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Above and Bey nd Local Communities Global Citizens.

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1 Above and Bey nd Local Communities Global Citizens

2 Catherine Ritman Smith Make Your Mark Campaign


4 Inspiring people to have ideas and make them happen

5 Credentials… Founded by business (CBI, IOD, BCC and FSB) Backed by the Treasury The Make Your Mark Campaign represents 25 key stakeholders, from business, culture, education and community…plus a much wider group of partners.

6 Fifth annual Enterprise Week First ever Global Entrepreneurship Week 17-23 November 2008

7 Are you the top banana? Make Your Mark Challenge: Mon 17 November Largest live enterprise competition in the UK Categories for KS4 and KS5

8 What is enterprise? …to have an idea and make it happen Make Your Mark Financial capbability, enterprise capability and economic/business understanding QCA & DCSF -

9 Alsager Schools definition: Enterprise is P.I.N.C! Particip8 Innov8 Negoti8 Co-oper8 Alsager School, Chester -

10 Speednetwork the Globe! Swap ideas – fast! A lively activity to get people talking. Use it as an icebreaker, or as a way to exchange ideas and experiences.

11 Networked Students Networking is a key enterprise skill: Students need the confidence to meet new people, communicate ideas effectively, and seek out contacts who can support them.

12 Golden Rules of Speednetworking 1.You must meet someone new - no staying with the people you know already! 2.When the whistle blows, move on (dont hang onto the same person!) 3.Remember, its just a bit of fun!

13 Round One: Meet someone new & tell them where youve come from today. Speednetworking

14 Round Two: Can you name any famous entrepreneurs? Speednetworking

15 Round Three: Describe an enterprising person

16 Enterprise Capabilities Innovation Creativity Risk-taking and risk management Can-do attitude Drive to make ideas happen

17 Resources and Ideas

18 Enterprising approaches to teaching and learning Problem-based Facilitated Student-led Collaborative Coaching and mentoring

19 Enterprise & ECM Enjoying and achieving Making a positive contribution Financial Wellbeing

20 Make your Mark Put two cities together to come up with an enterprising service, product or solution that could help you make your mark in the UK and internationally. London + Bridgetown = Rum bar +=

21 Case Study Bishops Fox School Somerset Overseas: An international project where Year 11 students organise an annual trip abroad for other young people in their area. Machu Picchu, Peru

22 Case Study West Exe Technology College Fund 4 Malawi Four students in Year 8 wanted to Make their Mark and change lives. They came up with a simple, sustainable way to raise money for a partner school in Malawi.

23 Case Study One Water Project

24 Contact Details Catherine Ritman Smith Head of Education Make Your Mark t. 020 7430 8051 w:

25 Enterprise Week Part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 17-23 November 2008 …and dont forget about …


27 Above and Bey nd Local Communities Global Citizens

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