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Seeking Employment Preparing the Required Documents.

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1 Seeking Employment Preparing the Required Documents

2 Résumés The purpose of a resume is to interest the employer so he or she will call you for an interview. You show what skills or knowledge you have and the responsibilities you have had. Keep the 10-second rule in mind when you revise and finalize your resume. ◦Your potential employers are very busy people. They are not going to take a lot of time to read through a lengthy resume to find out everything there is to know about you that would make you a desirable candidate for the job. ◦It’s up to you to create a resume that will catch an employer’s eye and make him/her want to call you in for an interview. ◦Your most revised version of your resume, the one you plan to send out to potential employers, should fit on one page.

3 All resumes contain the following information: ◦Personal data about you (address & phone number) ◦Your job objective (The job you want to have and the kind of organization you want to work for)  CAREER OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position as a data entry clerk ◦Details about your education ◦Your work experience (this will go first as you gain experience & get older) ◦Other experience (organizations and volunteer work) ◦Your achievements and abilities ◦Certifications ◦Technology skills ◦Other sectionsRésumés In an effort to keep your resume to one page, only include the information that is most pertinent to the job you are trying to obtain.

4 Résumé Writing Tips Design each resume to fit a particular job. Be specific - use numbers, dates, and names. Present information about your experience or education first, depending upon which is the most important to the job for which you are applying. List your work experience. Include positions you’ve held, names of employers, specific duties, and dates you held each position. Include information about achievements or special abilities. Also list volunteer work, club duties, other responsibilities that suggest you would be a responsible worker. Use everyday language in short, concise phrases. Use the techniques of boldface and underlining (where needed) to make your resume readable. Get someone else’s reaction before typing the final copy. Proofread carefully for spelling, punctuation, and other errors. Address and mail your resume and your cover letter to the appropriate person.

5 Résumés Open Microsoft Word Type your resume heading ◦Full Name ◦Address ◦Phone ◦Email Save as First initial Last name Resume (examples: MKoepp Resume)

6 Enhancing Your Résumé Resumes are made up of several different sections Information Needed in Each Section: ◦Name & location ◦Years ◦Title of job, position, office, etc. ◦A few duties ◦Results ◦Etc. Chronological Order – most recent first Suggested Section Headings ◦Education ◦Experience ◦Special Skills (or Skills & Abilities) ◦Awards & Honors ◦Clubs & Activities ◦Technology Skills ◦Community Service ◦Volunteer Activities (or Volunteer Work) ◦Etc. If you have no employment experience to put in this section, you will focus on other experience that you have to show your strengths and abilities.

7 Résumés Open your Microsoft Word resume document Type your Education section ◦Name of School ◦Location ◦Dates ◦Other pertinent information Save

8 Résumés Open your Microsoft Word resume document Type your Work Experience section ◦Name of job & company ◦Location ◦Dates ◦Other pertinent information Save

9 Résumés Open your Microsoft Word resume document Type at least one other section ◦Name ◦Location ◦Dates ◦Other pertinent information Save

10 REFERENCES References are people who can vouch for your experience and abilities. You should ask permission before using someone as a reference. Get their personal contact information and be sure to include a salutation (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., Dr.). You will need: ◦Two references ◦Get their permission, full name & contact information

11 Enhancing Your Résumés Fonts (easy to read, at least 10 point) Boldface, large type, capital letters, centering, bullets, italicizing (be consistent) 1 inch margins & spacing between sections Page Borders (if used, margins may need to be set at ½ inch) Proofreading Objective Tailor your resume to the job you are seeking

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