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Development of a Systems Engineering Program at Shreekanth Mandayam Electrical & Computer Engineering November 18, 2010 Glassboro, New Jersey Delaware.

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1 Development of a Systems Engineering Program at Shreekanth Mandayam Electrical & Computer Engineering November 18, 2010 Glassboro, New Jersey Delaware Valley Chapter Meeting Systems Engineering in Industry and Academia

2 Systems Engineering

3 College of Engineering The Gift Departments –Chemical Engineering –Civil & Environmental Engineering –Electrical & Computer Engineering –Mechanical Engineering Henry M. Rowan Hall

4 Our Program Electrical and Computer engineering topics Eight semesters of Engineering Clinics –Multidisciplinary, team-oriented, engineering design, development and research Clinic consultant ALL ECE courses are lab courses – hands-on, minds-on

5 Rowan ECEs….. …. get jobs at major companies across the United States ….and go to graduate school at prestigious universities

6 Rowan ECE Entrepreneurs Mike Muhlbaier, Spaghetti Engineering Dan Brateris and Trevor Ferguson, Atlanticus Innovations Jeff Gladnick, SnoRhino Greg Digneo, Cloud Marketing Labs Matt Alestra, F.R.E.E. Energy Solutions Dave Lester, DISNEY Corp.

7 Engineering Clinics Research –National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, NASA, Navy, US Department of Energy, NJ Office of Clean Energy, etc. –Vertically integrated with the graduate program –30% of graduating ECE seniors in Ju/Se clinics have stayed on for MS program Development –Lockheed-Martin, Coopers Ferry, SunTechnics, Kaneka, NJ State Police, Exxon-Mobil, Thomson Consumer Electronics, PSEG, etc.

8 Our Facilities: Rowan Hall Integrated Lab/Lecture –204/206: Mixed signals lab with telecommunications test and measurement equipment –237/238: Digital systems lab with FPGA digital design and simulation capability –221: Unix (Sun Workstation) lab Tech Support –203/205: Calibration/Metrology –240: Fabrication/Prototyping 204/206: Mixed Signals 237/238: Digital Systems 201: Music/Signals/Systems

9 Rowan Hall Lab: Expansion Room 202 Room 201 Signals/Systems/Music Lab-Lecture-Studio

10 South Jersey Tech Park Materials & Nanotechnology Imaging Virtual Reality Virtual Reality Center for Sustainable Design Biosensors & Computational Intelligence Biosensors & Computational Intelligence

11 Rowan ECE Faculty Dr. Shreek Mandayam, Chair Imaging, virtual reality and nondestructive evaluation Dr. Bob Krchnavek Nanotechnology, instrumentation Dr. Peter Jansson Renewable energy, electrical innovation, environmental management Dr. Robi Polikar Computational intelligence, machine learning and bio- medical signal processing Dr. Gina Tang Computer networking and operational research Dr. Linda Head, Associate-Chair VLSI design and biosensors Dr. Ravi Ramachandran Speech processing, digital signal processing, speaker identification Dr. John Schmalzel, Smart sensors and systems

12 Systems Engineering

13 Systems Engineering @Rowan Leverage existing strengths and identify new areas for development Strategies to create flexible programs, that can be implemented incrementally based on student enrollment, and can respond rapidly to market demand BS in core discipline (e.g. ECE, ME, CEE, ChE, CS) with concentration in SE MS in Engineering with specialization in SE

14 SE Task Force Dr. Ganesh Baliga – Computer Science Dr. Cindi Hasit – Office of the Provost Dr. Mira Lalovic-Hand – Graduate School Dr. Shreekanth Mandayam – Electrical & Computer Engineering (Chair) Dr. Ravi Ramachandran – Electrical & Computer Engineering Dr. Adrian Rusu – Computer Science Dr. Beena Sukumaran – Civil & Environmental Engineering Dr. Jia Wang – Accounting & Finance

15 Rowan Systems Engineering Advisory Board Bob Rassa Director of Engineering Founder, IEEE Systems Council President, IEEE Aerospace & Electronics Systems Society Norm Malnak VP/Chief Engineer S-SBMD Bob Redmond VP for Engineering Bruce Oestreich Director of Rotorcraft Systems Engineering, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems

16 Consensus Graduates from current undergraduate SE programs in the nation do not possess sufficient skills to contribute effectively as systems engineers in their respective industries; and A domain focus is essential in a program offering SE degrees.

17 SE Concentration (Undergraduate) Example: BS in ECE with concentration in Systems Engineering Software Engineering Major Systems Engineering Concentration Electrical & Computer Engineering Major Mechanical Engineering Major Civil Engineering Major Environmental Engineering Major Chemical Engineering Major University General Education Core Management Info Systems Major

18 SE Specialization (Graduate) Example: MS in Engineering with specialization in Systems Engineering Systems Engineering Electives Engineering ElectivesBusiness Electives Math Electives Computer Science Electives Project/Thesis

19 SE Topics Principles of Systems Engineering Software Engineering principles Reliability, Availability, Maintainability Logistics systems Architecting & Architecture methods Modeling & Simulation Risk Analysis & Management Requirements Definition, Analysis, Management Lifecycle systems engineering Manufacturing & Producibility Test Methods Cost Estimating Ergonomics & Human Systems Integration 6-7 courses for concentration

20 Required courses –ECE.09.402 Topics in ECE: Introduction to Systems Engineering –MKT.09.375 Business Logistics –CS.06.390 Systems Simulation and Modeling –Junior/Senior Clinic (2) Elective courses (any two) –ECE.09.321 Systems & Control –ECE.09.331 Electrical Communications Systems –ME.10. 342: Quality & Reliability in Design and Manufacture –ME.10.343: Mechanical System Dynamics and Control –CE.08.305: Civil Engineering Systems –CHE.06.405: Process Dynamics and Control –CHE.06.406: Chemical Plant Design Systems Engineering Concentration

21 Local Industry Participation Guest Lectures – Spring 2011 –Intro to Systems Engineering Engineering Clinic supervision/sponsorship –Spring and Fall 2011

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