,740 University of Leeds 7,555 University of Cambridge 7,400 University of Birmingham 7,095 London School of Economics 7,085

51 Quality Review Process
Internationalisation Quality Review Process (IQRP) Institutional Management of Higher Education (IMHE) OECD & ACA Assessment and enhance quality Self Assessment Peer Review

52 Quality Review Process
Assess achievement of goals and objectives Integration of international dimension into priorities Inclusion of internationalisation as key element in QA Initiation of international strategy or assessment Self Assessment Team (SAT) Peer Review Group (PRG) Analysis not data collection

53 Quality Review Process
International strategy and policies Organisational and support structures Academic programmes and students Research collaboration Human Resources Contracts and services

54 Essential ingredients
Vision and mandate Resource Structure Dialogue Governance Communicate

55 Biggest challenges… Resources Communication People not projects
Don’t get restricted Keep focus Drifting

56 Positives… Innovation Delivery Partnerships Proactive Strategic

57 Next phase Embedding Improve communication Enhance engagement
Evidence progress Refocus Next five years…

58 Alan Mackay Director, International Office University of Edinburgh

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