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Web100 User Services Support Team: Tanya Brethour, Jim Ferguson, Steve Engelhardt

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1 Web100 User Services Support Team: Tanya Brethour, Jim Ferguson, Steve Engelhardt

2 08/01/02-08/02/02 2 Overview of Presentation Introduction What do we do? Types of Support Conclusion Questions are encouraged at any time!

3 08/01/02-08/02/02 3 Who are we? Jim Ferguson oHead of the support team oOrganizes evaluator conference calls and workshops Tanya Brethour oAnswers support email, sends out announcements, develops/maintains web site, etc. Steve Engelhardt oAnswers support email and works on userland issues.

4 08/01/02-08/02/02 4 What do we do? Answer Questions! oTechnical (Installation, bugs, GUI questions) oNon-Technical oRequests oDocumentation Plan workshops, tutorials, evaluator conference calls, and more

5 08/01/02-08/02/02 5 Types of Support Mailing Lists Public & Internal Web Site Evaluator Conference Calls Workshops & Training

6 08/01/02-08/02/02 6 Mailing Lists oEmail for all technical and non-technical questions oQuestions answered by evaluators or by support oForum for discussions between evaluators Create an account on the Web100 SourceForge site. Stay on internal mailing list.

7 08/01/02-08/02/02 7 Internal Web Site Overview of Internal Site oBased off SourceForge, but it is a local installation (with modifications) oLogin to get all the benefits. oOpen to the public!

8 08/01/02-08/02/02 8 Welcome Page

9 08/01/02-08/02/02 9 Contact Lists All mailing list archives are online!!

10 08/01/02-08/02/02 10 Test Machines Email if you have a machine to add!

11 08/01/02-08/02/02 11 Reporting Bugs

12 08/01/02-08/02/02 12 Support Tickets

13 08/01/02-08/02/02 13 Documentation

14 08/01/02-08/02/02 14 Documentation users-guide.txt GUI tools, command line scripts explained developers-guide.txt Library API explained tcp-kis.txt Web100 variables

15 08/01/02-08/02/02 15 Evaluator Conference Calls Held every 6 weeks or so Reminder email sent 1 week before call Time to share with fellow evaluators about their sites development Time for evaluators to ask developers questions Very informal discussion

16 08/01/02-08/02/02 16 Workshops & Training Workshops (1 or 2 a year) Announcements will be sent out to the internal mailing list and placed in the events section on

17 08/01/02-08/02/02 17 Web100 Main Site Latest Web100 releases: Web100 user contributed code: Event listing News listing

18 08/01/02-08/02/02 18 Conclusion Send support email! Use the internal site Participate in Evaluator calls and workshops Any questions?

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