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Bradford Enterprise Academy Innovations & Enterprise.

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1 Bradford Enterprise Academy Innovations & Enterprise

2 Bradford Enterprise Academy Our Vision To enable all students to have an equal opportunity to access Enterprise Learning through a range of learning mediums thereby equipping them with the skills, knowledge and attribute to be successful both in the world of work and in their personal lives

3 Bradford Enterprise Academy Enterprise Education To establish the foundation and principle of enterprise Enterprise Experience To inspire and stimulate the culture of enterprise within the College Enterprise Development To create the opportunities for new businesses to develop Marketing and Publicity The vehicle of communication with staff and students

4 Enterprise Education 1.Enterprise Champions Within each curriculum area staff are trained on Enterprise 2.Enterprise Training Within each curriculum area Level 3 students receive enterprise training in addition to their vocational study 3.Enterprise Modules Generic modules developed to be delivered to staff and students to give them the basic principle of enterprise 4.Enterprise Material For each curriculum area the enterprise modules are contextualised to make them relevant to the trainees

5 Enterprise Experiences 1.Seminars & Workshops A range of seminars and workshops delivered by leading local or national entrepreneurs to inspire our students 2.Conferences and showcases Special events designed to engage the students with businesses and showcase any of the businesses started by our students 3.Clubs and Networks Different clubs and networks are established for each curriculum area to encourage and embed enterprise culture

6 Enterprise Experiences 4.Competitions Variety of competitions planed through out the academic year to stimulate and engage students in enterprise 5.Marketing and Publicity Newsletter Website Radio and TV Case Studies

7 Enterprise Development 1.Business Start Up Seminars and Workshops Special seminars and workshops designed to show how to start up your own business 2.Business Start Up Clinics and Surgeries Health check clinics to analyse the new business and surgeries to implement the business plan often on One to One basis 3.Business Start Up Support Help and support provided form Bradford Kickstart and Business Link Yorkshire for new start up businesses 4.Business Start Up Mentors and Ambassadors Advise and guidance provided by Mentors and Ambassadors

8 Enterprise Development 6. Baseline Survey A student survey has been developed to measure enterprising and entrepreneurial attitude among the students. We shall repeat the survey to measure the shift in the attitude. 7. Destination Data We intend to analyze the destination data of previous years to establish the of enterprise attitude in the college. 8. Contact with Programme Area - Planned to meet with Programme Managers and recently trained Enterprise Champions of each programme area to identify potential enterprising students. - Had one such meeting with ITC department (Safdar Ali and his team)

9 Enterprise Accommodation Junction Mill and Garden Mill Funding –Bradford Kickstart –ERDF –YF –Others Constrains – Sector Specific – Other City Plans

10 Any questions ? Contact Ronnie Todd or Hashim Hashim or Linda Speldewinde or Saluka Kotagama E-mails

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