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Cold chain expertise in France Cemafroid independent expertise center

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1 Cold chain expertise in France Cemafroid independent expertise center
Gérald CAVALIER New-Delhi 5th and 6th of November 2012

2 Cemafroid : refrigeration experts
60 years of history 1950 creation of Antony laboratory 1970 Antony official ATP test station for UN 1980 creation of Cemagref 2000 creation of Cemafroid by Cemagref 2010 creation of Cemafroid group, TECNEA and Cemafroid formation An independant company owned by: Cemagref : public research center PERIFEM distribution technical association TRANSFRIGOROUTE France association Cemafroid Staff : TECNEA Income : 4,4 M€ in 2011(+10% in 2011) 45 experts in 2012 In a few words and data

3 Vision – Mission and Values
Our Vision : Cold chain and refrigeration a guaranty of quality and safety for food, health and people preserving environment everywhere. Our Mission : Bring to professionnals and industrials our independant expertise to chose, manage and monitor their cold chain and refrigeration systems. Test, check, evaluate, qualify and certify equipments and solutions Our Values : Service, independence, impartiality, quality, reactivity, team spirit et entrepreneurship.

4 Cemafroid 4 locations Staff, equipment, and locations 45 staff
Arras (62) Bordeaux (Cestas) (33) Paris Fresnes (94) Antony (92) Staff, equipment, and locations / Fresnes 45 staff 37 technical experts

5 Cold chain expertise Experts Renters providers Agriculture
Equipment manufacturer Fisheries Agro Industry Instalators & maintenance Restaurants Distribution Transport Cold storage Logistics retail

6 Les besoins de la chaîne du froid
Les segments de la chaîne du médicament

7 ATP Certification Unity
Cemafroid activities Certification of products, services and companies Tests, Calibration, Verification Expertise, Counsels Measuring equipment Performance Conformity Qualification Calibration Verification Comparative tests Validation Audit Technical assistance F-Gas Carbon Footprint Energy optimization Cemafroid Performance PIEK Certification Tests Centers Certificate of Capability F-Gas Public Service Training ATP Certification Unity Certificates requesters Manufacturers Certification Test Centers Certification ATP Competent Authority Unit Delivery of ATP certificates Management of DATAFRIG French representative to UNECE for ATP Cold Chain & Food Hygiene Cold Chain of Health Products Metrology & Instrumentation Cold, Security and Environment

8 Testing and verifications
Qualification of equipments Tests and verifications of equipments Cold chain equipments: Cold stores and rooms, refrigerated transport equipments, refrigeration units, boxes and small containers, display cabinets, milk tanks, cxuisine equipment Temperature recorders, indicators, thermometers Other equipments Heat pumps, transport equipments… Laboratories and on site tests Tunnels, chambers, officers More than 1000 tests per year And 1000 verifications

9 Training activities Professionnal training Technical days
Training program A la carte training Technical days Edition of guidelines and brochures Best practicies : food, pharmacy Training in partnership AgroParisTech: CEA Cold Chain Management AFT-IFTIM Certibruit International training Training in English or French Training program 2013 Technical sessions

10 Le Cemafroid Accreditations Laboratories accreditation Designation
Tests : Cofrac Essais ISO 17025, Tests : WHO/OMS – PQS Verifications : Cofrac Étalonnage ISO 17025 Designation UNO – UNECE : ATP Test Station and ATP Competent Authority Ministeries : Agriculture, Health, Defense, Environment, Industry, … Networks IIF, Transfrigoroute, CEN, ISO, AFF, SFSTP, CNM,

11 Cemafroid refernces Among more than clients and partners

12 Thank you for your attention
Please contact us at : Gérald CAVALIER président Cemafroid 5, avenue des prés, Fresnes France Tel : Independent expertise for cold chain and refrigeration

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