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A Day in the Life of Chipping Sodbury School.

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1 A Day in the Life of Chipping Sodbury School.
By: Natasha Sadier, Georgia Axford, Lewis Jones and Jack Kitchener.

2 A average school day A average school day at Chipping Sodbury School is going into your tutor for registration, then at 9:10 we all go to period one (first lesson). Then at 10:10 you go to your second lesson. Then at 11:15 we go out for break until 11:30. And then we go to period 3 for a hour then go out for lunch at 12:30. After lunch at 1:10 we go for 2 more lessons until 3:15 then it is then end of school. By: Georgia Axford Year 7

3 Food At lunch we can either have packed lunch or buy a meal from the dinner hall. We can eat in the drama hall, outside or in the dinner hall. From the dinner hall you can buy cold meals like baguettes, salads or pasta. You can also buy hot meals like jacket potatoes, roast dinners or pizza. By: Natasha Sadier year 7

4 My best day My best day at school is week 2 Friday because I have good lessons in that day. I like it because I start with R.E then I go to French after that it is break. Then I have a very interesting science lesson with Mrs Strouts she is a good teacher. After that it is lunch time. In the afternoon I have P.E which is my favourite lesson because you can do any sport like football, rugby and gym. These are only a few of the sports that we do. At the moment I am doing health and fitness. by Jack Kitchener year 7

5 Sports Provision We have a huge new gym and astroturf. We have a school football team and we are very successful. We have two P.E lessons every week. The first week we have P.E on Monday, Friday and the second week we have them both on Friday. We get split up to boys and girls then we have them again and then you have about 30 in each group girls do different sports than boys. You have 8 lessons on 1 sport then you swap groups. Boys do gym, football, badminton, basketball, rugby and health related fitness. By Lewis Jones year 7

6 Thankyou for watching by Jack, Lewis, Georgia and Natasha

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