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Iowa State Universitys Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering Dr. Douglas Gemmill Lynn Cole.

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1 Iowa State Universitys Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering Dr. Douglas Gemmill Lynn Cole

2 2 Background of ISU Off-Campus Programs n Undergraduate » BS in Electrical Engineering (Rockwell Collins & Kirkwood Community College) n Graduate » ME in Systems Engineering » MS in Electrical Engineering » MS in Computer Engineering » MS in Mechanical Engineering

3 3 Continuing Education At Rockwell Collins n Job Advancement (Kirkwood CC) » Electronics Technician n Job Enrichment Courses n Undergraduate (Coe, Mt Mercy, ISU/Kirkwood CC) » Business, CS, EE n Masters (Iowa, ISU, NTU) » SysE, MBA/SysE, EE, CprE, CS, Engineering Mgmt n MBA (Iowa, NOVA, St. Ambrose) Company Funded Life Long Learning

4 4 Continuing Education Delivery Mechanisms n In-Plant » Live With Instructor Two Way RF Link » Non Interactive Taped Class Monitored Sat TV Class n On-Campus » Graduate » Undergraduate n Remote Campus » Graduate » Undergraduate

5 5 The Need n Rockwell Collins: Strategic Planning Process Identified Systems Engineering as Key Need » Needed More Systems Engineers Than School-Of- Hard Knocks Graduates » Formal Systems Engineering Training Identified As A Way to Broaden Rockwells Systems Engineering Capabilities n ISU: Mid Career Career Enhancement Identified. » Must Be Flexible » Must Accommodate Untraditional Students

6 6 Program Architecture n SE CORE Courses » Systems Engineering & Analysis » Avionics Systems Engineering » Safety Systems Engineering » Advanced Systems Engineering Courses (Under Development) n Engineering Electives (EE, I.E., CprE, AerE, Stat, Mgmt) n Independent Research

7 7 Development Approach n Jointly Outlined Curriculum n Rockwell Developed and Piloted SE Courses » Subcontracted With Ex-Rockwell Employee Who Had Returned to Academia » Piloted in Rockwell With Rockwell Employees As Adjunct Professors » ~$100K Investment By Rockwell n ISU Did Market Analysis & Petitioned For Degree

8 8 Development Schedule Need Identified 1990 Plan Outlined 1990 1st Course Piloted 1991 Curriculum Approved 1995 1st Graduate 1997 Short Course Developed 1994

9 9 Delivery Sites & Methods

10 10 In-House Short Course n Systems Engineering Fundamentals » Based Upon Systems Engineering & Analysis » 3 Days » Includes In-Class Systems Engineering Project

11 11 Through May 2000 Systems Engineering Statistics

12 12 Graduates

13 13 Lessons Learned n Having Collins Prototype the SE Course, Allowed Easy Development of Short Course n It Takes a Long Time to Get a New Graduate Program Implemented n Flexibility and Variety for Off-campus Students Is Important n Some Existing Rules of ISU Graduate College Do Not Work Well for Off-campus Students n Lack of Departmental Ownership of Interdisciplinary Off-campus Program

14 14 Future Plans n Continued Growth of Present Program » Students » Course Availability » Faculty Involvement n Development of Dual Executive Masters Program » Initiated by Rockwell Collins » Iowa and Iowa State » Combined Systems Engineering/MBA » 60 Hour Program, Dual Degree

15 15 Acknowledgements n Rockwell Collins » Jim Curran » Carla Knutson » Jack Rector » Don Meyer n Iowa State University » Associate Dean, Dr. Ted Okiishi » Dr. Ed Jones » Dr. Mike McCann n Dr. James Rankin

16 16 Personal Case Study

17 17 Flexible Program Of Study CourseSchoolDelivery n Systems Engineering & Analysis ISU Live at Collins n Avionics Systems Engineering ISU Live at Collins n Safety ISU Live at Collins n Adv. Computer Arch ISU Tape at Collins n Computer Security I/II ISU Tape at Collins n Technical Marketing In China ISU On-Campus n Financial ManagementNOVA Live at Local CC n Probability/Statistics Iowa Live via Microwave n Computer Networks Iowa Live via Microwave

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