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Whats Important in Systems Engineering Today? Highlights from the 2010 INCOSE Symposium 1 Panelists: Mr. Bob Scheurer, Midwest Gateway Chapter President,

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1 Whats Important in Systems Engineering Today? Highlights from the 2010 INCOSE Symposium 1 Panelists: Mr. Bob Scheurer, Midwest Gateway Chapter President, Boeing Mr. Steve, DUrso, Boeing Ms. Barbara Sheeley, Boeing Mr. Lou Pape, Boeing Dr. Cihan Dagli, Director of Systems Engineering, Missouri S&T Mr. Marcos Chu, Past Chapter President, Boeing Moderator: Dr. Richard Mayer, CSEP Acq, Past Chapter President

2 Primary Format of Symposium Panels Tutorials Paper Presentations Working Group Meetings Exhibits Business Meetings 2 8/26/2010 Bob Scheurer Midwest Gateway INCOSE Chapter President Member Board Representative, Region I

3 INCOSE Goals Vibrant Instruction/Training Professional Development Promote Systems Engineering Member Network Influence Profession Support International Organizations Support Business Development Community Involvement 3 8/26/2010

4 Systems Engineering: Whats Hot System Modeling SysML Lean Principles Managing Complexity SE Certification (25% International); LM, NGC, and Booz-Allen Big Pushers Academia –M.S. & Ph.D. Degree Programs –Advanced SE Outreach / Connecting with Youth –STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math): K – 12 –FIRST Robotics, BEST Robotics Non-DoD Applications of SE –Biomedical –Energy –Transportation –Others 4 8/26/2010

5 Where Do We Go from Here? Per Tom Arseneault, President of Electronic Solutions, BAE Systems Learn from History –Checklists to Help Manage Complexity Tackle New Paradigms –Automation –More & Better Modeling –Higher Fidelity Simulation & Test Every Engineer a Systems Engineer … or at Least a Systems Thinker 5 8/26/2010

6 Your Chapter Delegation at Work 68/26/2010

7 7 Steven J. DUrso, P.E. Steven J. DUrso, P.E. IS 2010 Tutorial Track The Chicago INCOSE Symposium tutorials provided and excellent venue for continuing education to practicing systems engineers The 2010 INCOSE Symposium had 17 tutorial track sessions in both a and half day format in the following topics: CSEP Prep Lean SE Verification Requirements MBSE Decision Making Risk Architecture SysML Education Acquisition Strategy Ontology 8/26/2010

8 INCOSE International Symposium 2010 Tutorials Prepare for SE Certification with an INCOSE Tutorial - John Clark Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering -Bohdan Oppenheim, LMU Developing Verification Requirements to Assure Project Success- Mark Powell, Attwater Consulting Why Johnny STILL Cant Write Requirements - Ivy Hooks, Compliance Automation Inc. Model-Based Systems Engineering For Project Success: The Complete Process -Jim Long, Vitech Corporation Enabling Collaborative Decision Making through Applied Systems Engineering Tools, Methods, and Processes - Ender Tommer, Georgia Tech Research Institute Establishing and Using Risk Management Effectively - Mark Powell, Attwater Consulting The Use of Mini-Case Studies to Illustrate Key Systems Engineering PrinciplesJ - onathan Weaver, University of Detroit Mercy Requirements Engineering for Large and Very Large Scale Systems - Brian Berenbach, Siemens Corporate Research Architecture Frameworks & Modeling - James Martin, Aerospace Corporation Architecting the Enterprise: Using a Standards Approach - Richard Martin, Tinwisle Corporation Modeling with SysML- Sanford Friedenthal, Lockheed Martin, Corp Advanced: Writing and Managing Interface RequirementsIvy Hooks, Compliance Automation Inc. Systems Acquisition and Integration -Howard Eisner, The George Washington University Road mapping for strategy support - Gerrit Muller, Buskerud University College An Introduction to Knowledge Representation and Ontology Development - Steven Jenkins, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory attended tutorialsSJD 2010 INCOSE Symposium Chicago, IL 88/26/2010

9 Barbara Sheeley, Boeing SE: Key Observations from July 12-15 INCOSE Symposium SE growth is occurring in non-DoD areas –But, DoD is helping (i.e., Lockheed has developed a virtual hospital environment) –Supported in the Academic SE Research panel comments MBSE is growing and is needed –Definition of MBSE standards, methods and metrics is a near term INCOSE goal –A MBSE environment includes interconnected models (i.e., abstractions of the system definition), a standard language, and a shared database –MBSE Panel comments: A good architecture design is key to making MBSE successful Integration of architectures can be advanced thru M&S and use of visualization UML / OO modeling has many limitations for MBSE applications –Discussed in multiple papers and in the System Architecting tutorial 8/26/2010 9

