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Event Title Name Erasmus Coordinator Workshop June 2009 David Hibler.

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1 Event Title Name Erasmus Coordinator Workshop June 2009 David Hibler

2 Introduction Programme regulation and practice Allocation of funding Future trends

3 Programme regulation - Current Multiple Erasmus periods Eligible enterprise and exceptions Incoming staff mobility - teaching Report staff mobility taking place after 31July in following year Staff mobility paid on receipted expenditure 10% tolerance on OM recovery

4 Programme regulation – 2009/10 Study/work-placement distinction dropped - grant rate - OM rates Work placement permitted over two Erasmus years - must end no later than 31/10 Mobility periods of less than 3 months

5 Programme regulation – 2010/11 Institutional report replaced by report on EUC compliance Croatia, FYR Macedonia and Switzerland Border Agency points based system – Tier 5 Guidance to LEAs

6 Programme Practice Bank accounts Reporting software – return to web-based Desk checks / site visits Disability

7 Allocation of funding: UK 2008/09 – 2009/10 Application levels - SM (study) increase 2.4% and 0.9% - SM (placement) increase 5.8% and 1.2% - TM (teaching) increase 1.0% and 5.0% - TM (training) decrease 2.0% and 13.0% Past performance / Application weighting Initial allocation - approx 70% total budget Second allocation (c30%) after interim report

8 Allocation of funding: EU National allocations – formula now includes 25% past performance element Decision target for grant level - 200 Complementary funding

9 Future trends: social dimension Commission and member state policy directions UK NA / HESA comparative analysis of Erasmus cohort

10 Socio-economic background

11 Ethnicity

12 Disability

13 Future Trends: The role of Universities Lisbon Agenda LLP decision Bologna Modernisation of universities STEM vs Mnemosyne

14 Thank you

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