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Intelligent Enterprises An Introduction INCOSE Enchantment Chapter September 17, 2003 Jack Ring

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1 Intelligent Enterprises An Introduction INCOSE Enchantment Chapter September 17, 2003 Jack Ring

2 jack@jackring.com2 Intelligent Enterprise WG Explore the application of SE to creating intelligent enterprises. Explore the value of conducting SE as an Intelligent Enterprise. Formed July 2001. 140+ participants, about half INCOSE members. Co-chaired by Allen Fairbairn, EMEA, Jack Ring, Americas and (tbd), Far East.

3 jack@jackring.com3 An Enterprise Marketplace Suppliers Facilitates Commerce

4 jack@jackring.com4 Suppliers Marketplace Activities Business Components Results Management MOE's External MOE's Request Response Reward RelationshipsCompetitors RelationshipsCompetitors

5 jack@jackring.com5 Mission Measures Market Standing Productivity Innovation Liquidity Image Management Measures Cost of Quality Model Fidelity Change Proficiency Conflicting Goals Climate Surveys Benchmarks Objective Function for Resource Allocation and Scheduling Max Customer Quality Max Return_on_ResourcesMin Cycle_Time

6 jack@jackring.com6 -- Else? Lack Of: Mission&Vision Strategy Intent Goals Plans Commitments Competencies Energy and Automation Teambuilding Collaboration Tenacity Achievement Recognition Co-celebration Triggers: Ambiguity Disorientation Ambivalence Alienation Dissonance Distrust Futility Malaise Isolation Dread Apathy Depression Negative Rumors Sabotage

7 jack@jackring.com7 The Rest of the Story; Intelligent

8 jack@jackring.com8 Shared mental and action models IE – Meaning Acting locally while thinking globally Enterprise Two or more persons applying resources through actions to achieve mutual purpose. Intelligent Maximizing Stakeholder Value while conforming to principles and surviving change. Limited Resources People Actions Mutual Purpose Stakeholder Value Systems & Societal Principles Unpredictable Change

9 jack@jackring.com9 The Classic Control Case Time Step Change Goal B A Enterprise Response Next Change

10 jack@jackring.com10 Getting to Clear Think Stakeholder 1Stakeholder nStakeholders Preferences Product Realization Enterprise Objective Function Unified Goals

11 jack@jackring.com11 Situation Awareness is Vital

12 jack@jackring.com12 Key Concepts – Quick Tour

13 jack@jackring.com13 The Prescient Paradigm 1,000X Components Java Browsers www. Data Warehouses Objects RAID PCs Distributed Architecture Event-driven Systems 20001950 IS Effectiveness X Pre-packaged Apps Client-Server Apps Development TP 3 Schema Architecture Networking protocols RDBMS Mainframes Centralized Architecture, Clock-Driven Systems 2020 Complex, Adaptive Architectures, Goal-Seeking Systems Intelligent Enterprises Executable Models Higher-Order Patterns Unified Structure and Process Ontology-based Limit of Prescient Design 100 X

14 jack@jackring.com14 Self-Innovating Systems; A Clue! When you crack open an acorn you do not find a tiny oak tree. You find a nut -- that knows how to become an oak tree -- and will, IFF it gets the right environment and nourishment.

15 jack@jackring.com15 25% 50% 75% 100% 5101520 Number of Workgroup Members Adapted from Friends In High Places, Livingston, W. L., FES Ltd. Publishing, Stuart, FL Workgroup Size Limit Encouraging, Admonishing Anxious, Insincere Critical, Destructive Interpersonal style is dominant factor with 5X leverage on effectiveness Unexplored Territory of the Intelligent Enterprise Percent Achievement Peopled System Gradients

16 jack@jackring.com16 Enterprise Situations and Choices Process View ~10 4 Object View ~10 2 GSS Chaordic View ~10 Goal Seeking System Structural View ~10 8 Functional > Product > Matrix > Market > ? 1 1/2 <1/4 <1/8

17 jack@jackring.com17 Organizational Effectiveness Factors HierarchyProcessObjectChaordic Productivity12510 Effic. vs Innov.13610 Latency13610 Rtn on Resources13610 Coherent Goals13610 Learning curve13610 Personnel35710 Use Complexity13710 Sustainability13510 Combustion12610 Opportunity123060100

