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Systems Engineering Program College of Continuing Education Welcome! February 20th, 2003.

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1 Systems Engineering Program College of Continuing Education Welcome! February 20th, 2003

2 College of Continuing Education University of Minnesota… College of Continuing Education University of Minnesota … Introduction – Deb Shirk History of the Project – Deb Shirk Instructors Credentials – Sonja Irlbeck Curriculum/Content – Sonja Irlbeck Faculty Expertise – Rob Schaller Participant Experience – Sal Lopiano Future of Systems Engineering – Bill Van Essendelft Questions and Answers Agenda

3 Historical Perspective Industry identified a knowledge gap Lockheed pursued MJSP(MN Job Skills Partnership) and investigated potential partnership opportunities MJSP designee contacted U of M U of M Research determined: no other comparable SE program available in the Twin Cities and surrounding area indicated the SE program to be the fastest growing industry sector thru 2008 92 Twin City companies with SE needs.

4 Systems Engineering Certificate Program February 2002 – College of Continuing Education awarded $400,000 grant through the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership program Scope Over the next 3 years, CCE, in partnership with Lockheed Martin will develop a High Level Systems Engineering Certificate program – the only one in Minnesota, and one of only 36 programs nationwide.

5 Systems Engineering Certificate Program Program consists of five coursesProgram consists of five courses –Principles of Systems Engineering –Systems Engineering Practices I –Systems Engineering Practices II –Modeling and Simulation –Systems Engineering Management

6 Currently Existing System Engineering Programs Graduate (M.S. and Ph.D.) –36 US –6 Europe –6 Asia/Australia –1 Canada –1 South America Undergraduate –22 US –2 Europe

7 Location of SE Graduate Programs in the United States Air Force Institute of Technology University of Alabama, Huntsville University of Arizona Auburn University Case Western Reserve University Cornell University University of Florida George Mason University George Washington University University of Idaho Iowa State University Johns Hopkins University Louisiana Tech University University of Maryland, College Park University of Memphis University of Missouri-Rolla National Technological University New Jersey Institute of Technology Oakland University Ohio State University Ohio University Old Dominion University University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh Portland State University Rensselaer Polytechnic University Rutgers, The State University San Jose State University University of South Florida University of Southern California University of Southern Colorado Southern Methodist University Stevens Institute of Technology University of Virginia Virginia Polytechnic and State University Wichita State University

8 Course Development Process used to Create SE Courses Develop course materials Produce course materials Help with initial implementation Analyze content Choose instructors/ customize course Select reviewers from industry Develop course outline Submit outline for review Incorporate revisions

9 Certificate Process Core Courses Principles of Systems Engineering - 30 hours Systems Engineering Practices I - 60 hours Systems Engineering Practices II - 60 hours Systems Engineering Modeling and Simulation - 45 hours Systems Engineering Management - 30 hours

10 Systems Engineering Principles Objective Provide an introduction to systems engineering including a framework linking customer needs, business strategy, technology, and integration of system life cycle requirements. Areas Covered Introduction to Systems Engineering The System Life Cycle and its Relevance Requirements and Requirements Analysis Introduction To System Design Methodologies Designing for System Life Cycle Needs Total Quality and Systems Engineering Basics of Systems Engineering Project Management

11 Systems Engineering Curriculum Development with the University of Minnesota Sal Lopiano Systems Engineering Functional Advocate Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems 20 February 2003

12 Core Systems Engineering Course List Principles –Overview of the breadth of Systems Engineering Practices I –Introduction to the expanse of Systems Engineering tools Practices II –Practical application of the Systems Engineering toolset Statistics –Brief refresher course to support the Mod and Sim class Modeling and Simulation –Analysis techniques and new acquisition strategies Systems Engineering Management –Management of technical Systems

13 The Student Perspective Overall favorable rating on courses so far Value defined in an appreciation for… –the extent of Systems Engineering –how a Systems Engineer supports Program Management –a technical background applied to systems thinking –the War Stories offered by instructors … interested and inspired by the system engineering tools and techniques we are being exposed to. High interest in progress toward a full up Masters degree program

14 Credit Process Credit Process is comprehensive to ensure institutional quality Academic department has been consulted

15 Status Update – Credit Process Monday, February 17 th – Meeting with Mechanical Engineering Department Agenda Historical Perspective – How this project came to be? Industry Perspective – What this program means to Lockheed? INCOSE Presentation Instructor Perspective – What this program means to potential students of the University of Minnesota? Establish a Advisory Group to review current offerings and recommend niche Systems Engineering offerings to establish a SE Certificate.

16 Next Steps Proposal is written and forwarded to CCE Academic Council Curriculum committee CCE Academic Council reviews and approves Proposal submitted to Graduate School Proposal sent to Central Administration to forward to the Board of Regents Approved by Regents Certificate implemented

17 Thank You! College of Continuing Education For Further Questions Contact Deb Shirk @ 612-625-4245

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