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With Honor and Integrity Alpha Chi and Academic Honesty.

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1 With Honor and Integrity Alpha Chi and Academic Honesty

2 Honor... for academic achievement

3 Honor... for academic achievement... for good character



6 C H A R S C H O L A R S H I P C T E R A cademic Honesty

7 Center for Academic Integrity Research by Dr. Don McCabe

8 Don McCabes Research on Cheating in Colleges 75,000 students at 125 institutions over several years Self-reported data using paper and now online survey 2001-02 data below is typical

9 What is Regarded as Cheating Students Faculty Test copying and crib notes90%98% Plagiarism 9198 Unauthorized collaboration2982 Written cut and paste5579 Internet cut and paste5681 Use of paper mills9198 44% of faculty say they have ignored cheating. 52% have never reported cheating to anyone else.

10 In the past year, engaged in cheating one to three times: 1.Serious Test Cheating (copying, crib sheets, etc.) 2.Serious Written Cheating (not ones paper, cut and paste from Internet, etc.) 3.Serious Cheating (items 1 and 2 combined) 4.All Cheating (item 3 plus three lesser types of cheating, such as copying homework) 5.Repeat Cheating (more than three incidents) 23% 50 56 73 8

11 Students Reporting Greater Levels of Cheating Business and Communication majors Males (especially on tests) Students with low GPAs and high GPAs Fraternity and sorority members, athletes

12 Institutional Factors Cheating is the campus norm. The school has no honor code or honor system. Students feel that faculty dont care and theres little chance of getting caught. Even if cheaters are caught, penalties are not severe.

13 Student Reasons for Cheating Time pressures Fear of failure; pressure to do well Disrespect for required courses Meaningless assignments Professors with inadequate teaching skills

14 Doing the Right Thing Saturday morning workshop, 7:30 Generating ideas of chapter activities to promote academic integrity on campus

15 Does my campus have a climate or culture of academic integrity?

16 How can my chapter collaborate with other honor societies on campus?

17 How can we be proactive?

18 How can we be reactive in a positive way?


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