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THE PRESIDENTS ADDRESS. Three inches … … a wretched height to be.

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2 Three inches … … a wretched height to be

3 The probability of transition from private to public sector: p(â,ŷ,μ)= ½ Pr(w,â+x¹,ŷ>w¹)

4 Attracted by Purpose Intrinsic motivation Need for achievement Higher values on service to society Goals important The most satisfied people are those …who do the jobs…with everything they have of energy and enthusiasm and hard work. - Harry S. Truman

5 Transforming Regulatory Leadership?

6 Begins with awareness Focus on team/organizational goals Activate higher order needs in order to serve a purpose

7 Regulation as a … … market displacement … protection against information failure … assurance of minimum quality

8 Thank you! You DO have the purpose, goals, and intrinsic motivation to make the difference that you do ~

9 References 1.Crowding Out Intrinsic Motivation in the Public Sector by Yanhnis Georgellis; Elisabeth Iossa; Vurain Tabvuma (UK) – 2011 2. TI 2004-060/1 Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper INCENTIVES AND WORKERS MOTIVATION IN THE PUBLICSECTOR Josse Delfgaauw and Robert Dur Faculty of Economics, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, and Tinbergen Institute 3. Organizational Goal Characteristics and Public Duty Motivation in U.S. Federal Agencies by Cahn Su Jung and Hal G. Rainey Depot of Public Administration and Policy Univ of Georgia 2009 4. WWW.TRANSFORMATIONALLEADERSHIP.NETWWW.TRANSFORMATIONALLEADERSHIP.NET 5. 6. Madison, Kristen, Regulating Health Care Quality in an Information Age, UC Davis Law Review, University of California, Davis, School of Law, June 2007.

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