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William Bradford Community College Partnership Nanshan School Mianyang - China.

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1 William Bradford Community College Partnership Nanshan School Mianyang - China

2 Introduction Link set up in 2002 – LA Initiative for Head Teachers In 2004 Three teachers from WBCC visited China - TIPD – focus Gifted and Talented, Teaching Styles In 2005 Three teachers from China visited WBCC – cultural visit

3 WBCC - China Link Nanshan Middle School 14 –19 years –7000 students Mianyang City –Population 1 million Sichuan Province –Sub tropical West China –Borders the Tibet and The Himalayas


5 The Purpose Build Student Link with Partner school – Performing Arts Joint workshops on Pantomime Collaborative work and Performance Cultural exchange – raise awareness of life in China – share our culture and customs Develop material for citizenship – the cultural and global dimension

6 Developing the Link 2008

7 Nanshan School – Sichuan Province China Visit to WBCC – July 2008 Joint Curriculum Work Citizenship Music – Art and Cultural Exchange

8 Outcomes of the Visit Pledge to sustain the link Invitation for WBCC to go to China 2009 New Plans for a Joint Curriculum Project

9 JCP 2009 Curriculum Link with Partner school – Science and English Joint Curriculum Project on Monitoring Air quality by Dust Collection Collaborative Work and Analysis English Literature and Poetry Cultural exchange – raise awareness of life in China – share our culture and customs

10 Planning The Project Discussion and Agreement with Managers Collaboration with School in China – English teachers and Science department Finding common ground in the curriculum Project Proposals discussed Emails VLE Post practical work sheets Implementation

11 The Science Joint Project During Induction – Project for both Schools - June Joint Curriculum Project on Monitoring Air quality by Dust Collection Method Collaborative Work, Planning, Analysis and Presentation - June During exchange visit – July Share and Compare Data, Discuss and Presentations

12 Collaboration Science Issues Understanding the practical task and how to implement the activity Making the dust collectors and interpreting the work sheet vocabulary Use of the VLE for staff and students

13 Planning the Task

14 Make a Dust Collector 1.On the graph paper mark out a square with 5 small squares on each side. 2.Put your initials on the paper but not inside the square you have marked. 3.Stick the graph paper on the slide with a piece of double- sided tape – do not remove the top backing paper from the tape.

15 Dust Collection This is an example of what it might look like down a microscope.

16 Joint Curriculum Project Exchange 2009 WBCC and Nanshan School China

17 Dust Collection in China 7 th July Tuesday AM: Breakfast at the hotel at 7:30---Schoolbus pick up at 8:10Introductions /0bserve lessons /Interact between students/Observe the display boards /Tour of school---Lunch at school---Return at 12:40 approx PM: Pick up at 2:30---at 2:40 presentation of science curriculum project --­­­­ WBCC teacher Tony Allard and Host Science teachers Group work with WBCC and host students to carry out experiment- present data and analyse - 4:00Visit Mianyany Science and Technology Museum (The space Amusement wind-Tunnel )---5:30 family visit for meal --Return at 8:50 approx 8 th July Wednesda y AM: Pick up at 8:00---visit the scientist Square, Fuletang park---10:00 Visit the old residence of Li Bai---Return to the city at 12:00(lunch--2:00 Rest at the hotel PM:3:20 Pick up---WBCC and Host student presentations of findings/Discussions on Findings ---comparative work and consider explanations for Atmospheric Dust. Evaluate project and agree and plan further joint work on this project ---Family visit at 5:00---Return at 8:50 approx

18 Evaluation of the Project Student Comments: Im very interested in this activity – I always want to make a difference about the environment…….. Lai Yongwei I enjoy looking at my work under the microscope. That is an amazing way to see such little things……. Mitty Dust collectors - It is simple but useful – Only when you do it yourself can you find out - I enjoy this most …. Lin Mou

19 Outcomes Diary and photographic/video record of visit - webpage Share Resources and outcomes on VLE and webpage Continued sustained link with our partner school An amazing experience and opportunity for the students and an inspiration to all

20 Achievements and Tips for Projects A Positive Experience for All Understanding of Teaching and Learning. –Methods shared and discussed Stronger partnership Ideas for the future Build a good relationship and partnership LA Support Management support Communication and collaboration

21 Embedding into the School Governors Commitment and Support Appointment of International Schools Coordinator International Dimension in School Development Plan Ofsted Report International Schools Award 2009 Annual International School Day

22 Future Plans Planned visit of 10 students and 5 teachers from China to WBCC in July 2010 Further curriculum links and sharing expertise Plans to work with EU partners on Dust Project Future teacher and student visits to China 2011 onwards

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