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BAGNC Alumni Survey Results August 2, 2011. Raffle Winners Karen Rose Kim Bergen-Jackson Barb King.

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1 BAGNC Alumni Survey Results August 2, 2011

2 Raffle Winners Karen Rose Kim Bergen-Jackson Barb King

3 N = 100 total responses % rates are of those who responded to the question To maintain confidentiality, the names and contact information was deleted from the survey responses in excel that required participant information. Each committee chair will receive the appropriate contact information from the responses.

4 1) My area of geriatric research and academic interest (check all that apply): Answer Options Response Count Primary Care 9% 9 Acute Care 13% 13 Long-term Care 45% 45 Home Health 14% 14 Family Caregiving 17% 17 Dementia 31% 31 Disease Management 18% 17

5 Research and Interest Continued Geropsych 24% 24 Palliative Care 11% 11 Hospice Care 8% 8 Symptom Management 19% 19 Transitional Care 23% 23 Community Health 20% 20 Prevention and wellness 21% 21 Other 17% 17 Other (please specify) 23 answered question100 skipped question0

6 Other entered 1.Other Category 2.Nursing home Systems Workforce Capacity 3.Physical Activity 4.Male Healthcare Issues 5.Educating Students about older adults 6.Functional Fitness 7.End of Life 8.Wound Care 9.Parkinsons Disease 10.Safety in acute and critical care 11.Injury Prevention 1.Also selected from list: 2.Long Term Care 3.Long Term Care 4.Gero-Psych, Hospice, long term, and primary care 5.Prevention, disease management, long term care 6.Primary care, home health, Symptom management, community health 7.Transitional care, Hospice care, Palliative Care 8.None 9.Disease Management, Home Health 10.Geropsych and acute care 11.Prevention and acute care

7 Research And Academic Interest continued 12.Sleep and gero-oncology 13.Exercise 14.Heart Failure 15.Sleep 16.Mobility Disability 17.Home care 18.Rural Health 19.Animal assisted therapy 20.Gerorehabilitation 21.Oral Health 22.Oncology 23.Cancer 24.Grandparent caregiving 12.None 13.Symptom management, Dementia 14.Symptom Management, Transitional Care, Disease Management 15.Symptom management, geropsych, disease management, dementia, long-term care 16.Prevention and wellness 17.Long term care 18.Prevention and wellness 19.Palliative care, dementia, Long-term care 20.Disease management, and Acute care 21.Symptom management, dementia, long-term care 22.Symptom management 23.Symptom management, Palliative care 24.Family caregiving

8 Research and Academic Interest

9 Scholar or Fellow % rate is out of the 100 responses Note N = 15 were both My BAGNC experience was (check all that apply) Answer OptionsResponse Count Predoctoral Scholar 71.0% 71 Claire M. Fagin Fellow 47.0% 47 answered question100 skipped question 0

10 Scholar or Fellow

11 Years as Scholar or Fellow ScholarsFellowsBoth 2001-2003358 2002-2004426 2003-2005639 2004-2006538 2005-20076410 2006 -20087411 2007-200911314 2008-20108412 2009-20118715 2010-20126612 Unknown224 Responses6643109

12 Years as Scholar or Fellow Note, this graph reports total number per year Earlier cohorts were smaller

13 Level of Education

14 Other Education BS Liberal Studies BS Business EdD with post-doc Post-doc x 4 DNP *also MS and currently in Doctoral Program FNP BA Biology Second MS in Clinical Research

15 Level of Education

16 My primary work site is: Answer OptionsResponse Count Academic 83 Hospital 5 Primary Care 0 Gero-Psych 2 Transitional Care (In Hospital) 0 Long term care 5 Community settings 2 Other 4 Other (please specify) 5 answered question100 skipped question 0

17 Other areas In Between Positions Pre-Doctoral Student Pharmaceutical Industry Academic Medical Center Regional Hospital Administration Note: One reported other as Long term care so changed response in appropriate column

18 Primary Work Site

19 Do you have a secondary work site? (check all that apply) Answer OptionsResponse Count Academic 5.9% 2 Hospital 32.4% 10 Primary Care 17.6% 6 Gero-Psych 5.9% 2 Long term care 35.3% 12 Community settings 20.6% 7 Transitional Care 5.9% 2 Other (please specify) 5 answered question34 skipped question70

20 Other Secondary Work Rehabilitation hospital Housing with services School Nursing Hospice Geriatricians Office Note: 46% participants have secondary worksite

21 Secondary Work Site

22 Currently involved in BAGNC Projects

23 Maintain Connections with Cohort Yes 77 No 23

24 Interested in mentoring

25 Member of LinkedIn


27 Benefits of Membership Important

28 Other benefits to membership Not applicable, am retiring soon Up to date knowledge of what is occurring in geriatric nursing A cohesive force to promote the future of geriatric nursing through connections and research I have not really participated yet, but I will. (note signed up for a committee) Communications about others Not sure what is offered

