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Day at a Glance Tuesday, July 11. Tuesday at a Glance (1 of 2) 0700 - 0745Speakers/Session Chairs Breakfast - ChampionsGate 0700 - 1700Symposium Registration.

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1 Day at a Glance Tuesday, July 11

2 Tuesday at a Glance (1 of 2) Speakers/Session Chairs Breakfast - ChampionsGate Symposium Registration – Rotunda Speaker Ready Room – Wentworth 0700 – 1900Cyber Café sponsored by Boeing – St. Andrew A 0800 – 0930Tuesday Keynote Speaker – Annik Magerholm Fet Norwegian University of Science and Technology 0930 – 1000Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall 0930 – 1800Exhibits Open 0935 – 1725Technical Information Exchange Session (TIES) Presentations – ChampionsGate 0945 – 1715Two Full Day Optional Tutorials (Ticket Required) 1000 – 1130SESSION 4: Technical Paper & Panel Tracks 1000 – 1800INCOSE Meetings – See Business Meetings Section

3 Tuesday at a Glance (2 of 2) 1130 – 1300Lunch in Exhibit Hall 1300 – 1430SESSION 5: Technical Paper Tracks and Working Group Presentation 1300 – 1700Two Half-Day Optional Tutorials (Ticket Required) 1430 – 1500Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall 1500 – 1630SESSION 6: Technical Paper Tracks and Working Group Presentation 1700 – 1800Exhibits Social Hour – Fun Night Tropical Theme

4 Tuesday's Keynote Annik Magerholm Fet Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

5 Tuesday Business Meetings Risk Management WG - Oakmont A Academic Council – Invitation Only Commercial Steering Board – Olympic B Intelligent Transportation & Transit WG – Oakmont B Communications Committee – Glen Eagles Requirements WG – Olympic A Information Systems WG - Colonial A Latin America & Caribbean Initiative – Augusta B Engineering System Assurance – Colonial B Ways and Means Committee - Glen Eagles Space Systems WG – Augusta A Infrastructure Sector – Oakmont A IS2008 Host Committee - Colonial B SE-ROI - Colonial A Executive Summit – Invitation Only SE Department Heads – Oakmont A German Chapter Meeting – Olympic A

6 Tuesday's Panels TitleTimeRoom The Integration Process – An Unresolved Issue for Systems Engineering DUBLIN A Is Systems Engineering for "Systems of Systems" Really Any Different? DUBLIN B

7 Tuesdays Tutorials* F03 - Introduction to the System Modeling Language (SysML) ( ) - Melbourne A Mr. Sanford Friedenthal, Lockheed Martin and Mr. Alan Moore, Artisan Software F04 - System Analysis, Design, and Development ( ) – Melbourne B Mr. Charles S. Wasson, John Wiley Author H03 - Introduction of the Systems Engineering Dual Vee Model ( ) – Dublin A Mr. Hal Mooz and Dr. Kevin Forsberg, Center for Systems Management H04 - Architecting and Engineering Systems, Processes, and Organizations Using the Design Structure Matrix (DSM) ( ) – Dublin B Mr. Tyson R. Browning, MJ Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University *Available at an Additional Fee or with Passport Registration

8 Tuesday TIES TimeTitlePresentersCompany Definition of New Complex Systems Using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Amihud HariRAFAEL Multi-Objective Analysis Techniques for System Engineering Edward Pohl Edward Parnell University of Arkansas System Engineering and Management-Thinking Outside the Box Howard EisnerGeorge Washington University Dealing with Uncertainty in Systems engineering Mark PowellAttwater Consulting Multi-Channel ModelingJeffrey GradyJOG System Engineering

9 Tuesday Presentations (1 of 4) TimeRoomTitlePresenterCompany NATIONAL A82 Ten Design Principles: Some Implications for Multidimensional Quantification of Design Impacts on Requirements Tom GilbRPl NATIONAL B76 A Diagnostic Approach to Risk Driver Definition Evin StumpGalorath Incorporated NATIONAL C168 Meeting the Challenge of Knowledge-Creating Systems James MartinThe Aerospace Corporation NATIONAL D96 Fine-grained Method and Tool Integration for Better Automotive Software Frank AltheideUniversity of Paderborn NATIONAL A94 Project-driven Adaptation of Software Life Cycle Model Emmarentia Barnard IFS South Africa NATIONAL B12 How Planning for Success Can Lead to Catastrophic Failure William Schoening Boeing NATIONAL C157 Platform Identification Using Design Structure Matrice Konstantinos Kalligeros Massachusetts Institute of Technology NATIONAL D136 Lessons Learned from Synchronizing Complex Systems Development within Automotive Industry (transportation?) Herbert NegeleBMW Group

10 Tuesday Presentations (2 of 4) TimeRoomTitlePresenterCompany NATIONAL A15 "i-pub: Status, Insights and Visions"Erik Herzog Syntell AB NATIONAL B125 Systems Engineering Professional Development and Certification Gerard Fisher The Aerospace Corporation NATIONAL C60 Applying Systems Modeling Language to A Simple Hardware System John HsuThe Boeing Company NATIONAL D137 Extending Platforming to the Sequential Development of System Families Ryan BoasMassachusetts Institute of Technology NATIONAL A89 Enterprise Opportunity and RiskBrian White The MITRE Corporation NATIONAL B155 A National Approach to Systems Integration Skills Base Development in Australia Stephen Cook "CEDISC, UniSA" NATIONAL C37 Lessons Learnt From the Applications of QFD to the Definition of Complex Systems Amihud Hari University of South australia

11 Tuesday Presentations (3 of 4) TimeRoomTitlePresenterCompany NATIONAL A103 Cross-Cultural Issues Associated with the Application of ISO/IEC Standard Timothy Ferris University of South Australia NATIONAL B36 Optimizing Quality Assurance for Better Results Niels Malotaux N R Malotaux - Consultancy NATIONAL C13 On the Systematic Use of Budget-Based Design Hennie Freriks Oc?- Technologies B.V NATIONAL A14 Systems Engineering an INCOSE ChapterPaul Davies "Thales UK Ltd., Aerospace Division" NATIONAL B92 Capitalizing On Systems EngineeringJason Sherey "ICTT, Inc." NATIONAL C86 SysML-Based Systems Engineering Using a Model-Driven Development Approach Peter Hoffmann I-Logix NATIONAL A10 The Application of Architecture Frameworks to Modelling Exploration Operations Costs Robert Shishko Caltech JPL NATIONAL B146 Tradeoff Studies and Cognitive BiasesEric SmithUniversity of Arizona NATIONAL C143 Threads of Reasoning: A Case Study in Printer Control Heico Sandee Eindhoven University of Technology

12 Tuesday Presentations (4 of 4) TimeRoomTitlePresenterCompany NATIONAL A87 Using Cognitive Engineering to Improve Systems Engineering Craig Bonaceto The MITRE Corporation NATIONAL B113 Systems Engineering Model for Integrability (SEMI): A Three Step Process for the Continuous Development of Highly Integrated Enterprise Applications John LewisL3 Communications Titan NATIONAL C66 No Cure No Pay: How to Contract for Software Services on a No Cure No Pay Basis Tom GilbRPL NATIONAL A25 A Value-Based Theory of Systems Engineering Barry Boehm University of Southern California NATIONAL B5 Conflict in Systems Engineering Product Data Exchange Standardisation Roland Eckert EADS Deutschland GmbH NATIONAL C44 Application of Patterns to Systems Engineering and Architecting Robert Cloutier Stevens Institute of Technology NATIONAL C121 Impact of Embedded Software Technology on Systems Engineering Laurence Doyle ITT

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