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The Boeing Graduate Systems Engineering Education Program 7/17/00, INCOSE Annual Symposium Bill Gray; Boeing Cihan Dagli*, Henry Wiebe; UMR Elliot Axelband*,

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1 The Boeing Graduate Systems Engineering Education Program 7/17/00, INCOSE Annual Symposium Bill Gray; Boeing Cihan Dagli*, Henry Wiebe; UMR Elliot Axelband*, George Friedman; USC *Program Directors

2 Background 1/98, Boeing RFI - Requested Info. re Exisiting Programs 12/98, Boeing RFP sent to 25 Universities 3/99, 15 Responses Received, including Nationally and Internationally recognized Programs/Teams 8/99, UMR/USC Team notified of Award 1/00, Classes began –Over 150 Students to Date –6 Time Zones –Delivery: Real Time Interactive and Delayed, by these means: Campus Internet Micro Wave Wireless CD/VHS Satellite

3 Presentation Outline Requirements UMR pre Boeing Program USC pre Boeing Program Bid Strategy Boeing Program Execution

4 Requirements - RFP Objective: Long Term Partnership with a University(s) for Graduate Systems Engineering Education Offeror may bid any/all: MS SE, Select MS SE, Certificate Pgms., Short Courses. Provide Uniform, Quality, SE Education to the Working Professional, including Practical Skills and Knowledge needed for Cost Effective Development, Manufacture and Support of High Performance Products throughout the Product Life Cycle. A flexible Program providing Core Courses (Address all fundamental System Engineering Topics, Concepts and Principles - Examples Given), and Specialty Technical Track Courses. Part time Student Degree completion in 3 to 5 years.

5 Requirements - RFP - 2 Faculty: –Education and Distance Edu. Experienced –Familiar with Current Industry Practice/Procedures –Industrial or Management Experienced –Published –Professional Society Participants. Delivery: Reach Students at all Boeing Locations Administration: Responsive, Flexible, Experienced, Available Student Advisors Facilities: Available; New Facilities Costed Cost: Cost per Degree Important Measurable Outcomes 25 Page Proposal Limit, Outline Provided; Appendices Allowed.

6 Selection Criteria - RFP Primary Consideration: Potential for Competence in Program Execution Equally weighted Factors: –Soundness of Approach –Relevancy to the Boeing Workforce –Understanding the Issues –Compliance with Requirements Process: Boeing System Engineering/Technical Education Teams from four Boeing Centers Ranked the Proposals. Ranking provided to Executive Board for Source Selection

7 USC SAE (Systems Architecting and Engineering) Graduate Program 12 Years Old,Founded by Eb Rechtin, former Hd. of DARPA,VP of Xerox,and CEO of Aerospace Corp., and INCOSE Pioneer Major Premises: –Experience; Instructors* and Students** –Domain Specialization (Specialty Tracks) Plus Core Courses –In Plant (Distance) and Classroom (Campus) Instruction –Individually Tailored Programs Students: –Aerospace Corp, Boeing (Anaheim, Downey, Huntington Bch., Long Bch.,Seal Bch.),LADWP, Ericson, Hughes, JPL, LM - Skunk Works, Northrop Grumman, Motorola, Raytheon (El Segundo,Tucson), Terradyne, TRW, Regional Classrooms, small firms, etc. –Approx 140 MS graduates –Approx 400 have taken one of the core courses –* 190 Yrs Cum for 6 Instructors, 4 at VP or Higher Level –** 3 Yrs - Indstry.

