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FIRST Robotics as Systems Engineering Training Lou Pape Boeing, Phantom Works Francis Howell FIRST Mentor.

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1 FIRST Robotics as Systems Engineering Training Lou Pape Boeing, Phantom Works Francis Howell FIRST Mentor

2 227 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape What is FIRST? For Inspiration and Recognition of Science & Technology Started 1991 by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segue, with 23 teams in New England Now >1100 teams from 7 countries at 33 regional meets, and the national finals A robotic game –And about 10 other competitions –Fairly complex rules –Fairly complex technology –6 weeks, from start to finish of build

3 327 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape What is FIRST? The FIRST Robotics Competition challenges teams of students and their mentors to solve a common problem in a six-week timeframe using a standard "kit of parts" and a common set of rules. Teams build robots from the parts and enter them in a series of competitions designed by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers. These kits include motors, sensors, wheels, pneumatics, a microcontroller, wiring, and much more. Basically what you do is: take this pile of parts, and put together a robot.

4 427 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape Awards THE CHAIRMANS AWARD- It is about the impact FIRST has on those who participate in the program and the impact of FIRST on the community at large. The FIRST mission is to change the way Americas young people regard science and technology and to inspire an appreciation for the real-life rewards and career opportunitiesin these fields. Autodesk Visualization Award-Presented by Autodesk, Inc., this award recognizes excellence in student animation that clearly and creatively illustrates the spirit of the FIRST Robotics Competition. In order to recognize the efforts of more team animators, this award was expanded to include the regional level in 2003. This year, Autodesk will award excellence in content, creativity, and mastery of multimedia. DaimlerChrysler - Team Spirit-This award celebrates extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit through an exceptional partnership and teamwork. Imagery-This award celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration from the machine to team appearance. Johnson & Johnson – Sportsmanship-sportsmanship and continuous gracious professionalism. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers – Entrepreneurship-The Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award celebrates the Entrepreneurial Spirit. This award recognizes a team, which since its inception has developed the framework for a comprehensive business plan in order to scope, manage, and obtain team objectives. This team displays entrepreneurial enthusiasm and the vital business skills for a self-sustaining program. Web Site Award-This award recognizes excellence in student-designed, built, and managed FIRST team websites. The winner is determined via ballot votes cast by student judges from each FIRST team. Refer to the Website Award section for specifics. Xerox – Creativity- Creative design, use of a component, or a creative or unique strategy of play. Delphi - Driving Tomorrows TechnologyTM-This award celebrates an elegant and advantageous machine feature.

5 527 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape Scholarships During the 2006 FIRST Robotics Competition season, over 200 merit- based scholarship opportunities amounting to almost $8 million are available to eligible FIRST high school participants. Some scholarships may be used for any course of study; others are specifically awarded for undergraduate degrees in fields such as engineering, science and medicine, fine arts, graphic design and business administration. Furthermore, while the majority of the scholarship opportunities are awarded for enrollment at a specific school, there are a few scholarships in which the recipient may select any college/university to apply the funds to. In 2006 more than 50 schools across the US and Canada who share in FIRST's mission offered scholarship opportunities. There are also a growing number of scholarships funded entirely or in part by corporate sponsors and professional associations. (FIRST would like to recognize and thank all of our scholarship partners for their dedication to this program.)

6 627 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape Adult Role as Mentors At Francis Howell, primarily a student run organization Mentors (and teachers) provide –Guidance –Training –Some of the ideas –Help in implementation

7 727 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape Boeing and FIRST in St Louis Boeing has not formally sponsored FIRST (minimum investment ~$50K to get your name on the regional; about $300K total) However, about 30 engineers from Boeing have been mentors to about 15 teams in the area, and provided volunteer referees and judges at competitions (on own time) Boeing matches gifts to K-12 schools Dept 311 sponsored some for credit SE training based on FIRST in 2004 & 2005

8 827 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape Components of FIRST Gracious Professionalism Chairmans Award Website (required) 3D modeling Animation Safety Communications Co-opetition Innovation Spirit Project Management SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Marketing Fund raising Accounting Prototyping Programming Pneumatics/Motors Control systems/Radio control Diagnostics Quality

9 927 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape 2004s Game FIRST Frenzy - Raising the Bar

10 1027 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape RAVEN Robots

11 1127 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape 2005 Game Triple Play

12 1227 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape 2006 Game Aim High

13 1327 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape Why is it Good Systems Engineering Training? Constrained in several dimensions –$, Safety, Weight, Power, Volume, Time, Field of Play… But WILDLY open within the constraints –Drive train, programming, sensors, mechanisms, HMI Challenging enough to be interesting Competition tests your designs Time Frame – you see the results of your systems decisions in 8 weeks You run through the gamut of program phases – concept, prototype, production, integration, test, competition, maintenance

14 1427 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape Robots from 2000

15 1527 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape What Ive Learned About Systems Engineering from FIRST Getting people to agree on the definition of the problems to solve, and levels of decomposition Defining the right problem(s), in language people understand (iteration helps!) Breaking up the problems into workable chunks Dangers of pre-judging the answers to questions Focusing on the big picture, without losing the thought that ALL the details count, too Interactive nature of CONOPS and threat analysis on requirements development

16 1627 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape What Ive Learned About Systems Engineering from FIRST Practice in Formulation and Communication of ideas to people who dont already know Analysis of various approaches for physical possibility and incompatibilities between requirements Open minded trade study approaches Weight, power, volume and time budgets, and talking it through with everybody when theyre busted Integration and testing of software and hardware Know your campaign plan, but also know where you can change it to respond to competitive pressures, as well as coalition partner pressures

17 1727 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape Take Aways FIRST is The hardest fun youll ever have! I challenge you to get involved with a team in the area, or as a volunteer at the regional –FIRST Lego League at elementary level –FIRST Robotics, or Vex Challenge in HS First Website: St Louis Regional: Francis Howell RAVEN site: Attend the competition 9-11 Mar at the Family Arena in St. Charles

18 1827 Jan 06INCOSE Lou Pape Movies Student Film, 2004 (avi) Animation, 2006 - Aim High Animation, 2005 - Triple Play

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