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Community Cohesion Duty Alveena Malik Principal Associate.

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1 Community Cohesion Duty Alveena Malik Principal Associate

2 What does Community Cohesion actually mean?

3 What is community cohesion? (UK Gov) By community cohesion we mean working towards a society in which: 1.there is a common vision and sense of belonging by all communities; 2.the diversity of peoples backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued ; 3.similar life opportunities are available to all; and 4.strong and positive relationships exist and continue to be developed in the workplace, in schools and in the wider community.

4 disability religion social class urban - rural economic deprivation learning needs home language

5 Britain is hyper-diverse Persistent Inequalities Increased migration Rise in extremism Identity Politics Globalisation Challenges to Community Cohesion

6 What is the new legal duty for schools in England?

7 Teaching Learning & Curriculum Equity & Excellence Community Engagement & Extended Services DCSF:Three aspects for schools


9 Case studies

10 How Schools Are Promoting Community Cohesion South Bermondsey Partnership – Intergenerational Project Blakebrook Special School – Disability and social action Appleby Grammar School – Gypsy and Traveller project High Crest School – Raising Aspirations of Muslim women The Sydney Russell School – Exploring white identity Liverpool Cluster Schools – Fair trade

11 Guidance 1) DCSF guidance and resource pack: 2) Institute of Community Cohesion good practice database: 3) British Council Intercultural Dialogue Resource Guide: 4) National Governors Association Cohesion Governors Guide: 5) Council for Subject Associations Community Cohesion Materials: 6) Who Do We Think We Are Week:

12 The Institute of Community Cohesion

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