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Access to National Resources IDF Foundation 17 May 2008 Brussels Jill Cousins.

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2 Access to National Resources IDF Foundation 17 May 2008 Brussels Jill Cousins

3 Access to National Libraries through The European Library The European Library started as an EU funded project, led by The British Library – now fully operational service Owned by CENL, funded solely by the National Libraries, The European Library has been live since 17 March 2005 Digital Collections from 32 National Libraries - Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy-Florence, Italy-Rome, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia-Moscow, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK 2008 – Adds the remaining Eastern European countries through Swiss Development Agency money and Bulgaria and Romania via TELplus and Russia St Petersburg and Turkey = 46 of 47 national libraries in CENL by end of 2008.

4 360 collections 5,000,000 digitised items i.e.: pages, articles, audio and video records, books, web pages, etc. 100,000,000 plus metadata records – catalogues, union catalogues etc.

5 search Case 1: Central Index TEL server (SRU) http:// SRU Library X server (SRU) Case 3: local SRU/Z39.50 gateway Library Y server (Z39.50) Water TEL server Case 4: Central SRU/Z39.50 gateway Library Z server (Z39.50)




9 T&S 60% 20%

10 52% 26% 22%

11 Little digitised – no clamour Most was under the z39:50 protocol and held in proprietary library systems using internal reference linking But Over next 2-5 years 100 million plus works to be digitised Born digital OAI-PMH for harvesting Access to National Libraries Resources & the need for Persistent Identifiers

12 CENL recommendations NBNs Appropriate Copy SURFnet IDF Foundation Access to National Libraries Resources & Current Status of Persistent Identifiers

13 CENL recommendations As guarantors of durable independent access to digital collections a resolution service has to be put in place This resolution service to be based on URNs primarily from the NBN namespace Each National Library has or will set up own resolver service to provide persistent access to its own collections. By agreeing and deploying standards and coordination for the local set up of such services automatically achieve the National Libraries Resolver Discovery Service URN service to also take into account other existing persistent identifier schemes To guarantee long term resolutions of DOIs, beyond commercial interest the requesters, under specified conditions, to be redirected by the DOI system to the National Libraries Resolver Service and therefore to digital deposit collections. Access to National Libraries Resources & Current Status of Persistent Identifiers

14 NBNs Because these were already in use Item not Work Appropriate Copy Resolver to possibly support enforcement of authorisation with additional identity management in place SURFnet Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands proposal for a Global Resolver of Persistent Identifiers. In cooperation with representatives of the Hopkins and Berkley Universities (US) a working proof of concept has been developed. ( IDF Foundation Costs of belonging perceived to be not worth the return Would like to resolve the issue of copy of last resort Access to National Libraries Resources & Current Status of Persistent Identifiers

15 Lack of real or perceived need Not invented here Not in hock to someone else No centralised will Competition for Appropriate Copy Cost But these are also opportunities Access to National Libraries Resources Barriers to using DOIs

16 A common multilingual access point would make it possible to search Europes distributed – that is to say, held in different places by different organisations – digital cultural heritage online. Such an access point would increase its visibility and underline common features. The access point should build on existing initiatives such as The European Library (TEL), in which Europes libraries already cooperate. It should where possible closely associate private holders of rights in cultural material and all interested stakeholders. A strong commitment by the Member states and cultural institutions to arrive at such an access point should be encouraged. European Union Communiqué August 2006 EU Vision for a European digital library

17 For the users it is not important whether the sources of knowledge and experience are kept by archives, libraries or museums, but to get access to the sources they want, and to be able to use these sources across types of sources and sectors of institutions.