18 jack@jackring.com18 A variegated situation The Seven Major Challenges Requires an orchestrated response Fears of being Insignificant, Irrelevant, Unlovable Every part of all therapies must continually mitigate all three fears IT architectures, practices and standards Knowing and applying people technology Authority is risk averse Consultant delusions of adequacy Design method; prescient and functional Undiscussables and Issue Resolution Protocol

19 jack@jackring.com19 Key Success Factors Awareness Decision Action External & Internal Situation What is and is not happening c.f. Intelligence cycle Sufficient solution and implementation Per triage and Evolutionary Optimization (EVOP) Mix of analytic and natural methods Provide and Adapt and Align To closure via collaboration Fast and efficient

20 jack@jackring.com20 (1) Chaos and Order The Birth of the Chaordic Age, 1997, www., OrderedChaordic 1 Chaotic Lego Glue Model Lego Erector Set Framework and Module Architecture Attributed Copies Permitted © 2002 Rick Dove

21 jack@jackring.com21 Reconfigurable RRS Principles Flat Interaction Deferred Commitment Self-Contained Units (Components) Plug Compatibility Facilitated Reuse Distributed Control and Information Self-Organization Evolving Standards (Framework) Redundancy and Diversity Elastic Capacity Scalable Reusable © 2002 Rick Dove

22 jack@jackring.com22 Necessary and Sufficient Seven Key Concepts Interlocked and ever-present People are NUTS! Right Environment, Nourishment. The Joy of Change: Enjoy, Accomplish, Orchestrate, Benefit On to Ontology: Fuse Form and Process Meaning-driven Systems: Meaning < Decision < Commitment < Fulfillment < Value Control without Controlling: Oversight>Embedded>Systemic Workflow Decisions Flow Fear Enthusiasm Purposeful Innovation

23 jack@jackring.com23 A Critical Mass of Applied Technologies Enabling Intelligent Enterprises An operations concept fostering goal-seeking innovation Ontology Based Response Ability Directly Executable Business Models Multi-Media Knowledge Management Decision Flow Management Seeing Enterprise as System

24 jack@jackring.com24 Intelligent Enterprise Architecture When Enterprise = System Sustainable, Flexible, Efficient Reactive – Proactive Balance Response Ability Knowledge Management Adaptable Structure Resource Portfolio Change Proficiency Dynamic Integrity Operate Adapt Align Collaborative Learning Competency Decisive Action

25 jack@jackring.com25 Implementing Enterprise Evolution Management Current Options

26 jack@jackring.com26 Methods, Tools, IT Expect -- Execute -- Evaluate -- Evolve Scope & Depth of Ent. Model 4 DataLink bpmi METIS MBW Doors PET-DREAMS CORE Process Edge OpEMCSS Accord Reality - Capture Capability Cases MTU RealSearch MBSE Domain OntologiesCMap

27 jack@jackring.com27 References CMap, Concept Mapping, Joe Novak, Ph.D., MTU, Managing the Unmanageable, John N. Warfield, Ph.D., MBSE, Model-based Systems Engineering, A. Wayne Wymore, Ph.D., RealSearch Rick Dove, COB, Questa, NM Capability Cases, Domain Ontos, Ralph Hodgson, METIS, Frank Lillehagen, CTO, Reality-Capture, Ted Blackmon, Ph.D., MBW, Management by Wire, Charan Lohara, CTO, Process Edge, Azad Madni, Ph.D., Core, Joseph Skipper, Ph.D., OpEMCSS, John Clymer, Ph.D., jclymer@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDUjclymer@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU PET/DREAMS, Alison Boardman, Ph.D., Accord, David Ullman, P.E., Ph.D., Doors, bpmi, 4DataLink, Steve Benson, COO,

28 jack@jackring.com28 Recap -- An IE can be created and evolved. The prudent think global, act local. It takes an IE to create an IE. Some people naturally like IEs. Priority is; Stakeholders > People > Meaning > Value > Harmonizing Framework > Enabling Infrastructure (including organization). Technology is not enough. En-joy one another.

29 jack@jackring.com29 Intelligent SE CACZ PHX IG The Next Focus for IEWG OpEMCSS Simulation LA Chapter Tutorial – 11/03 Toulouse Tutorial? – 6/04

30 jack@jackring.com30 Reflection – The Real Source of Learning

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