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1 ASSOCHAM Serving the Nation since 1920. 2 Delhi Chennai Cochin Mumbai Apex chamber of 5 Promoter Chambers.

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1 1 ASSOCHAM Serving the Nation since 1920

2 2 Delhi Chennai Cochin Mumbai Apex chamber of 5 Promoter Chambers

3 3 As a representative organ of corporate India, we : * Impact the policy and legislative environment for fostering balanced economic, industrial and social development. * We believe education, health and environment to be the critical success factors. Mission * Articulate the genuine, legitimate needs and interests of its members.

4 4 Strengthen the network of relationships Advise members on diverse subjects Provide a vibrant interface between Government and Industry on policy initiatives with Union and State Ministries, Diplomatic Missions and Visiting Delegations. Goals

5 5 Help formulate policy decisions to foster conducive environment for the growth of trade and industry of India Catalyze development of knowledge driven sunrise industry Objectives

6 6 Interaction Participation Research Government Advisory Committee Submit Aide Memoires / Memoranda to Policy Makers Organise Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Round Tables International Delegations and Joint Business Councils Studies and Surveys Publications and discussions papers

7 7 ASSOCHAM Membership Four routes to membership : Promoter Chambers Patron Members Ordinary Members Corporate Associates

8 8 ASSOCHAM Membership ASSOCHAM has a pan Indian membership with an outreach of over 200 Chambers, Trade Associations catering directly and indirectly to above 2 lakh members. The major segments covered include: Trade (National & International) Manufacturing Sector MNCs, PSUs, Banks, Financial Institutions Professionals, Service Sector, Importers – Exporters, Large,Medium & Small Enterprises Trade & Industry Associations, other Chambers of Commerce

9 9 Organisation ASSOCHAM Promoter Chambers Patron Members Ordinary Members Corporate Associates Serviced through the Secretariat

10 10 ASSOCHAM Managing Committee President / Senior Vice President / Vice President Advisory Council Special Executive Committee National Committees Secretariat Secretary General Organisation

11 11 Expert Committees ASSOCHAM operates through 59 Expert Committees that provide an interactive platform to Members for interaction and aid formulating Policy recommendations so as to facilitate Economic, Industrial and Social Growth. These encompass areas such as: Domestic & International Trade, Commerce, Industry, Services, Agriculture, Education, Food Processing, IT & BPO, Economic Affairs, TQM, Energy, Environment, Capital Market, Banking & Finance, Direct & Indirect Taxation, WTO & IPR, Infrastructure, Pharma, Health, Biotechnology & Nanotechnology and Tourism.

12 12 Services We assist trade and industry through: Dynamic dialogue with Central and State Governments for articulating trade and industry viewpoints Capacity Building Consultancy Overseas business delegations Timely dissemination of information on latest policy and know-how on technical developments Interactive platform through Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Round Tables, Joint Business Councils etc.

13 13 ASSOCHAM Annual Events All India Tax and Company Law Conference Knowledge Millennium Summit eGovernance Energy Summit Corporate Governance Conference on Finance/Banking/Insurance Gold Summit Commodities JRD Tata Memorial Lecture


15 15 SOUTH ASIA CONFERENCE ON RENEWABLE ENERGY 2006 Cooperation in Renewable Energy Technologies

16 16 International Business Relations Serving the industry through networking with Foreign Missions in India, Indian Missions Abroad, Central and State Governments and organizations across the globe ASSOCHAM Business dialogue of MNCs with Indian counterparts Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with Chambers & Industry Associations abroad ASSOCHAM is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Business Organization, through ICC, India

17 17 Periodicals / Publications International WTO Update Africa Bulletin ASSOCHAM Regular Publications Monthly Bulletin Weekly News & Views Fortnightly Overseas Business Contacts Parliamentary Digest Weekly during session Business Directories Economic Publications Power India Year Book BPO Services Eco Pulse For publications contact: Ms. Manju Negi, at

18 18 Representative Status ASSOCHAM is duly represented on over 60 Central and State Government Advisory Fora such as: Committees Bodies Councils Panels

19 19 Specialised Services ASSOCHAM is authorised by the Government of India to Issue Certificates of Origin Certify commercial invoices Recommend Business Visa

20 20 Research / Studies –India- European Union Strategic Ties –SAFTA – Indias Trade & Investment Opportunities –Legal Reforms – Issues in Real Estate Development –India-Pakistan – Bilateral Trade Relations –India-Japan – Promising Future –Indias Cutting Edge in Services –ASSOCHAM Business Barometer on Topical Issues –Textiles –India – Arab –India – Africa –Gold Policies –VAT – Simplified –FBT – A Guide

21 21 For more details visit: email:

22 22

23 23 Entrepreneurship Innovation Knowledge ASSOCHAM

24 24 For more details please contact : D.S. Rawat, Secretary General The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) ASSOCHAM Corporate Office, 1, Community Centre Zamrudpur Kailash Colony, New Delhi – 110 048. INDIA Tel: 011- 46550555 (Hunting Line) Fax: 011-46536481/46536482 46536497/46536498 E-mail: Website:

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