8 USC SAE Program - 2 10 Course MS in Systems Architecting and Engineering 3 required courses: –AE 549a - Systems Architecting –ISE 561 - Advanced Engineering Economy –One of 4 design experience courses, or an alternate with consent of the Program Director 2 technical management courses - from 11 offered, e.g. - –Project Management –Team Design –Decision Theory –Planning, Scheduling and Cost Control –Quality Improvement Methods –Business Modeling and Simulation

9 USC SAE Program - 3 1 general technical course - from 10 offered, e.g.: –Systems Architecting Directed Study –Software Engineering –Software Management and Economics –Statistics of Simulation –Data Base Management –Decision Support Systems –The Political Process –Risk Management –Advanced Topics in Systems Engineering

10 USC SAE Program - 4 4 courses from one, or more, of 10 technical specialization areas, each offering about 10 courses, or a novel program with consent of the Program Director –Aerospace and Mechanical Systems –Artificial Intelligence/Neural Networks/Robotics –Automation and Control Systems –Communication and Signal Processing –Computer and Information Systems –Construction –Engineering Management Systems –Manufacturing Systems –Software Process Architecting –Systems

11 UMR Engr. Mgmt. Pgm. Founded in 1968 and produced over 4930 Bs, Ms and PhD students Major Premises: –Experience; Instructors and Students –Domain Specialization (Specialty Tracks) Plus Core Courses –In Plant (Distance), Statewide delivery (two way video and audio) and Classroom (Campus) Instruction –Individually Tailored Programs Students: –Boeing-St.Louis, General Motors, US Army-Fort Leonard Wood, US Army- Aviation and Troop Command, MEMC, Anheiser Busch, TWA, Ralston Purina, Emerson Electric, 3M Columbia, Union Electric, Daimler-Chrysler, John Deere, Laclede Gas, FruCon, –Approximately 1720 MS graduates

12 UMR Engr. Mgmt. Pgm.-2 Students take the 4 basic Engineering Management courses Take two courses from other engineering disciplines and a Systems Integration Course Select 4 courses from one of the 8 Specialty Track Courses Selected Specialty Track Courses Three hours of upper graduate level course Six hours of lower level courses

13 UMR Engr. Mgmt. Pgm. - 3 Basic Courses: Emgt 361 Project Management Emgt 314 Management for Engineers Emgt 408 Advanced Engineering Economy or Emgt 452 Advanced Financial Management Emgt 441 Case Studies in General Management

14 UMR Engr. Mgmt. Pgm. - 4 Specialization Tracks Computational Intelligence Track Integrated Enterprise Track Human Factors Track Manufacturing Systems Track Technology Management Track Engineering Design and Automation Track Quality Engineering Track Economic Decision Analysis Track

15 Bid Strategy Local Presence in Areas of Boeing Concentration A Partnership of Compatible Boeing Experienced Team Mates Team Mates Individually Well Qualified re RFP A Common Core Curriculum Increased Specialty Track Breadth through Teaming Students allowed a liberal Course Selection from Partner Universities

16 Boeing Program Execution UMR/USC team provide MS, MS Select, and Certificate Programs, with a special and generous Exchange of Courses between us. Core program addresses all Boeing Core Requirements: –Systems Architecture –Systems Engineering and Analysis –Systems Engineering - Information Based Design –Economic Decision Analysis –Systems Engineering Management –Organizational Behavior and Management

17 Boeing Program Execution - 2 14 Specialty Tracks, 3 unique to UMR, 3, unique to USC –Artificial/Computational Intelligence/Robotics –Communication Systems –Construction (USC Only) –Control Systems –Economic Decision Analysis (UMR Only) –Engineering Management –Flight Systems –Human Factors (UMR Only) –Information Systems and Computer Architecture –Manufacturing Systems –Multimedia (USC Only) –Quality and Reliability Engineering (UMR Only) –Software Systems (USC Only) –Systems & Design Optimization

18 Boeing Program Execution - 3 Locations: Houston, Huntsville, Los Angeles ( Anaheim, Canoga Park, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Seal Beach), Maui, Mesa, Philadelphia, Puget Sound (Bellevue, Everett, Kent, Renton), St. Louis, Wichita Challenges: –Different Boeing Cultures (Customers, Prior Company Cultures, People) –Lotsa Travel Additional Information Sources –Boeing Systems Engineering Graduate Edu. Booth at the INCOSE Exhibit Center for this Conference –Linked Web Pages:

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