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Introduction to Civil Engineering prepaid by: 140670106002 140670106099.

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1 Introduction to Civil Engineering prepaid by: 140670106002 140670106099

2 Learning Objectives Understand how Civil Engineers impact lives Identify some different areas of specialization Understand job benefits Identify necessary skills

3 Civil Engineers build structures that meet function, looks, cost, and reliability specifications

4 Civil Engineers plan, design, and supervise construction of transportation systems, water systems, and communication networks

5 Civil Engineers... solve local and regional pollution or environmental issues

6 Major Areas of Specialization Construction Environmental Geotechnical Structural Transportation Water Resources

7 Construction Engineering Required skills methods and equipment structures construction management cost estimation and analysis

8 Environmental Engineering Responsibilities include: disposing hazardous materials waste management and treatment biological processes in pollution control water and waste water quality

9 Geotechnical Engineering Specializes in: survey soil mechanics and dynamics earth structure earthquake engineering Don’t skip geotechnical analysis !

10 Structural Engineering structural design and analysis stress analysis structure stability seismic proof and reinforcement

11 Transportation Engineering Responsible for public transportation systems, traffic operations, highways and streets

12 Water Resource Engineering Responsibilities include water treatment processes, waste water management, ground water resources, sediment transport, environmental engineering and systems Water treatment plant flow chart

13 Civil Engineering Benefits Solve societal problems Allows indoor and outdoor work Responsible, highly respected job Challenging technical career Utilize modern technology Work with people of various backgrounds Well paid

14 Skills to Develop Math and Science – Algebra, trigonometry, analytical geometry, and calculus – Physics, chemistry – Computer languages Communication Skills – Written English – Speech and presentation skills – Foreign Language













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