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Pilot Implementation: Publication and Citation of Scientific Primary Data Result of CODATA WG, supported by DFG Jan Brase Learning Lab Lower Saxony, Uni.

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1 Pilot Implementation: Publication and Citation of Scientific Primary Data Result of CODATA WG, supported by DFG Jan Brase Learning Lab Lower Saxony, Uni. Hannover Michael Lautenschlager WDC for Climate Model and Data / Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology ERPANET WS, Cork, Ireland, 17+18.06.04 IDF Member's Meeting, London, 22.06.04

2 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 2 Roots CODATA 1) National Committee initiated WG, grant-aided by DFG Working Period September 2001 to May 2002 Result Final Report "Konzept zur Zitierfähigkeit wissenschaftlicher Primärdaten" or "Conception of Citing Scientifc Primary Data", Hannover, 29.05.2002 Continuation Two year project for pilot implementation funded by DFG starting in October 2003 ( 1) CODATA - Committee on Data for Science and Technology)

3 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 3 Problem and Solution Shortcomings in data provision and interdisciplinary use Rules of good scientific practise are not taken into account in all cases. Data sources are widely unknown. Data are achived without context. Method of resolution: publication of primary data Persitent Identifier with global resolving mechanism for data archive and context referencing Integration into library catalogues in order to find data together with articles

4 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 4 Credits in Science "Citation Index": Scientific efficiency is "measured" by publications. Extra work for data publication is currently not acknowledged. Data processing, context documentation, quality assurance. Recommendation: Data publications should be included in the standard scientific "Citation Index". Motivation of the individual scientist. Connection between person and primary dataset. Citable Data publications support the rules of good scientific practise. encourage inter-disciplinary data utilisation. Make data searchable in library catalogues together with articles Closes the gap between scientifc literature and related data sources

5 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 5 Metadata for primary data 1 AttributeExample 1. DOI10.1594/WDCC/IPCC_EH4_OPYC_SRES_B2_MM 2. identifierURN:TIB:10.1594/WDCC/IPCC_EH4_OPYC_SRES_B 2_MM 3. creatorMonika Esch (Author) 4. publisherWDCC, World Data Center for Climate 5. titleClimate Projection for the next Century calculated by the Global Climate Model ECHAM4- OPYC using the SRES B2 IPCC Scenario 6. languageen 7. StructuralTypeDigital 8. modeAbstract 9. resourceTypeDataset

6 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 6 Metadata for primary data 2 AttributeExample 10.-12. registration information10.1594 (RA) / 1 (issue no.) / 2004-07-18 (issue date) 13. creationDate2001-12-31 14. publicationDate2004-07-18 15. descriptionThese data represent results from the ECHAM4/OPYC climate model running the SRES- B2 sceanrio. The data base tables contain monthly mean time sereis of …… 16. publicationPlaceHamburg 17. size614190228 Bytes 18. formatGRIB 19. edition1 20. relatedDOIs(none)

7 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 7 Criteria for Persistent Identifier Allocation Critical points are securing of data quality and stable connection between identifier and data entity Allocation is restricted to syntax control and completeness, i.e. expert data description and long-term archiving Scientific quality assurance is expected by the author and will be reviewed during the allocation process. Published primary data cannot be changed like published articles. Stable connection between identifier reference and data entity as well as long-term availability of the primary data are essential and must be ensured (e.g. ICSU WDC's)

8 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 8 DOI and URN DOI (Digital Object Identifier)URN (Uniform Ressource Name) Non profit, but membership feePresently cost free Extended metadata supportBasic technical metadata System of registration agencies infrastructure Anybody can register URN namespaces Global resolving mechanismResolving at community level

9 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 9 GFZ Geophysics International DOI Foundation TIB Hannover Registr.Agency M&D/MPIM Climate Models Marum/AWI Observations Data Storage Long-term Archiving In WDC Data Storage Long-term Archiving In WDC Data Storage Long-term Archiving Global Handle System DDB URN-Knot DFG Project "Publication and Citation of Scientific Primary Data" TIB-ORDER Library Catalogue

10 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 10

11 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 11 More Details of Pilot Implementation Application Example

12 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 12 Primary data publication During her research for the World Data Center Climate (WDCC) the scientist Mrs. Weather gains primary data about the weather in Hannover in the year 2003. As usual the primary data is tested, evaluated, stored and administrated at the WDCC. In addition Mrs. Weather registers the primary data at the TIB.

