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1 Keith Rudesill Project Manager, NCSBN Interactive Services


3 Our Approach One stop for all study interaction Communication (inbox) Interaction (forums) Direction (modules) Assistance (help) Tracking (surveys) Support (toolkit)

4 Login Unique login and password

5 Assistance Retrieve your password or contact TTP Support for assistance

6 Site Coordinators Complete Site Surveys Enroll Participants New Nurses Preceptors Nurse Managers (Study Sites) Assign Preceptors and Managers Monitor Participant Progress Activate and Deactivate Participants

7 Your Dashboard TTP information at a glance

8 Information and Discussions Inbox indicator Study links Discussion forum links

9 Heads-up Display Quick status Countdown Site snapshot

10 Other Site Features Inbox – Communications to and from your participants MySite – Reports and administration information My Profile – update your profile information

11 MySite Administer site participants Get reports

12 MySite Filter your participant list

13 MySite – New Nurse Jane Doe – at a glance Link to Preceptor Status indicators View Janes extended profile Send Jane a message

14 MySite – Preceptor Mary Catherine – at a glance Link to Marys Manager (Study) Status indicators Marys assigned participants View Marys extended profile Send Mary a message

15 MySite – Manager (Study) Katherine – at a glance Status indicators Katherines assigned participants View Katherines extended profile Send Katherine a message

16 MySite Add a participant

17 Adding Participants Order of creation 1.Manager (Study) 2.Preceptor 3.New Nurse Enrolled Date

18 Add a Participant New Nurse Preceptor Manager (Study)

19 Add a Participant - Authorization User Name* Must be unique Password* Generate

20 Add a Participant – Profile Information Name* Email* Contact Information

21 Add a Participant – Extended Information Site* Program Status* Complete/deactivat ed date License Type* Enrolled Date* Assigned Preceptor Consent

22 Add a Participant – Notes Shown on extended profiles only Coordinators and Managers can also edit Not shown to the Participant

23 Add a Participant – User Information Send email notification

24 Extended Profile Site Coordinators Managers (Study) Preceptors

25 Extended Profile - Information User name Site information Dates Created Enrolled Deactivated

26 Extended Profile – Contact Information Send a message Contact information Assigned Preceptor Message Preceptor

27 Extended Profile – Status Information Status Program Consent Survey Module Notes Assigned Participants


29 Study Participants Modules Discussions Surveys Communication Support

30 Modules

31 Discussion (Forums)

32 Surveys

33 Inbox Messaging

34 Support Contacts Program or Study Technical support 312.525.3722


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