10 Lou Pape, Boeing SE: SysML and Ontology Tutorials SysML taught by Sandy Friedenthal, Lockheed & Joe Wolfrom, APL –Tutorial is available on Conf Proceedings CD and here: –Good introduction to SysML; Helps you understand equivalent ways of displaying same info –Tutorial charts alone were greatly helped by the discussion Ontology taught by Elisa Kendall, Sandpiper Software & Steve Jenkins, JPL –Goal is to represent knowledge unambiguously, and to make true statements –An series of agreements on: vocabulary, syntax, semantics & rules of inference –More than a Taxonomy; Heavy influence on metadata selection –Relations between OWL, UML, RDF, Semantic Web, reasoners, inference engines, standards –Always a work in progress; an ontology is good until you find a counter example – then you fix it and continue 10 8/26/2010

11 Systems 2020 Research Areas Capability on Demand Model Based Engineering Platform Based Engineering Modeling and simulation tools for concurrent design, development & manufacture Architectural and automated design tools to rapidly insert new capabilities Systems embedded with organic adaption capabilities Faster delivery of flexible and adaptive systems which are trusted, assured, reliable and interoperable Trusted Systems Design Design methods and tools for system assurance that detect malice or enable self awareness 118/26/2010

12 Big Ideas Capability on Demand Model Based Engineering Platform Based Engineering Interrelated ideas: Build on pockets of experience while pushing advanced design and manufacturing concepts Apply across system conception, design, manufacturing, deployment and evolution Provide opportunities to replace: Sequential development Fixed, single point user requirements Concept Engineering Architecture & Design DevelopmentManufacturingEvolutionDeployment Trusted Systems Design 128/26/2010

13 13 IS 2010 Academic Forum Cihan H Dagli Founder Systems Engineering Graduate Program Missouri University of Science and Technology

14 IS 2010 Academic Forum The academic forum is a regular feature at INCOSE International Symposia. It is the place to discuss and debate questions pertaining to systems engineering, education and research, involving SE managers, academic staff, researchers, students, grant-funding agencies and industry practitioners. Like INCOSE 2009, it assumed a debate-discussion through a panel format. All panels are videotaped by Missouri University Science and Technology on behalf of INCOSE and will be archived at INCOSE web site. There will also be an article summarizing the forum in INSIGHT later in the year. 14 8/26/2010 Cihan H Dagli Founder Systems Engineering Graduate Program Missouri University of Science and Technology

15 IS 2010 Academic Forum (cont) –Implications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, STEM initiative in systems engineering is discussed in two panels one per day. –Youth Engineering Education Outreach Needs Moderator: Paul Robitaille Tuesday, July 13, 2010 13:30-14:45 –Leveraging Motor Sports to Accelerate SySTEM Learning Moderator: Jack Ring Wednesday, July 14, 2010 13:30-14:55 The Systems engineering education and research debate- discussion occurred in two different panels. –The Graduate Reference Curriculum on Systems Engineering Moderator: Art Pyster Tuesday, July 13, 2010 15:30- 16:55 –Systems Engineering Research: Current and Future Trends Moderator: John Wade, Wednesday, July 14, 2010 15:30-16:55 15 8/26/2010

16 IS 2010 K-12 Outreach Marcos Chu The Boeing Company 168/26/2010

17 Learning Communities It is about People FIRST. Robots are the BEST platform for Sys Eng outreach 2007 Symposium San Diego 2008 to 2009 Outreach : Robotics Team Grants Sponsorship Presentations Trade Studies Challenges 2010 Symposium Chicago, IL 178/26/2010

18 Where it all started : Spiral 1 Demo Robot : Croc Bot EngagementInterests / SkillsLessons LearnedTrend Analysis Spiral X +1 Thanks for hosting my visit to the FIRST competition! I had a great time seeing all the young people whose lives you are making better by sharing your knowledge with them. Keep up the great work! Thanks, John Built by employees and club members Volunteers 30 Sign Up – 66 % CERTIFIED Major funding for robot material from ONE INCOSE MG sponsored Trade Study 2011 Kickoff : Spiral 7. 2008 188/26/2010

19 Upcoming Events To join INCOSE go to: 198/26/2010 Date(s)EventLocation August 26Chapter MeetingBoeing Building 111 Rm. 110 September 30Chapter MeetingBoeing Building 111 Rm. 110 OctoberChapter MeetingTBD NovemberChapter Election Tour On-Line MODOT Traffic Center DecemberMember Appreciation Social, Awards TBA

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