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1 Answers Answers for a Festival of Hindu Community.

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1 1 Answers Answers for a Festival of Hindu Community

2 2 Answer Time Q1: Why are the students playing in the mud? It is so special. Does it have special meaning? Ans: Actually its only a game where any one can play. There is no discrimination among the people. Every one is equal. Though this is a competition, they are playing for enjoyment.

3 Answer Time Q2: What does this game mean? Ans: There is no shame for playing with mud. Like that we should not hate anybody whoever or whatever he/she is. 3

4 Answer Time Q3. Why do you use coconuts in the activity? Ans: Coconut is very hard. It is easy to grab. So the competition becomes very cheerful. 4

5 5 Answer Time Q4. Is this activity held annually? Can it be played anytime and anywhere? Ans: Yes, it is held annually but in a fixed date of Bengali year. No, in our country we can not play this game anytime. But if you wish you can play it any time and any where. Because you dont have any Bengali year.

6 Answer Time Q5. Why there are no girls playing? Is it because that girls are forbidden to join the game? Ans: Actually this is a game of strength and stamina. You need to be very strong so that you can snatch the coconut from others. It can be harmful for the girls. In our country girls are restricted in this types of games. It is only because everyone takes care of girls in our country. They can watch the game to support anybody. 6

7 7 Answer Time Q6. Is there any activity that female students can participate to celebrate this festival? Ans: In prayer time girls arrange all the necessary tools like decoration, hand band and so on. They cook different types of foods and represent it for all.

8 What is the speech about? Can you tell us about the origin of this festival? Ans: Actually this is the birthday of Hindu God Krishna. He brings happiness and love for all. He is a symbol of humanity and kindness. He teaches to make a bond among the people so that every one can make a peaceful world. 8

9 9 Thank you very much for your question!! Thanking by- David Rahi

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