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Teamcenter Systems Engineering

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1 Teamcenter Systems Engineering
Barbara Sheeley Matthew McEmber Systems Engineer The Boeing Company July 29, 2009

2 Teamcenter System Engineering
Tailored Systems Engineering Tool Suite Manage Artifacts Integrated Single Source of Data Scalable Customizable

3 Teamcenter Systems Engineering
Features & UI Teamcenter Systems Engineering Systems Engineering Live Demo

4 Intuitive MS Window Explorer like web based user interface
Change management and configuration control All objects in Teamcenter accessible via unique web addresses TcSE Features DoDAF module with tailored schema and OV/AV/SV view generation “Live” Microsoft Office integrations for both data input and generation of artifacts Security protections control user access, information access and modification privileges Allows the user to capture product decompositions and interrelate the views A natural-language report writer and robust document generator

5 User Interface Content Pane Navigation Pane Notebook Pane

6 Basic TcSE Entities Project – Root collection of Folders
Building Block – Basic object used to decompose design Requirement – Uniquely identifiable Requirement Paragraph – Type of Requirement for preserving document structure as a placeholder Link – 1 to 1 directional relationship between two entities Connection – Physical connection between two physical objects Folder – Container for other objects Document – Type of folder that may contain Requirements, Paragraphs, and Building Blocks Property – Attribute of an entity (color, bit rate, prime engineer, etc) Diagram – Visio Diagram attached to an object

7 Sharing a Single Source of Data

8 Focus on Data, Generate Views

9 Great Potential for Entity Reuse
Source: Siemens DoDAF Module User Manual

10 One Architecture – multiple views captured and linked
Systems Engineering One Architecture – multiple views captured and linked Requirements Functional Architecture ( What Has to Be Done ) Logical Architecture ( How It Is Done ) Physical Architecture (How It Is Implemented) Physical models

11 Which Data Would You Prefer to Work With?
A: Mixed, Integrated Architectures? Vertical Integration Within Architectures B: Partitioned, Integrated Architectures? Horizontal Integration Across Architectures

12 Requirements Allocation
Integrated Requirements Search Result: Requirements Allocation to Functions and Logical Systems

13 DoDAF – Operational-System Architectures
OV-5 Activity Architecture OV-2 Operational Node Architecture System Function Architecture SV-4a

14 DoDAF – Software Architectures
Activity Diagram (Rhapsody / Sparx EA) Use Case Diagram (Rhapsody / Sparx EA) DoDAF Activity Architecture Rhapsody Use Case Architecture (in TcSE) Functional Decomposition IDEF 0 Diagram

15 Create Ancillary Architectural Views
Spatial Environmental Threats Manufacturing Cells Suppliers Countries of Origin etc

16 System Verification Spec. Search Results Excel Live Test Verification
Enter Verification Status Excel Live Test Verification Live-link back to problem Requirement

17 Operational Connectivity Model with Product Overlay
Source: Siemens DoDAF Module User Manual

18 System Connectivity Model with Product Overlay
Source: Siemens DoDAF Module User Manual

19 Operational to System Connectivity Model with Product Overlay
Source: Siemens DoDAF Module User Manual

20 Live Demo

21 Acknowledgements This presentation would not have been possible without the contributions of: John Herrold Robert Malone

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