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WELCOME TO Mrs. Matthews’ Class

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1 WELCOME TO Mrs. Matthews’ Class
I have high expectations for all my students. This is a high school credit class! When you enter these doors, you are in high school! This is a challenging course and it is geared towards lovers of mathematics, and towards those who want to enter into a career that depends heavily upon mathematics. This course will expand and challenge your knowledge of mathematics while stimulating and exciting your intellect!

2 WELCOME TO Mrs. Matthews’ Class
Your child should explain the following to you: Weekly planner board Spotlight Board Cubby Holes Diary Before the bell rings During lunch At the end of school Teacherease Parent Connect Class webpage: Online Text book

3 Mrs. Matthews’ Class SUPPLY LIST:
All supplies are due by Monday August 17th! Five Star 5-Subject notebook 2×12-Pack of pencils 2 Blue inked Pens 1 Pack of graph paper (leaves only) 1 shatterproof ruler TI-83 or 84 Calculator (Optional, strongly recommended) 2nd Period: Chair socks OR Tennis balls (must be cut) 3rd Period: 2 Black Expo dry erase markers 4th Period: 1 Box of tissue 7th Period: 4 AAA batteries

You must be POLITE! You must be a PARTICIPANT! These are the 4 P’s of Mrs. Matthews’ class. Take this time to write the rules down! NOTE: Anything written in italics MUST be written!

If you violate this or any of the 4 P’s your conduct grade will be affected.

6 GRADING SYSTEM Assessments = 65% Exams = 45% Home-Work = 10%
Quizzes = 20% Home-Work = 10% Class-Work = 15% Class Participation = 10% Notebook Check = 5% Materials Checks = 5%

7 Grading Quizzes: There will typically be 4-5 quizzes per nine weeks.
Some quizzes will require a signature. Exams: There will typically be 2 exams per nine weeks. An exam is more comprehensive than a quiz. ALL exams must be parent signed.

8 Grading Projects: There will be individual and group projects assigned. Depending on the nature of the project, it will either be counted as a CW or Exam grade.

9 Grading Home-Work Approximately 5 problems will be assigned 3-4 nights per week. HW is due the next class period. HW is peer graded using a blue inked pen. HW is a completion grade! Once HW is completed (or attempted), full credit (5 points) is awarded. If you completed all the problems correctly, you will receive a star stamp and full credit is awarded. If you made an error(s), you will receive a happy face stamp and full credit is awarded. If you do not have your HW, you do not receive a stamp and zero credit is awarded.

10 Grading Home-Work On Fridays, ALL HW problems for the week, correctly solved, will be collected and checked by Mrs. Matthews. 5 additional points will be awarded if you have every problem correctly solved with your work shown. You will receive an additional happy face stamp to indicate that you have completed all your corrections! If you have a star stamp, no corrections are necessary! 2 happy faces = 1 star! Half credit (2½ points) will be awarded if you do not have every problem correctly with your work shown. You will not receive an additional happy face stamp! Zero points will be awarded if you have no corrections or if you turn in no work.

11 Grading Home-Work If you miss a day’s HW, you may do it and turn it in on Friday with the rest of the week’s HW. By doing so, you will be awarded half credit (2½ points) which will replace the zero you were previously awarded. So there are 3 HW grades: Full credit (5 points) Half credit (2½ points) No credit (0 points) Having a zero on Parent Connect for HW means you were given an opportunity to make up your HW, but you refused to take advantage of that opportunity. Note: If you have been absent, there is no penalty. **This does not apply to projects or Study Island. You must make up your home-work and use the diary to check your HW before Friday, so that you can make corrections and submit your home-work with the class. A zero grade will remain until you have submitted the absent work.

12 Grading Home-Work There will be weekly Study Island HW assignments.
Assignments are ALWAYS due on a Tuesday and credit will be assigned as follows: Full credit (10 points) – you complete a minimum of 20 problems and receive a ribbon by the due date. Half credit (5 points) – you complete less than 20 problems and/or do not receive a ribbon by the due date. No credit (0 points) – you complete 0 problems or the assignment is completed after the due date. *Absence is not an excuse! Study Island is due EVERY Tuesday! *You are advised to complete Study Island in advance as computer problems or computer unavailablity are not valid excuses. *Make sure to read the lesson tutorial before trying to complete the assignment. *There is no limit to the amount of attempts. *You may send me an request to reset any assignment, before the due date.

13 Grading Class-Work Class-work assignments are typically given at the end of a lesson and are graded for accuracy. You are allowed to use your notes on CW assignments!

14 Grading Notebook check: Notebooks will be checked once per nine weeks.
Notebooks will be comprehensively checked for all notes, assignments, assessments and other class related materials used during the nine weeks. Each of the above will have a specified place in your notebook and you are required to keep all returned and graded materials in the specified place. All materials for this class must be kept in your notebook at all times! The projector will be heavily used and anything written in italics must be written. Anything else that is said or demonstrated that you deem important should also be written.

15 Grading Materials check:
Spot checks for notebook, graph paper, ruler, textbook, practice workbook, and other required materials. *These must be brought to class EVERY day! *This is an ‘all or nothing’ grade! If you have all materials you earn 100% If you are missing any materials you earn 0%

16 Absence HW: You may come during your lunch period or between 2:15 & 2:30 p.m. to have your HW checked. Assessments: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:25p.m.

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