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CNKI Series solutions for your collections from CNKI.

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1 CNKI Series solutions for your collections from CNKI

2 Your Challenges Explosion of content; shrinking budgets Small institution--Can not afford the cost of big database Utilize human and collection resources ever more efficiently Copyright issue for electronic materials

3 Series solutions from CNKI Various resources from a integrated platformLots to choose from Smaller package---More flexible Saving Options Budget--- Print-to-Online Conversion Options Consortium subscriptionSolution for smaller institutions Exclusive journalsSigned exclusive contracts with 700 top Chinese journals and this number will continuous grow. Grow your collection, Affordably

4 Check it out… Overview A real integrated platform with various Chinese resources CYFD China Yearbook Full-text database CRWOChina Reference works online Print to Online Title subscription is allowed

5 Lets dig deeper…

6 China National Knowledge Infrastructure CAJ/CJP– Around 9000 journals, cover almost every academic journal published in China, back to 1915. CDMDDissertations and thesis from 511 universities and institutions. Front of Chinas research achievements. CCNDarticles from more than 500 newspapers published in China. Information from Chinas main stream Media. CPCDProceedings from more than 11,000 conferences. CYFD--1,767 titles. A academic material help you understand the fact and changes. CRWO1,972 titles. Covers every conceivable discipline

7 China Yearbooks Full-text Database (CYFD) Chinas biggest Yearbooks database--1767 titles, including statistics yearbooks, central level yearbooks, provincial yearbooks, industry yearbooks, etc. See details.

8 Yearbook Type CNKI title Remark Statistical Yearbook 384 100% statistical yearbooks are covered National level Yearbook438 95 national yearbooks are covered Local Comprehensive Yearbook 496 Chinese core yearbooks are mostly collected Local Industry Yearbook383 Other Yearbooks66 In total 1767

9 Leading titles--not only a massive titles, most valuable titles are in the database as well: all statistics yearbooks (central and local level), 26 titles out of 31 provincial yearbooks of mainland China online so far, etc

10 Statistical Yearbooks Level CNKI Titles Remarks National Level104 Legally obtain the copyright for all these yearbooks. 100% collection Local Level280 Total384

11 Powerful Features of CYFD Various search fields: 15 Search Fields We are electronic!

12 Limit your search more accurate: search by entry type Enjoy the advantage of technology

13 Both search and browse are available Read it like a real book

14 Search in your subscription Customize

15 Knowledge Node: databases and articles talk with each other Your electronic research assistant

16 Subscription Mode: By Series By subject By title Special Offer for 2009 Buy 5 yearbooks, get one for free.

17 China Reference works online (CRWO)

18 1972 titles Dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, atlases, timelines and handbooks 70% of the content are exclusive HTML format, no special readers needed No maintenance fee Support search and browse Search in Subscription Limit the entry type Integrated with other CNKI databases Flexible subscription mode Buy 5 reference works, get 1 free

19 Leading titles: Titles from Commercial Press, China Book company, Tianjin Ancient books Publishing house… 7-100- 02577- X 7-100- 02163-4 7-100- 02500-1 7-100- 02233-9 7-100- 02158-8 7-100- 02632-6 7-100- 02499-4 7-100- 02680-6 7-100- 02422-6

20 Simple interface, like google

21 Limit the search field

22 Browse by title Search in this title

23 HTML format

24 Annotations by Others Related Terms Related Journal Articles Related Dissertations Related News


26 Print to Online: 9,000 choices Fast update 1 year archive for free with current subscription for social science, 5 year archive for hard science. Consortium: If you are interested in subscribing CNKI with your brother unit, CNKI could work together with you to do the organize and communication job.

27 Thank you!

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