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Keeping Complainants Informed

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1 Keeping Complainants Informed
Tim Terranova Consumer Assistant Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine Maine Board of Osteopathic Licensure

2 Medicine Can Be Confusing
Anglo-Saxon Cure Take onion and garlic equal amounts of both, pound well together, take wine and bull’s gall equal amounts of both, mix with the leeks, then put in a brass vessel, let stand for nine nights in the brass vessel, strain through a cloth and clear well, put in a horn and about night time put on the eye with a feather, the best remedy. Cameron, M.L. Anglo-Saxon Medicine. Cambridge, pg 119 Print Modern Cure Take two capsules by mouth three times a day for 10 days. From a Prescription Bottle

3 Regulation can be Confusing
Informed consent for treatment has been obtained when: 1) the physician has disclosed and explained to the patient’s satisfaction the process used to arrive at the medically reasonable and recommended intervention(s), which is based on reliable evidence of expected benefit and risk of each alternative, and which is free of any impermissible bias; 2) the patient, who has demonstrated capacity, has been given ample opportunity to ask questions about the process and the recommended intervention(s), to the extent the patient wishes, all questions then having been answered to the patient’s satisfaction; and 3) the patient gives consent in writing to major intervention(s) agreed to jointly with the physician.

4 General Ways We Can Help
Easy contact: Toll free number Online access Through the mail In person Direct people to appropriate resources Make sure it is appropriate

5 General Ways We Can Help
Brochures: Guide to the Complaint Process Guide to Informal Conferences Guide to Adjudicatory Hearings Physician’s Guide to the Complaint Process

6 Specific Ways We Can Help
A Contact Person: Must be willing to listen Available by phone, mail, , or in person at meetings Confirm the intent of the complaint It is not what they say, but what they mean

7 Specific Ways We Can Help
Fill out forms Complete any fillable forms (authorizations) to the extent possible. Contact if people do not follow-up People do not follow-up on their own Answer questions and concerns

8 Official Communications
Written Contact: Upon Receipt of Complaint (within one week) With Licensee’s response (as soon as received) At Board Review (within one week) At the end of the process - Individualized

9 The Board members understand your concern with Dr
The Board members understand your concern with Dr. A’s treatment recommendations for your recurrent diagnosis. Given your history, exam and physical status as well as factoring careful consideration of therapeutic options, Dr. A recommended conservative therapy in the form of observation. This gave you a feeling of hopelessness; therefore, you sought a second opinion. Under the care of a different set of physicians, it was recommended that a more aggressive radiologic approach to care be taken and you are recovering from that treatment. Review of the record indicates reasonable but differing approaches to treatment. The Board also recognizes and understands your concern that Dr. A’s response to the complaint contained inaccurate information. The Board informed Dr. A of the errors and obtained corrected information as well as recognition from Dr. A of the mistake.

10 The Board understands your concerns that Dr
The Board understands your concerns that Dr. B acted in an unprofessional and inappropriate manner. After review, the Board determined that your complaints were justified. However, the Board also determined that Dr. B’s response was clear, contrite, and apologetic. The Board determined that your complaint allowed Dr. B to learn how his comments and physical actions affect patients. The Board believes Dr. B’s practice will be altered because of your complaint. Therefore, the Board voted not to take any disciplinary action. The Board understands your concerns that Dr. C acted unprofessionally. Unfortunately, there are times when patient/physician communication is not optimal. In some of these cases no one is at fault, the personalities are simply not a good match. In this case the Board recognizes that this was not a good match, but was unable to substantiate your allegations. In addition, Dr. C does not have a history of similar complaints. Therefore, the Board voted not to take any disciplinary action.

11 Benefits of Keeping Complainants Informed
Providing these services to the public improves: Timeliness of Investigations Public Satisfaction with the Complaint Process Licensee Satisfaction with the Complaint Process Same services available to the licensee Public Perception of the Board Legislative Perception of the Board

12 Keeping Complainants Informed helps us all reach our goal of:
Improved Public Safety

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