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HR Excellence in Research Award British Council, 9 March 2012 Ellen Pearce

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1 HR Excellence in Research Award British Council, 9 March 2012 Ellen Pearce

2 Aims This presentation will cover: how the HR Excellence in Research award fits within EURAXESS the aims and benefits of the process gaining the HR Excellence in Research' badge Vitae support for implementation Two-year internal review next steps

3 Background September 2005: European Charter and Code launched as part of UK Presidency May 2007: EC survey of EC&C awareness among researchers November 2008: EC HR Strategy of Researchers launched by European Commission 2009: European Charter and Code implementation brought into the EURAXESS site September 2009: Vitae formally joins HR Strategy for Researchers Group on behalf of the British Council, RCUK, UUK and UK HEIs March 2010 first European HEIs receive HR Excellence in Research award

4 Background European Commissions Partnership for Researchers Open recruitment and portability of grants Social security and supplementary benefits for mobile researchers Attractive employment and working conditions Improving training, skills and experience Innovation Union: more jobs, improved lives, better society Ensuring our best researchers and innovators are in Europe Promoting excellence in education and skills development –Strategies for training enough researchers to meet national R&D targets, attractive working conditions


6 HR Excellence in Research Award Acknowledges a commitment to good management of researchers and the principles of the Charter and Code Formal recognition and profile –EURAXESS site –Jobs listings –Funding applications Become part of pan-European network UK has 50 institutions with the award

7 The UK approach QAA Code covers doctoral programmes Concordat implementation covers research staff Aims to streamline processes for UK HEIs; Concordat progress review and HR Excellence in Research process work together Concordat Strategy Group oversees implementation A sub-group reporting to the Concordat Strategy Group assesses UK submissions Vitae provides support for HEIs who want to gain the badge Submission deadlines for 2012: 16 March, 22 June and 26 October Agreed wording and use of logo for UK HEIs

8 The process: HR Strategy for Researchers Five step process Institutional conducts an internal analysis to compare practice against the Concordat principles Institutions publish an Action Plan for how they will address the gaps identified in the gap analysis Commission acknowledge the strategy Through their own internal quality assurance mechanism, institutions will carry out a self-assessment at least every two years to test and update their Action Plans At least every four years an external evaluation will take place.

9 Meeting the criteria The action plan should make explicit reference to the gap analysis and findings. Demonstrate wide stakeholder engagement in the gap analysis The action plan needs to be robust and include actions, people/committees/roles responsible and timeframes Make visible researcher engagement Write for external audience Useful to include reference to activities that are already in place to meet the Concordat principles

10 Other information Institutional profile draws data from the survey of HEI responses to the Concordat: –Number of research staff –Concordat responsibility –Monitoring mechanisms in place –Activities undertaken –Links to DoP practices related to the Concordat –IPR, rights and authorship For all 2012 submissions, HEIs will have the opportunity to update their institutional profile

11 Benefits Strategic level Impetus to change Consolidated internal processes External recognition Meeting researchers needs Added value for funding applications

12 Next steps for UK HEIs with the award [internal review] Institutions will be asked to undertake their internal review and publish the outcomes within two years of them gaining the award Institutions will need to publish a short report (up to 3 pages) for review by the UK panel (this includes European Commission representation) which covers: –An outline of how the institution undertook their internal review (including, how researchers views were taken into account during the review and, where relevant, how the review linked with existing QA and other implementation/monitoring mechanisms) –Key achievements and progress against the strategy, indicators and actions identified in the original action plan –Next steps and focus of future strategy for the next two years, including success measures Ask institutions to publish an updated action plan for the next two years with deliverables and accountabilities

13 Next steps for UK HEIs with the award [external review] The researcher surveys are run on a two-yearly basis, ie in 2011, 2013, 2015 thereby providing longitudinal comparison data in advance of 2014/5. In 2014/5 there is a major external evaluation of progress which enables institutions to meet the requirements of the HR Excellence in Research process –Demonstrate progress towards the fulfilment of the Concordat principles and action plan –Externally evaluated either through external reviewers or national QA mechanisms –Renewal or withdrawal of the acknowledgement

14 Vitae work that supports implementation Enhancing professional and career development for researchers –Researcher Development Framework –Resources –Courses Understanding the views of researchers: management of CROS and PIRLS Practice sharing –Vitae Hubs –Database of practice Evidencing the impact of training and development

15 Next steps Let us know if/when you intend to submit Use web section and FAQs Send us a copy of your Concordat implementation plan for review in advance of the submission dates We will send you the additional information about your HEI and Concordat implementation from the HEI Concordat survey – confirm or update the data

16 "I am delighted to announce that thirteen UK institutions have been awarded the HR Excellence in Research badge by the European Commission for their work to implement the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers. It is right that as we put research at the heart of our plans for future prosperity, we prioritise the development of excellent researchers able to capitalise on the impact of that research." David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science, December 2010

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