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Better Life Better Comunity

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1 Better Life Better Comunity
441$ Comunity Diversity Traditional and Modern Music Instruments My name is Annisa Lifyananda , I want to give you a presentation about kendang and guitar.

2 Why do you choose music? I chose music because music can be a media entertainment. Music is my life. Without music, life would feel empty.

3 Different with Kecapi and Guitar
Kendang and Guitar Different with Kecapi and Guitar

4 Kendang Kendang is an instrument in the Central Javanese gamelan is one of the main functions set the rhythm. Kendang is one of the primary instruments used in the Gamelan ensembles of Java, Bali and Terengganu. Mostly kendang played by professional gamelan players, who have long dive into Javanese culture. In Gamelan Surakarta, 4 size of kendang are used : 1. Kendang Ageng (large) 2. Kendang Ciblon (medium) 3. Kendang Wayang/Kendang Batangan (small) 4. Kendang Ketipung (smallest) Kendang have a variety forms. Source:

5 Shapes of Kendang Kendang Bali Kendang Jawa Batangan Kendang Blitar
Source :

6 Guitar Guitar is a stringed musical instrument.
Guitar ussually played with fingers or pick. Electric guitars introduced in the 1930’s. Guitar can be a variety of instruments, such as blues, bluegrass, country, flamenco, jazz, jota, mariachi, reggae, rock, soul, and many forms of pop. Types of guitar are Acoustic Guitar, Renaissance and Baroque guitars, Classical Guitar, and many more. Source:

7 Shapes of Guitars Pics for Guitar Source:

8 Collaboration Between Kendang and Guitar in a Jazz concert, It can produce a nice harmony sound of music

9 THANK YOU  Created by : Annisa Lifyananda. 7Bilingual
THANK YOU  Created by : Annisa Lifyananda Bilingual Taruna Bakti Junior High School

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