20 EuropeanaNet at Archives Austrian State Archives European Archive European Branch of ICA Direcção-Geral de Arquivos Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg National Archives of Finland Federal Archives of Germany National Archives of Sweden National Archives of the Netherlands National Archive of France International Institute for Social History Audio-visual collections International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives Association des Cinémathèques Européennes International Federation of Television Archives European Broadcasting Union Institut national de l'audiovisuel Cross-domain associations Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, UK Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg ABM-utvikling, Norway RUNAS, the Danish Archives, Libraries and Museums MICHAEL AISBL Arbeitsgruppe europäischen Angelegenheiten Bibliotheken,Archive Museen ABM-Centrum, Sweden Institute for Cultural Memory, Romania Heritage Malta Istituto per i beni artistici, culturali e naturali – Regione Emilia-Romagna Erfgoed Nederland Museums Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza Rijksmuseum Institute for Museum Research, Berlin International Council of Museums Europe Natural History Museum Network of European Museum Organisations European Museums Forum Museum of London Group Science Museum Libraries Danish State Library Aarhus Catholic University of Leuven European Bureau of Library, Information & Documentation Associations Ligues des bibliothèques européenes de recherches Consortium of European Research Libraries State and University Library Göttingen Conference of European National Librarians Cervantes Library Biblioteca de Catalunya National Authorities on Public Libraries in Europe Project Contributors Bernstein CITER DELOS DIGMAP DISMARC DRIVER EPsIplus Video Active MultiMatch Cross Czech a.s. TrebleCLEF Knowledge Management in Museums Project Research institutions Arts and Humanities Data Service Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland Digital Lifecycle Management Forum Ethnological Museum, Berlin, Music Archive European Commission on Preservation & Access German Social Science Infrastructure Sciences Heriot-Watt University Institute of Communication and Computer Systems - National Technical University of Athens Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Kennisland / Knowledgeland TOPP Consulting GmbH Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam National representatives Austria, National Library Belgium, Royal Library Bulgaria, New Bulgarian University Library Cyprus, Ministry of Education and Culture Czech Republic, National Library Denmark, Royal Library Estonia, National Library Finland, National Library France, National Library Germany, National Library Greece, Veria Central Public Library Hungary, National Library Iceland, National and University Library Ireland, University College Cork Latvia, National Library Liechtenstein, National Library Lithuania, Vilnius University Luxembourg, National Library Norway, National Library Poland, National Library Portugal, National Library Slovakia, National Library Slovenia, National Library Spain, National Library Sweden, National Library United Kingdom, British Libraryall domains Brings together the digitised & digital items from Museums, Archives, Audio Visual Collections & Libraries across Europe Solves the issues of interoperability in data Works on usability – finding paths, presenting items, appealing Finds sustainable governance & organisational models Builds on previous initiatives / BRICKS, ANNOculture, Qviz, Michael 3 major Work packages Network of nearly 100 cultural institutions

21 Mediatheque Cite de la Musique, Paris Music instruments and sound recording Concerts Cite de la Musique and Salle Pleyel http://mediatheque.cite- Claudio Abbado, XXe anniversaire du Chamber orchestra of Europe. Lieder de Franz Schubert orchestrés par Johannes Brahms, Max Reger, Arnold Schoenberg et Anton Webern : concert enregistré à la Cité de la musique le 28 mai 2002 / Andy Sommer, réal. ; Thomas Quasthoff, baryton basse. Paris : Cité de la musique ; Bel Air Média ; Mezzo ; Arte, 2002. 58 min EDLnet – Europeana: the European digital library Thematic Network Partner Group across Museums, Archives, Audio-Visual Archives & Libraries started July 07 Primary aims: Bringing together cultural institutions across Europe Creatng a user defined prototype by November 08 Making recommendations for a sustainable service Results so far: 6 million digitised works, items, objects No standards for unique identification

22 21 Metadata and Objects In (digital) library catalogues Document Objects Metadata-Catalogue Author Title Subject URL Author Title Subject URL Author Title Subject URL Author Title Subject URL Author Title Subject URL Author Title Subject URL XML+ XSLT PDF

23 22 A potential (simple) object model Current discussion in EDLnet Object 'Landing Page' Metadata HasMetadata Semantic Nodes HasSemantics Com pone nts HasComponents Annotations HasAnnotations HasRelations HasContext

24 23 A complementary and more granular model Object Reuse and Exchange (ORE)

25 Huge amount of digitised material Need Persistent Identifiers to: prevent broken links, ensure appropriate copy and Persistent Identifiers

26 Each domain needs to be convinced A standard should be promoted A simple registry or ? How shall we do this? – whither Persistent Identifiers?

27 Cutting the road……….

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