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BAGNC Orientation Breakfast Session. BAGNC Orientation Breakfast 2010 Cohort Introductions The John A. Hartford Foundation BAGNC Overview Coordinating.

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1 BAGNC Orientation Breakfast Session

2 BAGNC Orientation Breakfast 2010 Cohort Introductions The John A. Hartford Foundation BAGNC Overview Coordinating Center & Updates External Evaluation 2010 Leadership Conference

3 Introducing the 2010 Cohort

4 John A. Hartford Foundaion Rachael Watman Senior Program Officer

5 Aging In America

6 Adults over 65 represent 12% of the population, yet account for: 26% of all physician office visits 35% of all hospital stays 34% of prescriptions 38% of all EMS responses 70% of home health services 90% of nursing home use 80% of all deaths Institute of Medicine: Retooling for an Aging America, 2008

7 IOM Reports




11 Hartford Foundation Goal Hartford Foundation Goal To improve the health of older adults by creating a more skilled workforce and a better designed health care system

12 Through its grant making, the Hartford Foundation seeks to: Enhance and expand the geriatrics training of doctors, nurses, social workers and other health professionals, and Promote innovation in the integration and provision of services for all older people.

13 Hartford Funding Allocation by Portfolio



16 Coordinating Center & Scholarship Program The American Academy of Nursing serves as the coordinating center for the initiative. 129 pre-docs and 87 post-docs have taught over 33,000 students and leveraged over $72 million.

17 Expectations of Scholars & Fellows Design and implement Professional Development Plan Use Hartford name Network and utilize Hartford connections Grow to become leader in field Leverage new funding Keep in touch

18 What You Can Expect From Us Scholarship Support Mentorship Access to leaders Trainings & Workshops Hartford Geriatric Nursing resources Support from the coordinating center


20 BAGNC Program Overview Pat Archbold Program Director

21 BAGNC Program Goals Increase the cadre of academic geriatric nurses Build leadership capacity Facilitate collaboration among the 10 CGNES Strategically disseminate BAGNC outcomes

22 BAGNC Geriatric Nursing Faculty Leadership Collaboration Dissemination COORDINATING CENTER Collaboration

23 BAGNC 2001

24 BAGNC 2010

25 Alumni Achievements As of July 2010 82% hold faculty positions within schools of nursing and collectively they have: Taught close to 33 thousand students. Received over $72 million in grant support. Published over 1,000 articles.

26 Coordinating Center

27 Coordinating Center Patty Franklin Program Manager 2001 - 2010

28 Primary Functions Scholarship & Fellowship Awards: Promote, administer, track and evaluate. Communication & Collaboration: Facilitate, develop and disseminate. Leadership Conference: Plan, produce and evaluate.

29 Conference Logistics Orientation Sessions Registration Packet Program & Seating Cohort Networking Opportunities.

30 Required Activities Reports Attend Annual Leadership Conferences Attend the full GSA Annual Scientific Meeting Update database/Community of Experts Complete and submit evaluations.

31 Narrative and Financial Reports Narrative Reports Summary front sheet Detailed narrative Mentors narrative Financial Reports

32 External Evaluation Shoshanna Sofaer Principle Investigator

33 Independent Evaluation Conducted by a research team at the School of Public Affairs, Baruch College, City University of New York, supported by two geriatric nursing practitioners with Ph.D.s in public policy and health services research

34 Independent Evaluation BAGNC Evaluation addresses two major components that will involve you Annual survey of BAGNC Pre-Doctoral Scholars and Claire M. Fagin Post-Doctoral Fellows Evaluation of participant responses to the Leadership Conference

35 Independent Evaluation Scholar and Fellow Survey Web-based Surveys alumnae/i as well as active Scholars and Fellows Data are retained from one survey to the next to avoid re-entry of information Completing these surveys is a commitment you have made

36 Independent Evaluation Leadership Conference Evaluation Paper and pencil survey Administered at the conference – is in your packet Easiest if you fill it out as you go along from session to session and day to day – thats how its organized Collected at the end

37 Independent Evaluation Evaluation Products An Executive Summary of our most recent Scholar and Fellow Survey is up on our website So is a report on the 2008 Leadership Conference The website address is:

38 Independent Evaluation Latest Evaluation Product Today we will present a brief written report for the Hartford Board of Trustees and external audiences on the 10 th Anniversary of the Scholar and Fellow Programs. This will also be available at multiple websites for download.

39 Independent Evaluation What happens to the data you submit on Scholar and Fellow surveys? It informs the Hartford Trustees Justifies future renewals of the award programs Helps attract new funding partners Demonstrates that there is a high return on investment for this program

40 Independent Evaluation What happens to the data you submit on the Leadership Conference evaluation? It informs, at a highly detailed level, the planning for the next iteration of the Leadership Conference in 2010 Let your voice be heard!

41 Independent Evaluation We urge you to participate fully in the evaluation and take advantage of what we learn about you and your experiences If you have any questions, ever, feel free to contact me at Thanks, your voice will be heard!

42 Leadership Conference Angela Barron McBride Leadership Program Director

43 Leadership Conference Goals Assist scholars/fellows in orchestrating full careers Facilitate skills training to build excellence and leadership

44 Develop a national network of geriatric nurse leaders/researchers Reinforce linkages between and among research, practice, and policy

45 Assumptions BUILDING ACADEMIC GERIATRIC NURSING CAPACITY presupposes leadership development The Leadership Conference complements the didactic learning and professional skills acquired at home institution

46 An opportunity for group coaching people with career experience willing to share their knowledge and provide encouragement Across-institution experiences encourage networking

47 Holding Leadership Conference before GSA sets expectation for scholars to attend that meeting annually Greater nurse representation at GSA will, in turn, change face of gerontology

48 2010 Programming Orientation of Class of 2010 and their mentorssessions on career development and mentoring relationship Celebration of first decadelooking back to move forward

49 Setting agenda for next decade Networking opportunities Poster presentation Celebration of Mary Starke Harper

50 2010 Leadership Conference Advisory Committee Chip Bailey Victoria Foster Adriana Perez Lori Popejoy Cindy Wong Pat Archbold, Patty Franklin & Angela McBride

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