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The First Entrepreneurial and Practice-Oriented Masters Program in Microelectronics Systems Packaging Leyla Conrad Associate Director, Education Packaging.

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1 The First Entrepreneurial and Practice-Oriented Masters Program in Microelectronics Systems Packaging Leyla Conrad Associate Director, Education Packaging Research Center Georgia Institute of Technology

2 Evolution and Expectations in Packaging Industry 19992006 Electronics $993B> $2.0T Microelectronics & Packaging$250B $500B Electronics Packaging $109B*> $200B To Support the Industry Growth: Next-Generation System Technologies Skilled Human Resources Globally-Competitive, System-Level Engineers with Complete Product Dev. Education *Input from Tech Search International

3 U.S. Industry Needs 58,000 scientists, engineers, and technicians are currently employed in U.S. in electronic packaging PRC projects this number will reach 89,000 by 2008 Total U.S. annual demand for new human resources =3,800 in 2002; current total degree recipients at all levels from all U.S. universities < 300 per year. Estimated distribution in educational backgrounds:

4 Annual Human Resource Needs in U.S. Ph.D.600 50 M.S.200070 B.S.800 50 ProfessionalEngineers Level Need/Year Prod./Yr. Provided By PRC Production/10 years Graduate Education, Graduate Education, 228 in 10 years (PRC) 228 in 10 years (PRC) Certificate in Microelectronic Certificate in Microelectronic Undergraduate Education Undergraduate Education 465 in 10 years 465 in 10 years Industry Education Industry Education Packaging Packaging 267 in 10 years 267 in 10 years 20 Universities 20 Universities IEEE-CPMTIEEE-CPMT IMAPSIMAPS 5-10 Universities5-10 Universities CompaniesCompanies Universities 3 Universities

5 What is PRC? Georgia Tech 12 Collaborating Universities Global Electronics Industry Global PRC 50 Companies 280 Students 35 Professors, 7 Departments $20M Annual Budget Next-generation of Microelectronic Systems Packaging Technologies Based on SOP New Breed of Globally-Competitive Engineers Partnership and Technology Transfer to Global Industry NSF-ERC Georgia State (GRA) 15 Research Eng.

6 IMAPS, IEEE Programs Web-based Courses International Internships Academic Conference Internships/Co-Ops Manufacturing Education Distinguished Seminars Mentoring by Industry Professionals Industry Engineers on Campus Entrepreneurial Education Integrated Vision for Education Labs for Hands-on DBO Courses Prototype Research Projects Operation of Manufacturing Equipment Research Industry Global Relations Infrastructure EDUCATION: Product Dev. Cycle System-level Global Prototype Research Curriculum Development Books Short Courses Workshops Student Monthly Seminars Systems Research

7 Desired Educational Outcomes Desired Educational Outcomes Results of IAB Needs Assessment: Rigorous, broad exposure to fundamentals Deep level knowledge of issues relevant to electronics packaging Interdisciplinary and cross-functional skills Economics and management education Hands-on work experience Interpersonal skills Exposure to foreign cultures Diversity

8 Practice Oriented Masters Program Objective: Implement a microelectronic packaging certificate program in engineering. Goals: - Deep level knowledge of packaging, - Interdisciplinary and cross-functional skills, - Hands-on work experience, - Economics and management education, - Industry experience, - Exposure to foreign cultures.

9 STRATEGY 3 primary components 1) Engineering Component - 4 courses,12 hrs 2) Management Component - 2 courses, 6 hrs 3) Internship Component - 3 to 6 months Certificate Program Major: ECE, ME or MSE Minor: Management

10 Practice Oriented Masters Program

11 Engineering Component

12 Microelectronics Packaging Courses

13 Design-Build-Operate (DBO) Courses Objective: Augment PRC curriculum with hands-on instructional laboratories. Goal: Ensure that all PRC students have the opportunity to receive training in the hands-on aspects of electronics packaging. Strategy: 2 hands-on laboratory courses m Substrate Fabrication (design, fabricate, test) m Module Assembly (assemble, test, thermal management) Complete Product Development Cycle