13 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 13 Registration of primary data Mrs. Weather transmits to the TIB the URL where the data can be accessed, together with a XML-file containing all relevant metadata Including all information obligatory for the citing of electronic media (ISO 690-2) language publisher publishing date publishing place author title size edition

14 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 14 Identifier The TIB is saving this information about the primary data and awards the primary data with a unique identifier for registration:a DOI DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a system for persistent and actionable identification and interoperable exchange of intellectual property on digital networks Coordinated by the International DOI foundation (IDF)

15 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 15 Citing primary data In her publications, Mrs. Weather is now citing this primary data with its unique DOI, maintaned from the TIB: doi: 10.1594 /WDCC/W_Han_2003_MMB_2 10.1594(Prefix) stands for the TIB as the registration agency. WDCCstands for the respective research institute. W_Han_2003_MMB_2is the internal name of the Data

16 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 16 Resolving the DOI These DOI can be resolved (and the data can be cited) in every browser worldwide in three ways: Or by Doi://10.1594/WDCC/W_Han_2003_MMB_2 (after installing a browser plugin)

17 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 17

18 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 18

19 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 19

20 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 20 Usage scenario 1 Mr. Storm is reading publications from Mrs. Weather in a journal and would like to analyse her data under different aspects. In his publication Comparison of the weather from Hannover and Miami Mr. Storm cites Mrs. Weathers data using its DOI, refering to the uniqueness and own identity of the original data. Citation example: Weather, 2003: Weather in Hannover for 2003. [doi: 10.1594/WDCC/W_Han_2003_MMB_2]

21 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 21 Usage scenario 2 Mr. Nice is writing a paper about the sales figures of ice cream in Hannover in 2003, but he has no information about the weather. He uses the TIB as the central registration agency to start a metadata search over the registered primary data. The result is doi:10.1594/WDCC/W_Han_2003_MMB_2 He resolves the DOI to find the data sufficient. The metadata refers him to the WDCC as publisher and data archive. In his paper he cites the data again using their DOI.

22 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 22 URN In cooperation with the German Library (DDB) in Frankfurt, every dataset is also registered with an unique URN, having the same structure as the DOI: DOI-Structure: 10.1594/WDCC/W_Han_2003_MMB_2 URN-Structure: Urn:PrimData:10.1594/WDCC/W_Han_2003_MMB_2

23 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 23 Current situation In cooperation with World Data Center Climate (WDCC), Max Plank Institut für Meteorologie, Hamburg Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam World Data Center MARE, Uni. Bremen and Alfred Wegener Institute Bremerhaven Learning Lab Lower Saxony, Uni. Hannover the TIB Hannover now is the worlds first registration agency for scientific and technical data (STD-DOI).

24 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 24 Technical A Handle server is installed at the TIB Hannover, so TIB is able to register and resolve DOIs. The TIB officially received a DOI Prefix (10.1594) The first data sets have been stored at the TIB by hand. The automatic registration process is under development.

25 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 25 Technical realization Cocoon-Webserver XML-basiert XSL-Transformierung Handle Server International DOI Foundation DDB Central Library database Göttingen GFZ WDCs Metadata storage URN registration DOI registration Data URL with XML-file

26 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 26 Outlook 2004 We expect abaout 10.000 datasets until the end of the year. 2005 The system shall be widened for other science fields 2006 The TIB Hannover shall become the central registration agency for scientific primary data

27 J.Brase (L3S) + M.Lautenschlager (WDCC) / 07.06.04 / 27 Further information Project webpage: TIB Handle Server: DOI Foundation: URN registration of the DDB:

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