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Myself ADARSH J KUMAR Presented by.

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1 Myself ADARSH J KUMAR Presented by

2 MYSELF My name is ADARSH J KUMAR . I am studying in division Q of 6th Grade in CHRIST NAGAR HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL .I was born on the 4th of MAY My native place is Thiruvananthapuram where the famous Padmanabha Swami Temple is situated.

3 FAMILY TREE My Father’s name is JAYAKUMAR who is a Project Engineer of ANERT currently working in Kozhikode. My Mother’s name is SINDHU JAYAKUMAR who is a housewife. I am the only child of my parents.


5 MY FAVOURITE GAMES I like to play games especially outdoor games. I know and have played many types of both indoor and outdoor games . My favourite outdoor game is football .My favourite player is LIONEL MESSI of the team ARGENTINA. I also like to play indoor[board] games like monopoly and chess.

6 MY AIM IN LIFE My greatest aim in life is to become a scientist like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, C.V Raman etc . My favourite subject which I love to study and the one which I am very good at is MATHEMATICS.

7 MY HOBBIES I have many hobbies. Some of them are reading books, playing video games, watching television and painting. Among these my favourite hobby is reading books. I have read many types of books including horror books, histories, mysteries, educational books, periodicals and adventurous books. I have read many books of great authors like R. L. Stine, R. L. Stevenson, Enid Blyton, Alexander Dumas, Mark Twain & Charles Dickens.

8 MY SCHOOL The name of the school in which I am studying is CHRIST NAGAR HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL which is situated in Vellayambalam , Thiruvananthapuram. It is one of the famous schools in the city . It is a very big school with many students. We have two big playgrounds ,two computer labs, a big library where all kinds of books and periodicals are available .Our school has classes from LKG to 12th grade. We have a team of very good, lovable and experienced teachers. Our principal is Rev. Father Paul Mangad. I like my school very much and I am proud to be a student of this school.

9 GOODBYE I am very fortunate to spend some time with you. Thank you for watching my presentation and I hope you have enjoyed it. Your’s Sincerely Adarsh J Kumar C/o R. Jayakumar Flat No. 227, E – Block Pandit’s Colony KSHB Kowdiar PO Thiruvananthapuram Kerala , India. ID –

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