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4th European Conference on Technology- Enhanced Learning Learning in the Synergy of Multiple Disciplines.

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1 4th European Conference on Technology- Enhanced Learning Learning in the Synergy of Multiple Disciplines

2 Conference Information Number of participants 280 220 Conference Participants 60 additional workshop participants

3 Conference Information

4 Sponsors: Co-located Meetings: CUELC, EATEL, GRAPPLE, ICOPER, LTfLL, PROLIX, Pro-TEL SIG, ROLE, STELLAR, TENCOMPETENCE Logistics - rooms

5 ECTEL09 Social Networking #ectel09 ECTEL 2009 Schedule Planner ECTEL Conferences SN – STELLAR

6 Starting Convergence at ECTEL08

7 Team Programme chairs: Ulrike Cress (Knowledge Media Research Center, Germany), Vania Dimitrova (University of Leeds, United Kingdom) Local organization chair: Katherine Maillet (Institut Telecom, Telecom & Management Sudparis, France) Publicity chairs: Marcela Morales (Institut Telecom, Telecom & Management Sudparis, France) Mohamed Amine Chatti (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) Workshop chairs: Nikol Rummel (University of Freiburg, Germany), Peter Dolog (Aalborg University, Denmark) Industrial session chair: Volker Zimmermann (IMC, Germany) Doctoral Consortium chairs: Frank Fischer (LMU University of Munich, Germany), Stefanie Lindstaedt (Know Center, Austria)Demonstration chairs: Alexandra Cristea, (University of Warwick, United Kingdom), Nikos Karacapilidis (University of Patras, Greece), General chair: Marcus Specht (Centre for Learning Sciences and Technology OUNL, The Netherlands)

8 ECTEL09 Review Process 158 submissions from 469 authors 43 countries Europe (29) Asia (8) America (4) Africa (1) Australia (1)

9 ECTEL09 Review Process Submission topics

10 ECTEL09 Review Process 84 PC members from 19 countries 35 full papers (22%) 17 short papers 35 posters

11 ECTEL09 Program Doctoral consortium 18 papers; funded by STELLAR 10 Workshops 1 Tutorial Posters

12 ECTEL09 Program Invited talks Prof. Peter Pirolli (Thursday, 1 Oct, 9:45am) Prof. Mike Sharples (Thursday, 1 Oct, 2:00pm) Prof. Fredrich Hesse (Friday, 2 Oct, 9:00am) Marco Marsella, EU (Thursday, 1 Oct, 10:30am) Panel: Synergy of disciplines (Fri, 4:15pm)

13 ECTEL09 Program Full papers & Short papers (12 sessions) Learning contexts (Thu, 11:25, Fri, 11:25) Adaptation and personalisation (Thu, 3:45, Fri, 11:25) Data mining and social design (Thu, 11:25) Learning design (Thu, 11:25) Collaborative and social knowledge construction (Thu, 3:45) Motivation, engagement, learning games (Thu, 3:45) Learning communities and CoPs (Fri, 11:25) Interoperability, Semantic Web, Web 2.0 (Fri 2:00) Problem and project-based learning, Inquiry learn (Fri 2:00) Human factors and evaluation (Fri 2:00) Session chairs Strict time ! Recording Amendment

14 ECTEL09 Program Industry track Thursday, 11:25-12:45 Volker Zimmermann, IMC AG, Germany Patric Belpaire, Danny De Witte, U&I Learning, Belgium Manuel Schmidt, Lernzentrum Festo, GmbH, Germany Thursday, 3:45-5:00 Ellen Leenarts, British Telecom, Netherlands Fabrizio Giorgini, Giunti Labs, Italy Lucia Pannese, Imaginary, Italy NH HOTEL

15 ECTEL09 Program Demonstrations Alexandra Cristea, (U. of Warwick, UK), Nikos Karacapilidis (U. of Patras, Greece) New! Arrangement 3 sessions during coffee breaks, w. parallel demos: 1 st October: 11:00-11:25; 14:45-15:45 14 demos! each 2 nd October: 10:00-11:25: 12 demos! Topics: Learning design, modelling, collaboration, senior learners, contextualisation and personalisation, work- place learning, authoring, live distance experiments, automatic retrieval, community experiences and semantics, sharing and curriculum regions

16 ECTEL09 Demos Who?

17 ECTEL09 Demos What? GAT

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