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Curation of the UK Apple Collection

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1 Curation of the UK Apple Collection
Emma-Jane Lamont Imperial College

2 Germplasm conserved in a field genebank
Two trees per variety Grafted onto dwarfing M9 rootstock Repropagated every years approx

3 Early History First aim: standardisation of nomenclature
Catalogue published 1826 Contained 1201 apple scions and 4 rootstocks Located at the Horticultural Society Gardens, London

4 Development, 19th Century
Blenheim Orange Synonymous varieties were discarded “Inferior varieties” were discarded Collection was replanted in 1858 Reduced to 600 varieties at that time

5 Development, 20th Century
New varieties added, particularly through association with trials & PVR Current contents: 2017 culinary/dessert 101 cider 78 ornamentals 15 rootstock Fiesta/Red Pippin

6 Data Management Aim to verify 95% of collection
Link accessions to available data publications archives grey literature Collate information in database

7 Database Structure

8 Summary of results

9 Age of varieties in the collection
pre 17th century 17th century 18th century 19th century 20th century

10 Origin of varieties in the collection
UK France USA Germany Netherlands Canada Other

11 Parentage summary 452 varieties have both parents known
129 have Cox’s Orange Pippin as a parent 70 have Golden Delicious as a parent 72 have Jonathan as a parent 54 have McIntosh as a parent 194 asexually derived varieties most commonly of Cox, Golden Delicious, Jonagold

12 Serbian apples in the Collection
Budimka Cacanska Posna Grvena Lepogvetka Kolacara Pohorka Pohorka

13 Other accessions received
Alexis Bedford Red Diana Dr Ramburg Fairy Diana


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