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- The Role and Work of Eurojust - Combating International Crime

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1 - The Role and Work of Eurojust - Combating International Crime
Cicero Foundation, Paris - 14 May 2004 Mike Kennedy President of the College of Eurojust National Member for the United Kingdom

2 What is Eurojust ? A group of 25 EU prosecutors / judges Aim -
One nominated by each Member State Aim - ‘to deal more effectively with serious cross border crime, particularly when it is organised, and involves two or more Member States’ JHA Council Decision of 14 December 2000

3 Aims Improve co-operation between Competent Authorities in Member States Bring better co-ordination of cross-border investigations and prosecutions Exchange of information To make recommendations to change laws to improve MLA & Extradition arrangements

4 Why Eurojust ? Removal of frontier controls in EU states
At least 27 different legal systems To improve action against cross-border crime Existing Mutual Legal Assistance & Extradition arrangements are often lengthy and uncertain Alternative to the European Prosecutor option

5 Some of the Problems European Union Principle Freedom of Movement
People Capital Goods Services Minimal, if any, frontier controls Mobility & relatively cheap travel Computer and internet ‘cyber crime’ Organised cross-border crime Terrorism Trafficking in Drugs Trafficking in Human Beings Serious Fraud (inc..fraud on EU Budget) Car Theft Corruption

6 The Enlarged European Union

7 27 EU Legal Systems

8 Free Movement 27 EU Legal Systems

9 Eurojust - Membership (1)
Austria Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ulrike Haberl-Schwarz = V/President Michèle Coninsx Katerina Loizou Pavel Zeman Johan Reimann Raivo Sepp Tuomas Oja Olivier de Baynast = V/President Hermann von Langsdorff Stavroula Koutoulakou Ilona Lévai

10 Eurojust - Membership (2)
Cesare Martellino Rolandas Tilindis Gunars Bundzis Georges Heisbourg Silvio Camilleri Roelof-Jan Manschot Jerzy Iwanicki Jose-Luis Lopes da Mota Peter Paluda Barbara Brezigar (subject to Parliament) Ruben Jimenez Fernandes Solveig Wollstad Mike Kennedy = President of the College Italy Lithuania Latvia Luxembourg Malta The Netherlands Poland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden UK

11 How Eurojust Works Case Referrals Working Methods Adding Value
Strategic Meetings Co-ordination Meetings

12 Cases Referred 1 March - 31 December 2001 = 192
1 January December = 202 1 January December = 300 1 January May = 118

13 Offences Fraud Drug Trafficking Money Laundering Terrorism

14 Working at Different Levels
Plenary Meeting of all 25 National Members Twice each week Level 2 Only those national members involved in a case Level 3 Investigators & prosecutors dealing with a case

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