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Day at a Glance Tuesday, July 11. Tuesday at a Glance (1 of 2) 0700 - 0745Speakers/Session Chairs Breakfast - ChampionsGate 0700 - 1700Symposium Registration.

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1 Day at a Glance Tuesday, July 11

2 Tuesday at a Glance (1 of 2) 0700 - 0745Speakers/Session Chairs Breakfast - ChampionsGate 0700 - 1700Symposium Registration – Rotunda 0700 - 1800Speaker Ready Room – Wentworth 0700 – 1900Cyber Café sponsored by Boeing – St. Andrew A 0800 – 0930Tuesday Keynote Speaker – Annik Magerholm Fet Norwegian University of Science and Technology 0930 – 1000Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall 0930 – 1800Exhibits Open 0935 – 1725Technical Information Exchange Session (TIES) Presentations – ChampionsGate 0945 – 1715Two Full Day Optional Tutorials (Ticket Required) 1000 – 1130SESSION 4: Technical Paper & Panel Tracks 1000 – 1800INCOSE Meetings – See Business Meetings Section

3 Tuesday at a Glance (2 of 2) 1130 – 1300Lunch in Exhibit Hall 1300 – 1430SESSION 5: Technical Paper Tracks and Working Group Presentation 1300 – 1700Two Half-Day Optional Tutorials (Ticket Required) 1430 – 1500Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall 1500 – 1630SESSION 6: Technical Paper Tracks and Working Group Presentation 1700 – 1800Exhibits Social Hour – Fun Night Tropical Theme

4 Tuesday's Keynote Annik Magerholm Fet Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

5 Tuesday Business Meetings 1000-1200Risk Management WG - Oakmont A 1000-1530Academic Council – Invitation Only 1000-1700Commercial Steering Board – Olympic B Intelligent Transportation & Transit WG – Oakmont B 1130-1300Communications Committee – Glen Eagles 1200-1700Requirements WG – Olympic A 1300-1500Information Systems WG - Colonial A Latin America & Caribbean Initiative – Augusta B Engineering System Assurance – Colonial B 1300-1700Ways and Means Committee - Glen Eagles Space Systems WG – Augusta A 1400-1630Infrastructure Sector – Oakmont A 1500-1700IS2008 Host Committee - Colonial B SE-ROI - Colonial A 1600-1800Executive Summit – Invitation Only 1700-2000SE Department Heads – Oakmont A 1730-1930German Chapter Meeting – Olympic A

6 Tuesday's Panels TitleTimeRoom The Integration Process – An Unresolved Issue for Systems Engineering 1000-1125DUBLIN A Is Systems Engineering for "Systems of Systems" Really Any Different? 1000-1125DUBLIN B

7 Tuesdays Tutorials* F03 - Introduction to the System Modeling Language (SysML) (0945-1715) - Melbourne A Mr. Sanford Friedenthal, Lockheed Martin and Mr. Alan Moore, Artisan Software F04 - System Analysis, Design, and Development (0945-1715) – Melbourne B Mr. Charles S. Wasson, John Wiley Author H03 - Introduction of the Systems Engineering Dual Vee Model (1300-1700) – Dublin A Mr. Hal Mooz and Dr. Kevin Forsberg, Center for Systems Management H04 - Architecting and Engineering Systems, Processes, and Organizations Using the Design Structure Matrix (DSM) (1300-1700) – Dublin B Mr. Tyson R. Browning, MJ Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University *Available at an Additional Fee or with Passport Registration

8 Tuesday TIES TimeTitlePresentersCompany 0935-1100Definition of New Complex Systems Using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Amihud HariRAFAEL 1105-1230Multi-Objective Analysis Techniques for System Engineering Edward Pohl Edward Parnell University of Arkansas 1300-1425System Engineering and Management-Thinking Outside the Box Howard EisnerGeorge Washington University 1430-1555Dealing with Uncertainty in Systems engineering Mark PowellAttwater Consulting 1600-1730Multi-Channel ModelingJeffrey GradyJOG System Engineering