14 DBO1 Facilities Next Generation Substrate Facility Introduction to Packaging Laboratory Safety Interconnect Design Dielectric/Polymer Deposition Formation of interconnect vias Copper Metallization Substrate Testing Course Topics


16 Infrastructure DesignMeniscus Coater Spin Coater UV Exposure Wet stations

17 DBO2 Facilities Next Generation Module Facility Introduction to next generation packaging Thermo-mechanical modeling and reliability Assembly processes and materials Functional testing Thermal management Reliability testing Course Topics

18 Assembly Process Flow

19 Management Component MGT6753 - Management for Engineers Leadership for Creativity and Innovation(Instructor: Christina Shalley Financial Reporting and Analysis of Tech Firms (Instructor: C.Mulford) Managerial Accounting(Instructor: Deborah Turner) Negotiation(Instructor: Christina Shalley) Teams(Instructor: Dennis Nagao) Operations I(Instructor: Cheryl Gaimon) Operations II(Instructor: Cheryl Gaimon) Focus on Capacity and Process Planning(Instructor: Cheryl Gaimon) The Value of Quality(Instructor: Vinod Singhal) Supply Chain Management(Instructor: Soumen Ghosh) Finance(Instructor: Narayan Jayaraman) Entrepreneurial Finance--Valuation, Financing(Instructor: Narayan Jayaraman) New Product Development (NPD) Process(Instructor: Kenneth Kahn) From Development to Commercialization Mkting(Instructor: Kenneth Kahn) E-Commerce(Instructor: Fred Riggins) Strategy(Instructor: Lloyd Byars)

20 Management Component Management Elective Courses MGT 6051 Database Development and Applications MGT 6052 System Analysis and Design MGT 6055 Decision Support and Expert Systems MGT 6056 Electronic Commerce and Marketing MGT 6060 Financial Management MGT 6198 Corporate Entrepreneurship for Global Competitiveness MGT 6306 Business to Business Marketing MGT 6350 Operations Management MGT 6351 Operations Planning and Control MGT 6360 Global Operations and Logistics MGT 6772 Managing Resources of the Technological Firm MGT 6773 Strategic Management of Technology Based Ventures MGT 6789 Technology Transfer MGT 6814 Law, Management, and Economics

21 Tool Companies Semiconductor Companies Internship Component Material Companies Packaging Companies System Companies Aerospace Automotive Communications Medical Computer CIRCUIT TECHNOLOGIES Lambda Technologies

22 Corporate Fellowships Goal: to produce substantial number of microelectronics systems packaging engineers -fellowship grant of $25,000 (US) Company Benefits Summer intern Access to PRC graduates Attend one annual IAB meeting

23 POM Students Himanshu Agarwal (MSE) Ankur Agrawal (ChE) Charles Butterfield (ECE) Anil K. Chinthakindi (ChE) Pranav Patel (ECE) Melinda Woods (ECE)

24 POM Organizational Structure

25 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 SEMESTERS BS MS Ph.D. Microelectronic Systems Packaging Technology Curriculum at GT Fundamental Science/Math Courses ECE Electromagnetics ME Heat Transfer MSE Materials ChE Electrochem. FUNDAMENTAL ENGINEERING COURSES Fundamental/Thrust Courses (8) Hands-on Courses DBO2 DBO1 System-level course UG Research System-level course Hands-on Courses DBO2 DBO1 Fundamental/Thrust courses (14 ) System Integration Research Focused Program of Study Packaging Certificate Entrepreneurial and Practice Oriented MS Management Courses System-level course System Integration Research Professional Communications course

26 Future Challenges Enhancing electronic packaging education Planning human resource needs Enhanced M.S. degrees Technology-enhanced educational delivery Focus on manufacturing, business, management SOP technology Environmentally benign processing Assessment of education programs Forming partnerships Universities, industry, and professional societies must form partnerships to promote electronics packaging education

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