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Www.britishcouncil.org1 Welcome to ELTeCs 13 th April 2011.

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1 www.britishcouncil.org1 Welcome to ELTeCs 13 th April 2011

2 www.britishcouncil.org2 Low-Preparation Revision Activities - Introduction - Language Auction - Run and point - Snakes and Ladders and Connect 3 - Backs to the boards and Vocabulary exchange - Wordsearches and crosswords - Blockbusters, Noughts and Crosses, Squares, the Dice Game, Blind score quiz, Football, Shark escape, Ski race and Mountain climb - Questions and conclusions

3 www.britishcouncil.org3

4 4 Some Questions Why is this an effective activity? Why is it a good idea to only give students one sentence at a time? Why is it a good idea to get them to write down how much they are gambling?

5 www.britishcouncil.org5

6 6 Some Questions Why does this activity help students to remember language points? What difficulties may it present? How can you get the whole class involved in this activity?

7 www.britishcouncil.org7

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10 10 Adapt these in Groups Talk about how you could adapt Snakes and Ladders or connect 3 for your learners.

11 www.britishcouncil.org11

12 www.britishcouncil.org12

13 www.britishcouncil.org13 Backs to boards and Vocabulary Exchange Some Questions Why are these effective activities? What difficulties may they present? How would you overcome these problems?

14 www.britishcouncil.org14

15 www.britishcouncil.org15

16 www.britishcouncil.org16 Wordsearches and Crosswords How often do you use these in class? What are the benefits of using them? Have you ever used the www.puzzlemaker site?www.puzzlemaker

17 www.britishcouncil.org17

18 www.britishcouncil.org18

19 www.britishcouncil.org19

20 www.britishcouncil.org20

21 www.britishcouncil.org21

22 www.britishcouncil.org22

23 www.britishcouncil.org23

24 www.britishcouncil.org24

25 www.britishcouncil.org25

26 www.britishcouncil.org26 Blockbusters, Noughts and Crosses, the Dice Dame, Squares, Blind Score Quiz, Football, Shark Escape, Ski Race and Mountain Climb Some Questions What other language points could be revised with these games? How would you adapt these games for your classroom? What similar activities have you used? Can you think of any other activities you could use in the same way?

27 www.britishcouncil.org27 Questions and Conclusions Do you have any questions about what we have looked at today? Which of these activities would you like to use in class and why?

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