9 Tuesday Presentations (1 of 4) TimeRoomTitlePresenterCompany 1000- 1025 NATIONAL A82 Ten Design Principles: Some Implications for Multidimensional Quantification of Design Impacts on Requirements Tom GilbRPl 1000- 1025 NATIONAL B76 A Diagnostic Approach to Risk Driver Definition Evin StumpGalorath Incorporated 1000- 1025 NATIONAL C168 Meeting the Challenge of Knowledge-Creating Systems James MartinThe Aerospace Corporation 1000- 1025 NATIONAL D96 Fine-grained Method and Tool Integration for Better Automotive Software Frank AltheideUniversity of Paderborn 1030- 1055 NATIONAL A94 Project-driven Adaptation of Software Life Cycle Model Emmarentia Barnard IFS South Africa 1030- 1055 NATIONAL B12 How Planning for Success Can Lead to Catastrophic Failure William Schoening Boeing 1030- 1055 NATIONAL C157 Platform Identification Using Design Structure Matrice Konstantinos Kalligeros Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1030- 1055 NATIONAL D136 Lessons Learned from Synchronizing Complex Systems Development within Automotive Industry (transportation?) Herbert NegeleBMW Group

10 Tuesday Presentations (2 of 4) TimeRoomTitlePresenterCompany 1100- 1125 NATIONAL A15 "i-pub: Status, Insights and Visions"Erik Herzog Syntell AB 1100- 1125 NATIONAL B125 Systems Engineering Professional Development and Certification Gerard Fisher The Aerospace Corporation 1100- 1125 NATIONAL C60 Applying Systems Modeling Language to A Simple Hardware System John HsuThe Boeing Company 1100- 1125 NATIONAL D137 Extending Platforming to the Sequential Development of System Families Ryan BoasMassachusetts Institute of Technology 1300- 1325 NATIONAL A89 Enterprise Opportunity and RiskBrian White The MITRE Corporation 1300- 1325 NATIONAL B155 A National Approach to Systems Integration Skills Base Development in Australia Stephen Cook "CEDISC, UniSA" 1300- 1325 NATIONAL C37 Lessons Learnt From the Applications of QFD to the Definition of Complex Systems Amihud Hari University of South australia

11 Tuesday Presentations (3 of 4) TimeRoomTitlePresenterCompany 1330- 1355 NATIONAL A103 Cross-Cultural Issues Associated with the Application of ISO/IEC 15288 Standard Timothy Ferris University of South Australia 1330- 1355 NATIONAL B36 Optimizing Quality Assurance for Better Results Niels Malotaux N R Malotaux - Consultancy 1330- 1355 NATIONAL C13 On the Systematic Use of Budget-Based Design Hennie Freriks Oc?- Technologies B.V. 1400- 1425 NATIONAL A14 Systems Engineering an INCOSE ChapterPaul Davies "Thales UK Ltd., Aerospace Division" 1400- 1425 NATIONAL B92 Capitalizing On Systems EngineeringJason Sherey "ICTT, Inc." 1400- 1425 NATIONAL C86 SysML-Based Systems Engineering Using a Model-Driven Development Approach Peter Hoffmann I-Logix 1500- 1525 NATIONAL A10 The Application of Architecture Frameworks to Modelling Exploration Operations Costs Robert Shishko Caltech JPL 1500- 1525 NATIONAL B146 Tradeoff Studies and Cognitive BiasesEric SmithUniversity of Arizona 1500- 1525 NATIONAL C143 Threads of Reasoning: A Case Study in Printer Control Heico Sandee Eindhoven University of Technology

12 Tuesday Presentations (4 of 4) TimeRoomTitlePresenterCompany 1530- 1555 NATIONAL A87 Using Cognitive Engineering to Improve Systems Engineering Craig Bonaceto The MITRE Corporation 1530- 1555 NATIONAL B113 Systems Engineering Model for Integrability (SEMI): A Three Step Process for the Continuous Development of Highly Integrated Enterprise Applications John LewisL3 Communications Titan 1530- 1555 NATIONAL C66 No Cure No Pay: How to Contract for Software Services on a No Cure No Pay Basis Tom GilbRPL 1600- 1625 NATIONAL A25 A Value-Based Theory of Systems Engineering Barry Boehm University of Southern California 1600- 1625 NATIONAL B5 Conflict in Systems Engineering Product Data Exchange Standardisation Roland Eckert EADS Deutschland GmbH 1600- 1625 NATIONAL C44 Application of Patterns to Systems Engineering and Architecting Robert Cloutier Stevens Institute of Technology 1630- 1655 NATIONAL C121 Impact of Embedded Software Technology on Systems Engineering Laurence Doyle ITT

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