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Welcome to Back to School Night! Second Grade, Room A31 Miss Gasparian.

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2 Welcome to Back to School Night! Second Grade, Room A31 Miss Gasparian

3 Agenda Icebreaker Rules and procedures Homework CA Standards Sign Promise Sheet Contact Information Questions

4 Icebreaker After I say a sentence, raise your hand and say “Yes, I do!” if it applies to you. –For example: Miss Gasparian: “I read to or with my child every night.” Parent: If you read to, or with your child each night, you would raise your hand and say “Yes, I do.”

5 Rules and Procedures Rules Display of Rules in classroom. Students created the rules and signed their names. Review Rules and explain. Procedures Homework Behavior Thursday Folders Absences Conferences

6 Homework Weekly writing folders Weekly spelling and tests Daily math Daily reading (focus on comprehension) Daily exercise based on a standard we are working on. Thurs. folders and behavior charts need to be taken home on Thursdays, signed, and returned on Fridays.

7 Homework (continued) Responsibilities and Consequences The students are responsible for their homework and belongings (which includes completion and taking home and returning supplies). Missing homework will result in changing their card to black and sitting out at recess to complete work. If there is something your child did not understand please write a note and attach it to the work. Repeated missing homework will result in parent conference.

8 CA Standards The state of California mandates that all second graders must be taught to proficiency certain criteria. Review standards (highlights in areas). District and school focus. Assessments will include teacher observation, teacher made tests, unit tests, district benchmarks, and STAR in April.

9 Promise Sheet The paper and carbon copies in front of you are your child’s and my promise to commit ourselves to learning, teaching, and helping. Please review the points and sign your portion as the parent. Please take the top copy for yourself and leave the bottom two copies for school records.

10 Contact You may contact me before or after school at (818)242-7722 You may also email me at any time at I am always willing to set up appointments to meet!

11 Links Sites to help your child PBS Weekly Reader Glendale Unified School District

12 THANK YOU Thank you for coming and I look forward to working with you and your child as a team!

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