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Blogs & Web pages & Wikis. Silent Movie Visual story telling.

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1 Blogs & Web pages & Wikis

2 Silent Movie

3 Visual story telling

4 Rules Create a ppt of five pictures or more that tells a story You cannot use a known story but the story could be a historical event or about something happened to you or just a story you make up. A one/two-word title & your name is the only words that can be used in the title slide. Rely only the pictures to tell the story No words inside the pictures or graphics

5 Who wins The more accurate, students can guess your story the better. The best 3 stories will get 3 extra credit each.

6 Save Save the file as your name_your topic For example, alex_dinner party

7 Send your TEXT story to me Send me an email at In a few sentences explain your story Don’t attach your powerpoint

8 Wikis & Google Docs

9 Google docs Google Docs in Plain English Google Docs in Plain English

10 Open Your Gmail OR Go to User ID = etec444 Password = 444students

11 Open your Drive


13 Upload your ppt

14 Open your file & Share

15 Choose advanced

16 Copy the URL & Change

17 Public?

18 Can Edit?

19 Publish your powerpoint Go to Share/Sharing settings/change/public on the web You will get the URL of your published presentation Send the address of your published ppt to my email

20 Make online survey Google Forms

21 Open Google docs Go to and then Username (Email):etec444 password:444students Go to your Drive

22 New Form

23 Design Questions

24 Another Text for Students Email

25 Add at least 3 MC questions

26 View Live Form

27 Answer all questions Correctly

28 View the form again and again at least 5 times Answer some questions correctly

29 View responses


31 View responses/ Get add-ons

32 Search for Flubaroo

33 Accept to Install

34 Grade Assignment

35 Change values if needed

36 Choose correct answers

37 Here are the grades

38 Create a report

39 See and email the report

40 See the summary


42 Email Grades

43 Send the email

44 Done & Save

45 Copy the Link

46 Create an online survey Click on New/Form Create first question (name) Add your name in the “untitled form box” Click on add question Save Copy the link Put the link in the URL box Run the survey Check your spreadsheet

47 How to edit a form after publishing? How to see the results

48 Go to Documents

49 Edit forms

50 Change Theme

51 How to create a blog account Go to http://www.blogger.com

52 Click the button

53 Type the required info

54 Choose a UNIQUE title for your blog Don’t use our course name. the name you choose should be short because the name will be a part of the URL of your blog.

55 Choose a template

56 Start Bloging

57 How to edit (add content) to your blog?

58 Sign in

59 Sign In etec444444students

60 Add new post

61 Compose your blog You may use hyperlinks if needed This is my blog. Enjoy reading it

62 View your Blog

63 See the online survey link y=ptKfvMVKa1J7qyr0tyjFCHw y=ptKfvMVKa1J7qyr0tyjFCHw

64 Chart NOiGhtPKrLdHhlTy1UdVdLZXhRazBCX1ZMME pWRXc&hl=en NOiGhtPKrLdHhlTy1UdVdLZXhRazBCX1ZMME pWRXc&hl=en =0AiNfci- htBKxdG5OSU9wZFVKc0w5NTZIN3llY1hZbUE# gid=0 =0AiNfci- htBKxdG5OSU9wZFVKc0w5NTZIN3llY1hZbUE# gid=0

65 Quick and Easy Forms With Google Docs

66 3D Chart fvMVKa1J4wNomdSE4bWQ&output=html fvMVKa1J4wNomdSE4bWQ&output=html

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