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Geospatial Information One-Stop Milo Robinson Federal Geographic Data Committee.

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1 Geospatial Information One-Stop Milo Robinson Federal Geographic Data Committee

2 Acknowledgements

3 Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)  A US Federal Interagency committee responsible for facilitating geospatial related activities and implementation of the NSDI across the Federal government  18 Federal agencies are members (soon to be 19)  Cooperate and coordinate with organizations from state, local and tribal governments, the academic community, and the private sector.

4 National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) The vision of the NSDI: to assure that spatial data from multiple sources (Federal, State, and local governments, academia, and the private sector) are widely available and easily integrated to enhance knowledge and understanding of our physical and cultural world.

5 What is Geospatial One Stop?  E-Government (E-gov) Initiative  Component of President Bush’s Management Agenda  One of 24 E-Government initiatives  Part of the Government to Government Portfolio  Vision: the geographic component for e-gov  Accelerate implementation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)

6 Geospatial One Stop Governance  US Office of Management and Budget oversees the direction of the E-Government Initiatives  Department of Interior serves as the Managing Partner for Geospatial One Stop  Federal Geographic Data Committee supports the Geospatial One Stop project implementation

7 Geospatial One-Stop Management Team Scott Cameron Managing Partner Board of Directors Hank Garie Executive Director Milo Robinson FGDC Staff Project Support Facilitators Data Modeling Open GIS Christine Clark Module 1 Standards Development & Modeling Sharon Shin Modules 2 & 3 Existing Data Inventory Planned Data Acquisition Jeff de La Beaujardiere Modules 4 & 5 Web Mapping Services Portal Development Tony Frater G-G Portfolio Manager Leslie Wollack Outreach TBD Deputy Director

8 Geospatial One Stop Board of Directors To Advise Managing Partner Non Federal  Nat’l Assoc of Counties  Nat’l Assoc of State CIO  Intertribal GIS Council  Nat’l League of Cities  Internat’l City Managers Assoc  Nat’l States Geog Info Council  Western Governors Assoc Federal  Dept of Interior  Dept of Transportation  Dept of Commerce  Nat’l Aeronautics and Space Administration Strong State and Local Input

9 GeoSpatial One Stop Tasks 1.Establish integrated Framework Data Content Standards 2.Use metadata to inventory, document and publish Framework data holding in NSDI Clearinghouse 3.Publish metadata for planned data acquisition and update for Framework data 4.Prototype and deploy enhanced data access and web mapping services for Federal Framework data 5.Establish a Federal Portal as a logical extension to the NSDI Clearinghouse Network

10 Task 1 Framework Standards Development  Focus on Framework data themes  Geodetic Control (National Geodetic Survey)  Elevation (US Geological Survey)  OrthoImagery (US Geological Survey)  Hydrography (US Geological Survey)  Government Units (Census)  Cadastral (Bureau of Land Management)  Transportation (Dept. of Transportation)  Sub-themes: Roads, Rail, Transit, Air

11 Task 1 ANSI Standards Process  ANSI INCITS L1 Subcommittee  Open participation for all sectors  National Standard, not Federal Standard  Benefit from INCITS standards expertise  To participate sign up:  Integrated Framework Data Content Standards  UML  XML (GML) encoding  OGC prototyping (CIPI)  ANSI Standards become basis of Geospatial Web Services

12 Module 2 Inventory/Document existing Federal agency framework datasets and publish metadata to clearinghouse Module 3 Inventory/Document planned acquisition data and publish metadata to clearinghouse GeoSpatial One Stop Tasks 2&3

13 Task 2- Existing Data Inventory/Documentation  Stage 1 All existing federal national coverage framework datasets  Stage 2 All existing federal regional/ local framework datasets  Stage 3 State and local framework datasets

14 Task 3 Planned Acquisition Data  Federal agencies post planned acquisition data information for capital asset projects  On-line “clearinghouse” to manage cross- agency information. Investment:Total projected investment & Agency Timing Estimated start date- completion date

15 GeoSpatial One Stop Tasks 4&5 ·Prototype and deploy enhanced data access and web mapping services for Federal Framework data and design Portal ·Establish a National Portal as a logical extension to the NSDI Clearinghouse Network ·OGC Technology Insertion Project for Portal (alpha version scheduled for May)

16 Data services Past and Future human request handling ftp data access web discovery and order documentation of local content models use of proprietary formats little adherence to enforceable standards data translation largely the responsibility of the customer Providers of Theme X customer automated ad-hoc requests data and mapping via web services web discovery, portrayal, and order or access support of common content models and extended models support of neutral encoding methods data packages can be validated against a common reference data translation shared between provider and customer Providers of Theme X middleware common packaging services customer

17 Current Model Data Producer Data User Data User Data User Data User Data User NSDI Gateway Portal

18 Future Model Local Governments The National Map State Governments Tribal Governments Other Federal Agency DoD Commercial Sector Local Users DoD Users Tribal Users State Users National Policy Makers Commercial Users Civilian Users International Users Federal Users NSDI One-Stop Portal replicated access points Services Data Bases

19 Geospatial One-Stop Portal Concept  Portal is an online access point for geospatial data, maps of data, and metadata about data  Distributed Information: data stored at provider sites, not in Portal  Portal uses open standards for interoperability  Geospatial web service specifications  Metadata and content standards  Portal builds upon NSDI Clearinghouse by providing direct access to data  Web-based user interface for human access  Application interface for automated GIS/DSS access

20 @portal host site Geospatial One-Stop Portal Internet Web Browser (Thin Client)Applications (Thick Client) Services Provider Organizations Data Internet Clients WFSWMSWCSCatWFS Web Feature Service Web Map Service Web Coverage Service Catalog Service GNIS (gazetteer)


22 GOS Where we want to be  Users are able to discover and use maps or data served and maintained by a reliable custodian  The format and structure of the information for a given theme from all providers can appear the same to all customers  Content and encoding requirements are simple yet useful enough that many providers adopt and serve compliant Framework data  Data and map services are authoritative, reliable, and are referenced by many customers instead of setting up duplicate services elsewhere

23 GOS End Results  Standards for Framework layers are completed and deployed  Published planned spatial data activities. Federal agencies working with State, local, and commercial data publishers to reduce overlapping efforts  GOS Web portal provides access to standardized distributed data services

24 How can I participate?  GOS Standards Review (Now)  Review of Alpha version of Portal (MAY 03)  Apply for FGDC Grants that stimulate GOS activities (opens soon-- 60 period)  Metadata creation and Implementation($9k)  Clearinghouse and Open GIS ($25k)  Canadian/US Joint Project ( $75/cdn$100k)

25 FGDC Grant Program for: Clearinghouse Integration with OpenGIS Services Deploy web map or feature server using metadata in the NSDI Clearinghouse Competitive $25,000 Grants (6) Seed-funding Match contribution required Announcement anticipated Soon 5 page narrative

26 SDI Binational Grant with Canada Geographic area of common interest (ie. Red River Basin) Includes technical requirement for WMS Joint US/Canadian Funding $75k/$100k Match contribution required 12 page narrative 4 project partners required US lead and partner Canadian Lead and partner

27 For More Information or contact: Milo Robinson, 703.648.5162

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