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28AUG02 1 A WP Acquisition Workforce Program Continuous Learning (CL) Module Slides courtesy of Denise Lehosky, AIR-4.0 Acquisition.

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1 28AUG02 1 A WP Acquisition Workforce Program Continuous Learning (CL) Module Slides courtesy of Denise Lehosky, AIR-4.0 Acquisition Workforce Program Manager AWP

2 28AUG02 2 VIII. Continuous Learning Reform Through Learning: USD(A&T) Policy on Continuous Learning for the Defense Acquisition Workforce Dtd December 15, 1998 Requires certified acquisition workforce members to earn 80 continuous learning points every two years in the Leadership, Management, Technical/Functional and/or Supervisory disciplines.

3 28AUG02 3 Defense Acquisition Workforce Continuous Learning As we move to more sophisticated processes and empower acquisition employees to assume greater responsibility, it is imperative that we couple these increased demands on the workforce with the kinds of training, education and professional development that will enable them to assume these new roles. The Honorable Jacques Gansler, USD(A&T)

4 28AUG02 4 Why Continuous Learning? To stay current in acquisition functional areas, acquisition reform, and emerging policy To complete mandatory and assignment specific training required for higher certification Complete Desired training in your career field Cross train Complete undergraduate or advanced degrees Develop leadership and management skills

5 28AUG02 5 Continuous Learning Achievement After 80 points are earned, a Continuous Learning Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to the employee via e-mail. A baseline date must be established and is the date you last achieved 80 points. The certificate is good for 2 years 80 additional points must be earned before the certificate expires Students may add proposed points for other activities…college courses, Symposia, command courses, satellite broadcasts, etc. Supervisors will be given opportunity to approve/disapprove activities and points Should be done by 15 November each year!

6 6 Register-Now for Continuous Learning the Continuous Learning Management System (CLMS) Registration Module Tracking Module Reporting Module

7 28AUG02 7 CLMS Registration Module Features On-line Course Catalog and schedule Application/approval/registration functions Application screening/Priority assignment – workforce membership – certification status – continuous learning point status E-mail notifications: student/supervisor On-line course evaluations Electronic course completion certificates

8 28AUG02 8 CLMS Tracking Module Tracks points earned through: –Applicable DAU Training (automatic) –Centralized CL Activities (automatic) –Command Unique CL Activities (automatic) –Other CL Activities (student input) Captures baseline CL achievement date Issues official certificate of CL Achievement –Expires two years from end date of current CL period Basis for annual report to OSD - Due 15 Nov

9 28AUG02 9 How do I register for a CL activity? Log-on to Click on Register-Now for Continuous Learning Select Status/Request CL Points from the student menu. Select your category and enter your DOB and SSN as prompted. Complete the application and submit for supervisor approval. An e-mail notification will be sent to your supervisor requesting approval of the activity. Your supervisor may change the number of points associated with the requested activity. When approved, the points will be added to your CL training history. Step-by-step instructions, along with the actual screens, follow.

10 28AUG02 10 Click DAU Training or Continuous Learning to proceed This is an official U.S. Navy web site (GILS Number: 005441). Please read this Privacy and Security Notice. Please direct all DAWIA questions toPrivacy and Security Notice your designated acquisition training representative. For technical assistance or accessibility concerns use the appropriate DAU ordesignated acquisition training representative Continuous Learning Help-Desk links. Step 1

11 28AUG02 11 Step 2 Step 3 How to Request Points

12 28AUG02 12 Return provided for each priority: Priority 1: Certified - Not met 80 point requirement Priority 2: Certified - Met 80 point requirement. Not Certified Priority 3: Non-AWF Member This tells you your status Step 4

13 28AUG02 13 How to Request Points Step 5

14 28AUG02 14 Fill in required information and press Submit button at the bottom of this page Look for e-mails confirming supervisor receipt and approval Not prior to your baseline date. Not CL or DAU courses. Step 6 Point Guidelines

15 28AUG02 15 These items are pending approval Delete or Cancel

16 28AUG02 16 Look for emails confirming supervisor receipt and approval Oops! Need to Cancel? Fill in required information and press Submit button at the bottom of this page Cancel

17 28AUG02 17 Check your training history upon receipt of approval e-mails Your CL Training History Certificate by E-mail? CL Activities SCHEDULED CL Activities COMPLETED Name CL Period End Date Points Earned Points Needed

18 18 Continuous Learning Frequently Asked Questions Continuous Learning Frequently Asked Questions

19 28AUG02 19 Q: The system is asking me to log on by inputting my SSN and DOB. I have been told not to supply that info on the system as a security precaution. What can I do to register? A: We understand your concerns with security, and we have taken precautions to ensure that your information is secure. You will not be eligible to participate in any CL activities without providing your DOB and SSN, as it is an online registration system and manual enrollment is not acceptable.

20 28AUG02 20 Q: Just received my CL certificate of CL achievement. Why doesnt it expire two years from today? A: CL certificates are issued for a two-year period starting with the baseline achievement date entered in the system during the initial log-on. The certificate expires two years from the end of the current CL period. A certificate is issued when 80 points are achieved for the current CL period, and it expires two years from the end date of the current CL period. A student can continue to earn points after they receive their certificate, but they will not be applied towards the next 2-year period until the end date indicated on the certificate is met.

21 28AUG02 21 Q: My supervisor never received the e-mail notification to approve my training application/CL pt request. What should I do to get approval? A: Select Resend Approval Request Email from the student menu. Check the box next to each course you wish to resend approval for. Make sure that your supervisor s e-mail is correct before sending. Note: Students may also elect to send a copy to themselves by checking the appropriate box.

22 28AUG02 22 Q: The system will not let me (fill in the blank) … it gives me an error message. What should I do? A: Go to Contact Navy Help Desk. To help us respond accurately to your inquiry, please provide the text of the error message. Explain exactly what happens as you try to log-on, etc. In addition, it is helpful if you supply your SSN and DOB so we can take a first hand look at the error, and we can target in on your specific problem.

23 28AUG02 23 Q: I went into the system to check my CL training history and noticed that I have duplicate/incorrect point totals. How can I get this deleted? A: Select Request Cancellation from the student menu. Click the box on the right hand side titled Cancel Continuous Learning Points and follow the directions from there.

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