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Texas TERCAP Implementation Designing the Action Plan Mary Beth Thomas, PhD, RN J. L. Skylar Caddell, BS, RN,C.

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1 Texas TERCAP Implementation Designing the Action Plan Mary Beth Thomas, PhD, RN J. L. Skylar Caddell, BS, RN,C

2 The Texas Objectives zImplement with the most time efficient method that would produce quality results yMinimize the revisions needed to the existing processes ySupplement and expand the existing structure zStart with small group of RN Investigators zImplement TERCAP on cases in all phases of processing

3 The Texas Objectives - Case Mix Considerations zOpen new practice cases with tools designed to collect all TERCAP data ySix to eighteen months is a typical time frame for case resolution yNew cases will have full data when reviewed zComplete a TERCAP on existing practice cases when they result in Board action yExisting cases may have incomplete data

4 The Texas Objectives - Challenges & Successes zGradual 18+/- month transition period yFrom data with many unknows to data that is complete as existing cases resolve and new cases move through the pipeline zResults in a period of training and refinement, using incomplete data, and facilitates increased TERCAP proficiency as authorized investigators become more experienced in TERCAP analysis

5 Texas TERCAP - Designing the Action Plan zDevelop a plan & tools for data collection ySee Texas TERCAP Data Needs Analysis and Data Source Determination zDevelop Policy and Procedure yFormalize implementation process decisions yCreates accountability zDevelop Training Plan yEmphasis on support and interrater reliability

6 Texas TERCAP Implementation Questions and Answers

7 New Hampshires Experience with the TERCAP Instrument Margaret Walker Ed.D., RN Attorney Norman Patenaude

8 Introduction New Hampshires interest in learning about the TERCAP process. Desire for data outcomes to have an idea of our position in comparison with other jurisdictions. Desire for data outcomes for planning and quality improvements.

9 Investigation Understanding TERCAP tool. Investigating practice breakdown. Investigating licensee unprofessional conduct such as drug diversion. Obtaining information and provide ordered documentation.

10 Reporting recommendations Investigation results are orderly. Reports provide a synopsis of the investigation with recommendations based on law and administrative rules.

11 TERCAP tool Investigation is given to the Executive Director who then reviews the record, notes, and Investigator recommendations.

12 Completion of TERCAP Currently the EO completes the tool and then gives the paper copy to the secretary to input into the database. Staffing shortages have required creative time management for tool completion and thus it is completed at home…leisurely.

13 A HAH Moments Because the tool is completed away from the constant interruptions of the busy office, the EO has realized patterns of reporting themes and issues. Diversion issues have surfaced as the highest reportable practice issue in NH since beginning the TERCAP project.

14 Quality before we receive the TERCAP report With the Investigator/Prosecutor completing the data collection and the EO completing the TERCAP form, many conversations have resulted with the Board on current observations.

15 Early realization…. We are now working on our Alternative Program to improve processes and oversight of participants. We have seen a smaller percentage of actual practice breakdown…does this mean that we have under-reporting of actual practice breakdown issues? We have more questions.

16 Awaiting TERCAP outcomes Upon results, Investigator and EO plan to carefully review and analyze data to determine: Public education offering to employers/supervisors of licensees. Approaches to issues received in the board office. Future recommendations for board actions.

17 Questions and Answers This is only a beginning and we have a lot more to learn…… Thank you, Margaret and Norm NH Board of Nursing

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