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2 AND COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH PARENTING (NOT JUST FINANCIAL) Overview: The Positive and Negative Reasons People Have Children

3 The Decision to Parent……. Should be based off of “good” or “positive” reasons and should not be something that is considered lightly. Is the BIGGEST decision you will make in your life time. Make sure you are ready and doing it for all the right reasons.

4 Some of the NEGATIVE reasons…. You are pregnant (not everyone who becomes pregnant is meant to be a parent, one might consider adoption) To help save a struggling marriage or relationship It will force your partner to marry you Everyone else is having one Your parents or your partners parents are pressuring you for grandchildren Your spouse wants children

5 More NEGATIVE reasons…… To carry on your family name You are getting older and your biological clock is ticking You will have someone to care for you in your old age Babies are cute Tax deductions

6 Though some of the before mentioned reasons are possible considerations when having children none of them should be considered as THE reason to have children.

7 Some of the POSITIVE reasons 1. To Create a Family You and your spouse are ready – financially and emotionally – to bring a new life into the world. You long to nurture and raise a little person who will likely be similar to you but still completely unique.

8 POSITIVE REASONS 2. To Fulfill a Devotion to Children You love children and you’re ready to have a family of your own. 3. To have a sense of purpose People get the call for certain vocations. Some people feel this way about parenthood. They feel as though they were meant to guide a child. They believe they could do a good job of steering the child in the right direction, so that he or she has a productive, healthy, happy life.

9 POSITIVE REASONS 4. You have love to give If you see parenthood as an opportunity to pass on the good things you’ve been given (or to provide your child with the love and support you may not have received as a child), you are on the right track. Parenthood is about more than passing on our hereditary genes—it is about passing on our values, passions and strengths.

10 Parenting Sacrifices Social: Dealing with changes in lifestyle; less time for self, spouse, friends Emotional: Providing constant, unconditional love and support over the child’s lifetime; balancing nurturing with discipline and structure Intellectual: Making parenting choices about complex problems, managing resources necessary for parenting

11 More Parenting Sacrifices Physical: Experiencing pregnancy and delivery; meeting the physical demands of 24-hour care, maintaining high levels of energy for caring for children Financial: Buying food, clothing, and supplies as well as planning for large expenditures; providing a place to live and appropriate insurance Occupational: Managing effects on career; dealing with added stress

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