29 Currently serving on Committee

30 Interest in Serving on Committee Note, many participants selected more than one committee

31 Interest in Serving on Committee

32 Attended Leadership after completing Scholarship/Fellowship?

33 Attraction to attend Leadership Conference

34 Reasons for Attending Leadership

35 Other Attractions for Attending *Specific comments on subsequent slides CategoryCountBrief summary of Suggestions 1. Additional time from work10Suggest during GSA Difficult to request time from work Change time of year (difficult as near Thanksgiving and end of semester) One day for Alumni, prefer day before GSA Attend several conferences and difficult to add one more 2. Cost of attendance11Suggest distance webinars Alumni rate expensive Reduced rate for full attendance Free registration 3. Invitation and reminder3Need to be clear that it is for all alumni

36 Other Attractions for Attending CategoryCountBrief summary of Suggestions 4. Content17Specific outcomes such as publication or symposium Find opportunities for geriatric nurses such as education/training re career advancement; how to mentor others; managing career for tenure Interested in learning about what members are doing in area of anxiety and depression (Geropsych) Education and networking Research for beginning and mid-level researchers including grant writing New content (doesnt change from year to year) A day for alumni to network prior to GSA Post-BAGNC for junior faculty

37 Other Attractions for attending Attached to GSA, hard to add on more time away from home and work. I would suggest having BAGNC alumni events DURING GSA To meet with a group to get a specific outcome achieved, maybe a publication, symposium. Offering direction in how to relate to nursing education as well as research. Due to the economy, it is very challenging to attend. I thought it was invitation only. To find opportunities for geriatric nurses nationally (including those in policy); education/training regarding career advancement; how to mentor others, managing career requirements for those seeking tenure

38 Other Attractions for attending I would be interested in learning more about what members are doing in the areas of anxiety and depression in older adults-- or other geropsych issues beyond dementia. Release time from job responsibilities Difficult to extend time at the GSA conference Cohort reunion Methods to enhance research for beginning and mid-level researchers. Presentation of poster or paper Education - intensive on successful grant writing from experienced researchers. More structure to promote collaborative relationships - a focus on identifying shared interests to promote collaborative research

39 Reasons Cont I have thought that the alumni rate was very expensive, and in this economy, Not likely to get a lot of participation. Maybe even think about making some segments of the conference available by distance/ webinars with live video to reduce costs. I do like the Alumni meeting being held during GSA and would expect that would be something that could really grow in time The upcoming conference will be my first after completing my BAGNC fellowship. I may Not attend this year since I have submitted to present at GSA, but I plan to participate in 2012. I have not yet completed my fellowship

40 Reasons Cont I have not yet completed my fellowship Funding opportunities Change the time of year the conference is held. I don't think it would be helpful to me at this stage. Reduced rate for full attendance I can't pay out of pocket for a full conference. I probably wouldn't have travel funds unless I was presenting. just a reminder notice of when it is held Something new at the meeting. Having things on the one day that are worth paying for. I have attended as a mentor one time since post-doc, and much was similar.

41 Reasons Cont One day that alumni could attend for educational or networking purposes, preferably the day before GSA commences--it is a lot of time to take off from work to attend the whole BAGNC leadership and then GSA. Invited Offer sessions that are relevant to alumni that have been out more than 3 years. I attended many Leadership Conferences hoping to network and reconnect with my cohort and others. I don't think the conference offerings are relevant to alumni. The topics and presenters have stayed pretty much the same over the years. How many times can one sit through a seminar about building a research career and pay $350 to do so? I think the offerings are very relevant to new scholars/fellows, though.

42 Reasons cont Free registration If asked to speak/participate. I currently am obligated to several professional meetings so adding one more is difficult. Timing is usually a problem, and always has been. Placing it with GSA means being away from work/school/family for a long stretch at a difficult time of year --- Thanksgiving holiday, end of semester pressures, etc. I did not attend because of the cost. if possible the leadership conference should offer free registration for BAGNC alumni for the entire conference (alumni still responsible for travel and lodging which is quite expensive).

43 Reasons Cont Often, some of the content of the leadership meeting is geared mainly to current scholars/fellows. The second day and a half is often more general, and would be more appropriate for alumni to attend just before GSA. Anything on gero, of course, perhaps some sort of a "post-BAGNC" session for junior faculty-and others-to discuss questions, issues as junior faculty. I found a similar session as a pre-doc -with people who had been through BAGNC and then obtained positions, very helpful. Some sort of a follow-up to that would be interesting. It is an expensive conference. Frankly, I would be more inclined to attend if I was a part of the conference in some way. Alternatively, I would be more inclined to attend if there were specific activities for alumni.

44 Reasons Cont Next steps after post doc I think it's difficult to attend an additional day. Also, there has to be a value to going. We should be able to network during GSA, don't need to do that during the leadership conference, so there would have to be a compelling reason to go. Steps to achieving tenure

45 Sustainability

46 Amount willing to pay for dues

47 How Much Willing to Pay

48 Communication Preference

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