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By Newman Yan. Happy birthday to EASL Outline Why ? How ? What ?

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1 By Newman Yan

2 Happy birthday to EASL

3 Outline Why ? How ? What ?

4 1. Why? ½ of Japans GDP 5 years ago Worlds No.1 by 2030

5 1. Why? Space Palace in 2011 Space Station in 2020

6 1. Why? Trade Volume

7 2. How? BudgetCollectionsProgram

8 2. How? United We Stand… Consortium Purchase

9 2. How? National Consortium Regional Consortium Any other types

10 3. What? As much as possible--complete As fresh as possiblenovel As high quality as possiblequality Search as instantly as possible--instant

11 3. What? Journals Dissertations Newspapers Proceedings Yearbooks Reference books Literature/Systematic Review Framework Hypothesis Development Data Collection & Analysis Results and Discussion Implications and Limitations References

12 3. What? CNKI Journals 9,200 titles since 1994, 97% 96% of core journals 3,990 titles back to first issue 2,100 unique titles, 30% 1 month lag time Daily update Online before print

13 3. What? CNKI Exclusive Journals

14 3. What? CNKI Dissertations 384 doctor programs, 96% 547 master programs, 96% 130K, 95% 1m, 88% 985, 211, 100% 212, 304 exclusive

15 3. What? CNKI Dissertations

16 3. What? CNKI Yearbooks 2,119 titles 13,630 volumes 12 million entries 96% of central yearbooks 93% of total

17 3. What? CNKI Statistical Yearbooks

18 3. What? CNKI Reference Books 3,668 volumes 37 subjects 15m entries 65% exclusive

19 3. What? CNKI Reference Books SubjectsVolumes Dictionary of Chinese Reference Works 2 "The 20th century Chinese Academic Dictionary"12 China Archeology28 China Collection and Appreciation34 Chinese cultural relics and the collection92 Chinese Ancient Literature161 Chinese language119 Chinese traditional art59 China Folk Culture72 Modern Literature87 Modern Art34 Chinese Philosophy and Theory54 Chinese Religion15 Chinese Historical Research102 Ancient Chinese book40 China's geographical and national culture82 Chinese characters134

20 SubjectsVolumes Chinese scientific and technical experts biography42 Ancient Chinese Science and Technology16 Ancient Chinese political and economic and military law35 Chinese Tourism and Culture25 Theory of the Chinese Communist Party60 China Social Science97 China's military20 China's Regional Development32 "Chinese medical encyclopedia"80 Chinese Pharmacy59 Medicine77 Modern Medicine220 Appreciation and Study of Animals and Plants of China40 Building and Garden24 China Science and Technology Word-Ocean19 China Metallurgical Coal Power22 Agricultural60 China Geological20 Chinese industry technical standards148 Bilingual dictionary133

21 3. What? CNKI Proceedings 1.2 m conference papers 13,916 academic conferences 95% 2 months lag time

22 3. What? CNKI Newspapers 516 titles 7 million articles Daily updated 7 days lag time

23 3. What? CNKI Platform paper ReferencesCo-citedCitationsCoupling

24 3. What? China Research Information Center

25 3. What? CNKI Benefits Complete titles and years of all types Novel topics and perspectives High quality Enhanced research efficiency Less transaction, acquisition and maintenance costs An extensible CRIC platform for consortium

26 Summary Why ? How ? What ?

27 Thanks!

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