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Event Title Name Erasmus Co-ordinators Workshop June 2012 Guidelines for co-ordinators Joanna Collins.

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1 Event Title Name Erasmus Co-ordinators Workshop June 2012 Guidelines for co-ordinators Joanna Collins

2 Programme changes 2012-13 Reminders Timetable UK statistics Introduction

3 Programme Changes

4 Programme changes 2012-13 Student monthly grants Allocation methods Mobility agreements Duration of mobility Multiple mobilities Widening participation Offsetting

5 Student monthly grant Monthly grant rate set at the start of year 3 bands Institutions must pay students set rate No increase in grant rates with second allocation Zero grant students

6 Student grant rates All payments may be subject to audit. Widening participation 500Household income of £ 25,000 or below Priority countries 400See Handbook Band 1 270See Handbook Band 2 310See Handbook Band 3 370See Handbook Short-term work placements, students in higher voc. ed. 250 300 Up to two months, Receipted travel expenses

7 Allocation 1 Optimal use of available budget Application numbers historical data by institution and across Erasmus Further explanations from you Grant rates set to allow for change in numbers/months

8 Allocation 2 Percentage for priority countries and widening participation First payment - 80% of whole allocation Funds can be moved between institutions at second allocation Virement within parameters allowed at any time

9 Mobility Agreements 1 EC – sign before travel NA – sign within 2 months of start of mobility if impossible before start Provisional to be signed if possible

10 Mobility Agreements 2 alterations to be approved by NA if templates or info not issued by NA before mobility, no penalties for non- compliance electronic copies of originals acceptable (scanned, photographed, faxed)

11 Duration: students Must be accurate in case of audit Rounded up to nearest quarter month for grants Grant calculator circulated for grants NA will check method of calculation Evidence – Certificate of attendance

12 Multiple mobilities 1 study mobility + 1 work placement 2 study mobilities 2 work placements i.e. 2 mobilities in all, same or different years Each minimum duration (3 months) Report as separate mobilities Same host: combined mobility, rules as for single mobility

13 Widening participation England: household income of £25, 000 per annum or less Scotland: as above, using post code as means of identification or verification.

14 Offsetting Suggestion to offset Erasmus debt against payments due Standard procedure for financial transactions Through finance offices Should speed up contracting and payments processes

15 Reminders

16 Staff flat rate payments Duration of assignment Subs for up to 2 days travel – not included in calculation of duration Proof of attendance HEIs decide what to pay – maximum, actuals, institutional rates HEIs decide use of balance (on Erasmus)

17 Reminders: Student entitlements Tuition fee waiver continues (in England) for old fee-regime students, 2012/13 and 2013/14 Maintenance of grants and loans

18 Use of OM grants To support Erasmus mobility only Paid per mobility Dont report on how spent Report numbers of mobilities (outgoing, incoming from enterprise) Pay back if decreases (over 10%)

19 Use of OM grants Many possible uses: - Administration - Quality and m&e - Academic and other partnership arrangements - Visiting prospective partners with EUC - Selecting and supporting individuals - Language preparation - Information and publicity - Staff and student feedback - ECTS-related activity and Diploma supplement etc

20 Disability Funding for students & staff with special needs verified by doctor Considered case by case; many types of expenditure covered eg special transport, accommodation, care assistants, medical treatment, adapted learning materials

21 Disability Applicant supplies documentation including doctor's confirmation of need Coordinator submits application Host provides evidence of support & facilities Work with disability officer Contact:

22 Reminders- general Unsuccessful mobilities e.g. failed exams – decisions up to you No double funding for EC sources(Comenius assistants, LdV mobility) Incoming staff from enterprise (teaching) Use returning Erasmus students for promotion in schools

23 Promotion Printed materials bi-annually: leaflets, postcards etc Website Online versions of all materials 2.htm 2.htm Templates and logos on Resources page Bi-monthly e-newsletter Facebook Youtube Annual Photo, Essay and Film Competition Ambassadors: school presentations/institution support. Recruitment call every year for new Ambassadors

24 Exceptions If it is impossible to follow regulations: Contact the Erasmus Help Desk with details as soon as possible Keep documentation Put comments on your mobility report if appropriate (e.g. for short mobilities; force majeure)

25 Communications ETT (Erasmus Tempus Talk) – for discussion with colleagues in institutions Erasmus Help Desk – for communication with the NA about your Erasmus programme Information list – for the NA to circulate important information to coordinators

26 Timetable 2011-12

27 Timetable 2012-13 18 May 2012Grant Agreement issued 30 SeptemberAgreement to NA 4 weeks from GA Initial payment Subject to signed agreement & no debt 15 NovemberInitial payment deadline All payments (subject to no debt) 11 January 2013 Interim report (SM) On line by 10 Dec 8 FebruaryInterim report (TM) On line by 10 Dec 19 MarchAmended Agreement end AprilSecond payment Subject to signed agreement & no debt

28 Timetable 2012-13 17 JuneAll recoveries issued 1 JulyFinal report live 31 JulyFinal report (SM and TM) 30 SeptemberValidation complete; closure letter 31 OctoberRecoveries issued 30 SeptemberIndividual staff and student reports final deadline for receipt

29 UK Statistics

30 2012 Allocation 2011/12 - Application numbers (increase on 2010/11) SM: 6.5% (17773:16695) TM: 5.4% (4042:3835) - Weighting - application : past performance - Results - 93% of student application numbers granted - 84% of staff application numbers granted 2012/13 - Application numbers (increase on 2011/12) SM: 4.2% (18510:17773) TM: 11.2% (4494:4042) - Weighting - application : past performance - Results - 85% of student application numbers granted - Results - 71% of staff application numbers granted

31 UK Context: Where are we now? 2008/092009/10+ / -2010/11+ / - 2011/12 (Projected)+ / - SM (Study)7,4288,0538.41%8,5776.51%9,1877.11% SM (Placement)3,3993,6707.97%4,25615.97%4,5998.06% SM Total10,82711,7238.28%12,8339.47%13,7867.43% Staff Mobility1,7331,7782.60%2,05715.69%2,43418.33%

32 Thank you

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