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Oxfords flagship dictionary Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 8 th Edition coming up in March 2010.

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1 Oxfords flagship dictionary Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 8 th Edition coming up in March 2010

2 Quick Facts you need to know about OALD First published in 1948, OALD is now in its 8 th edition. Originally written by A.S. Hornby, an English language teacher who realized learners needed a different type of dictionary. OALD became the blueprint for all learners dictionaries. World bestseller – over 35 million copies sold. Teachers and students love using it (we know because they tell us). A percentage of every OALD sold is given to the Hornby Trust, established nearly 50 years ago by A.S. Hornby, to provide UK-based training for teachers from developing countries. 1.5 copies of the OALD are sold every minute of every day. Other publishers produce advanced learners dictionaries. But only the OALD can make these claims.

3 OALDs key messages The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary gives more help and more support than any other dictionary at this level. It focuses on learners need to understand and use words correctly, and to develop their core language skills. With over 35 millions copies sold, it is the worlds bestselling advanced learners dictionary, and the dictionary teachers and students love to use.

4 NEW Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 8 th edition The dictionary that improves your language skills Available as: Paperback with or without CD-ROM Hardback with CD-ROM International Students Edition with or without CD-ROM

5 Teachers and students told us: They need: Support with writing Topic Vocabulary And also that … Students prefer using online dictionaries Teachers worry about the quality of online dictionaries How does OALD 8 th edition meet these needs?













18 Suppporting writing with the 32-page Oxford Writing Tutor Improves students writing skills with practical tips and step-by-step guidance through the planning, writing, and checking stages.

19 Students often have to give an oral presentation as part of their language course. Many students find this difficult. The Oxford Writing Tutor helps students plan and write the presentation, including help with notes.

20 It also advises on preparing visual aids, practising your talk, and preparing for questions.

21 Students can learn how to write different types of email – more formal, business emails, and personal ones.

22 New features to expand students vocabulary 64-page Visual Vocabulary Builder Topic Collocation boxes Academic Word List words marked Oxford 3000plus to show the most important meanings to know, in addition to the most important words to know in English

23 NEW 64 Page Visual Vocabulary Builder

24 OALD 7 th edition used this style of illustration for the colour pages section:

25 OALD 8th edition 64-page Visual Vocabulary Builder uses this more photographic style …

26 64-page Visual Vocabulary Builder Students can use these colour photos and illustrations to build vocabulary for specific topics. New topics for the Visual Vocabulary Builder include: Landscapes: countryside, mountains, city, coast Rooms: kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, classroom the environment; hobbies; toys and games; vehicles; trees, plants and flowers.


28 Academic Word List words marked The Academic Word List comprises 570 word families used for studying in English. Students preparing to study in an English-speaking country need to know these words. The Academic Word List words are marked in OALD 8th edition with an AW symbol.

29 Oxford 3000plus OALD 8 th edition Oxford 3000 keyword entries also show the most important words and their most important meanings. Oxford 3000plus comprises: Oxford 3000 Academic Word List Topic Collocation Notes Visual Vocabulary Builder Using Oxford 3000plus, students can expand their vocabulary to 7,5000 words+.

30 Unlimited access to the complete A-Z Spoken headwords to practise pronunciation Access and search: Oxford 3000 Academic Word List Usage notes Illustrations Available March 2010


32 1,000 new words and meanings covering technology, lifestyle, street language In addition, OALD 8 explains: 184,500 words, phrases, and meanings 5,000 study words from business, sciences, computing and literature 2,600 culture words from British and American Culture (Groundhog Day, Piccadilly Circus, spoonerism) 700 World English words (ankle-biter, bosberaad, incharge, shamba)







39 Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary Choose it Use it Love it New for the OALD 8 th edition NEW interactive whiteboard-friendly CD-ROM Oxford iWriter – an interactive tutor to help students plan, write and check their written work. Topic vocabulary banks make it easy to look up and learn words used in society and politics, science and technology, and culture. My Topics allows students to create their own lists of the vocabulary that is most useful for them. Dictation exercises in a variety of accents to develop listening skills needed for passing exams. Help with learning and teaching dictionary skills.

40 Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary Choose it Use it Love it NEW for OALD 8th edition NEW interactive whiteboard-friendly CD-ROM NEW activities and resources including: Language exercises, focusing on Academic Word List and Topic Vocabulary. PDFs for downloading including grammar reference, Oxford 3000, and Academic Word List. Visual Vocabulary Builder – click on an illustration and see the group of related items.

41 The Oxford Effect It is very useful to improve my ability for British accent and make me ready for IELTS exam. Mehdi Fazel Kalhasi, Iran I bought the OALD in my first year of the university, it helped me a lot to acquire a big range of vocabulary. The BLUE COMPANION as I call it has a lot helped me enhance my English. It was and still is my best friend. Mido, Algeria When you learn a new language you are a bit scared and get confused very easily if the word usage is not clear. OALD explains words in a very simple way and helps me learn quickly. Muhammad Zahid, Sultanate of Oman It improved my vocabulary and gave some good examples making it much easier for a learner such a me. Kazeem Adevemi, Azerbaijan Its examples of use are easy to understand. In some dictionaries when I read the meaning of the word, I dont get it. But OALD is easy to understand and its examples are great. Parvin Mutab, Iran It's helped me master the English Language - now Im able to communicate with the rest of the world using English Language - "The Language of Opportunity". Said Suleman, Eritrea

42 978 019 479902 7 Paperback + CD-ROM 978 019 479900 3 Paperback 978 019 479904 1 Hardback + CD-ROM Publication date March 2010 International Students Edition: 978 019 479914 0 Paperback + CD-ROM 978 019 479912 6 ISE Paperback Publication date May 2010

43 OALD 8 th edition Quick Quiz 8 new features and benefits to choose OALD 8 th edition: 1.Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM (improves writing skills) 2.Interactive interactive-friendly CD-ROM (exercises and activities) 3.32-page Oxford Writing Tutor (check written work) 4.1000 new words and meanings (keep vocab up to date) 5.64-page Visual Vocabulary Builder (learn topic vocab) 6.Oxford 3000plus (take vocab to 7500 words plus) 7.Topic Collocation boxes (words that go together) 8.Academic Word List marked (to study other subjects in English)

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